Daily Horoscopes: 12/06/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 12/06/2019


Hanging onto a resentment is making your life miserable. When you have negative emotions, they snowball. Give yourself a break and turn your attention to a happy memory or an exciting plan. As soon as your mood changes, your circumstances will improve. Resist the temptation to rush into a decision. It’s difficult for an impulsive person like you to bide their time, but this will work to your advantage. Breathe deeply and slowly. Remind yourself to never hurry and never worry.


Arguing about politics, culture and religion is a waste of time. You’re not going to change anyone’s beliefs and they’re not going to convert you. Try focusing on things you have in common, whether it’s a love of animals or a favourite sports team. Stop beating yourself up for enjoying creature comforts. By indulging your love of luxury, it becomes much easier to deal with challenges. Small problems don’t get exaggerated. Minor irritations won’t get under your skin. You’ll be able to keep your cool.


A stubborn attitude will result in missed opportunities. It’s time to decide whether you want to keep a job or find a more rewarding opportunity. If you don’t want to learn another way of doing things, think about the kinds of work you would enjoy. Avoid exaggerating situations. People will take you seriously if you give an accurate assessment of problems. Instead of insisting that a small dilemma be resolved right away, ask when it is realistic to expect that it will be fixed.


Patience is not one of your virtues right now. You’re growing anxious about an upcoming decision. Rather than being consumed by this nervous energy, find an outlet for it. Brisk exercise will allow you to release this tension, making you more attractive to golden opportunities. Beware of an impulse to protect loved ones from problems at all costs. In most cases, it’s better to let your relatives resolve difficulties on their own. If that means taking the consequences for their actions, so be it.


It’s difficult to be honest. A person in authority isn’t willing to hear the truth. Keeping a diary can be a safe place to air your frustrations. After going to the page a few times, you’ll begin laughing at the absurdity of your situation. Some people accuse you of taking serious situations too lightly. It’s not that you lack emotion; you simply choose to adopt an optimistic view of life. This can sometimes be perceived as irreverence. Understand how this attitude can seem to those who are troubled.


It seems you are being punished for not behaving like everyone else. You don’t see the point of going along with a silly system, especially when your methods have been highly effective. Stop worrying what others are saying and stay focused on doing your best. A stubborn attitude about money should be softened. Give yourself permission to splash out on luxuries from time to time. Your sensual side is more powerful than you admit. Let it take the lead from time to time.


Don’t let your ambition spoil your enjoyment of life. Every spare moment of your life can’t be devoted to getting ahead. You’ll be much more effective by taking regular breaks. Pausing to enjoy simple pleasures will put your plans in proper perspective. Wait a few days before making an important decision. You don’t have all the necessary information available yet. By practicing patience, you’ll be able to make an informed choice within a few days. Wait, watch, listen and learn.


It’s difficult for you to focus when there are so many interesting options available. Stop pressuring yourself to make a choice. Stop what you’re doing and take deep breaths. Sit quietly and ask your intuition which direction to take. Your best path will be revealed. Do yourself a favour and be utterly honest about an embarrassing situation. Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes true character to own up to them. People will respect it when you own up to your errors, especially when you try to do better.


Recognise you have no control over other people’s thoughts, feelings or behaviour. This does not leave you powerless. By directing your energy in a more positive direction, you’ll stop being bothered by the unpleasant conditions this pest has created. The relief will be immediate. Some people are surprised by your detached attitude towards an upsetting situation. You’re fully aware of the pain it is causing, but know you can’t be helpful when overwhelms you.


You find fault in everything a loved one is doing. When this happens, it’s best to take a temporary break from each other. While you’re apart, make a list of all your partner’s best qualities. These thoughts will cause your natural affection to flow freely. Beware of a tendency to grumble. Focusing on small problems will only make them worse. Whenever you catch yourself complaining, look for things to praise about your situation. These circumstances will immediately improve and will continue to get better if you stay positive.


Being overly critical will not inspire someone to change their behaviour. Your negative remarks will only create deep resentment. Start looking for things they are doing well. Sincere compliments will pave the way to a more constructive relationship. You might even become friends. Take complaints seriously. If a loved one says you have hurt their feelings, don’t write them off as being oversensitive. Ask what you can do to avoid these problems. By offering to meet in the middle, your relationship will become much more supportive.


Beware of being dogmatic about your beliefs. You’ll drive away potential friends if you proclaim that your way of life is superior. The sooner you lighten up, the easier it will be to attract the helpers, friends and collaborators you’ve always wanted. Jealousy is becoming a problem. You are worthy of a partner who makes their loyalty clear. If you’re dealing with someone who isn’t interested in an exclusive relationship, don’t take it personally. Embrace your single status and lavish yourself with the love you desire.

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