Daily Horoscopes: 12/05/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 12/05/2018


Stop looking for trouble where it doesn’t exist. Most people will be happy to leave you to your own devices so long as you don’t attract too much attention. Resist the temptation to show your work to others before it’s finished. This will only invite critics to come out of the woodwork. It’s far better to quietly develop a project, complete it and then submit it for review. Once everybody sees how much progress you’ve made, they’ll celebrate your contributions. You might even be given a promotion or be put in charge of an important division.


When faced with an ethical choice, take the high road every time. You don’t want to be accused of deceiving someone into making an expensive purchase. Just because you will financially benefit from a situation does not mean you should pursue it. Think about how your reputation will be affected if you are accused of being manipulative or deceptive. Be honest with someone who will benefit from a less expensive choice or a different manner of doing things. Your honesty will be rewarded in surprising ways.


You’re highly attractive. It’s tempting to use your influence for personal gain. Rather than trying to influence an admirer to do things your way, it’s better to encourage them to make their own decisions. Giving someone false hope about your motives will create tremendous anger and resentment. If you’re single, you’d much rather remain independent than get involved in a passionate romance. Be clear about your feelings, even if it means turning away a powerful person. Do you have a partner? Don’t pressure them to do things your way.


It’s difficult to pursue your heart’s desire. You’re afraid of appearing selfish and unfeeling. Stop worrying about what others think of you. The best thing you can do is listen to your inner voice. If it’s telling you to leave a job, start your own business or end a relationship, do it. Your actions will send shock waves through your social circle, but it can’t be helped. Those who want the best for you will be supportive. Fair-weather friends will fall by the wayside. It’s all for the best.


Don’t look down on people who would rather play than work. Your diligence is admirable, but it can undermine your own enjoyment of life. Instead of focusing on your job, turn your attention to close relationships instead. When is the last time you met your best friend for lunch? Do you owe a relative a phone call? Isn’t it time you responded to a friendly email? Adjusting your focus will make you less angry towards laid back colleagues. It’s time to ease up on the accelerator.


You’re proud of your accomplishments, but others don’t seem impressed by them. They lack the understanding of what it takes to create such admirable work. Instead of drawing more attention to your contributions, do something for your sole enjoyment. This could be anything from taking a relaxing holiday to buying a beautiful piece of jewellery to splashing out on new books. When the credit you deserve isn’t forthcoming, it helps to spoil yourself. Everybody knows you have impeccable taste and would never celebrate work that is less than excellent.


It’s difficult to share your feelings with unsympathetic relatives. They don’t understand why you are pursuing a close relationship. Rather than defending your choice, simply stand by it. Don’t allow anyone to criticise your other half. If that means continually cutting family members out of your life, so be it. Unless you defend your right to do as you please, you’ll always be held at the mercy of other people’s opinions. Instead of a glorious feast, you’ll be forced to accept crumbs.


You’re tempted to tell an annoying colleague exactly what you think of their behaviour. Bite your tongue. Being cruel won’t help the situation. It will also damage your reputation. Although correcting an incompetent person’s mistakes has become tiresome, it’s your only recourse. Eventually everyone will realise they’re carrying dead weight. At that point, the troublemaker will be replaced and you can resume your normal duties. Cream always rises to the top, but you can’t rush the process.


Beware of spending more than you earn. When you get a taste for the good life, you tend to overindulge. This can cause financial shortages at the most inconvenient times. Although you’re tempted to give a loved one an expensive gift, it’s better to hold off until you pay some bills. Beware of making promises you can’t keep to children; they’ll be especially hurt if you’re unable to deliver. You can cultivate a close relationship without taking them on lavish outings.


Beware of leaping before you look. Your family will reap the consequences of an unfortunate decision. It’s tempting to pursue an opportunity that will bring prominence. Think about how this role will affect your nearest and dearest. Do you really want your loved ones to be subjected to public scrutiny? You can achieve success without chasing the spotlight. Wait for an offer that is more in keeping with the dignified life you’ve always wanted. You can be influential without being a celebrity.


People are picking fights. At the first sign of trouble, you bury your head in the sand. Normally, you don’t hesitate to jump into the fray, defending your viewpoints loudly and passionately. That’s not the case now, when you’re simply tired of arguing. It’s obvious a relative or neighbour will not listen to reason. Rather than wasting valuable time trying to change their opinion, you’ll withdraw from public view. Take this opportunity to recharge your batteries. Silence is golden.


Might does not make right. An unfair situation fills you with anger. It’s tempting to lash out at the powerful person who has created this imbalance. Take a deep breath and recover your equilibrium. The last thing you want is to lose precious things you’ve worked hard to acquire. Channel your energy into building something of lasting value instead of destroying someone’s reputation. A control freak will be forced to answer for their behaviour, but not by you.

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