Daily Horoscopes: 12/07/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 12/07/2018


Make it your mission to work smarter, not harder. Your tremendous energy makes you much more productive than your colleagues. Getting paid on a commission basis may be the best arrangement for you. Running a franchise can also be profitable. Your boss is bearing down hard, asking you to spend more time at the office. It’s better to err on the side of family. Be honest about your priorities. You can’t neglect the needs of your loved ones.


If you are looking for love, set yourself apart from the crowd. You’ve been blessed with tremendous artistic talent. Putting it on display will attract admirers from every corner. Do you have a partner? Your relationship always works best when you’re creatively fulfilled. Someone is trying to impose their religious or cultural beliefs on you. Make it clear you aren’t interested in their sales pitch. If this pest continues to subject you to these talks, file a report or break off your relationship.


A spiritual practice is liberating. Whenever you feel weighed down by financial fears, change your focus. Communing with nature, working on creative projects and exercising will make mundane matters seem unimportant. Remember, the things that bring great happiness often cost no money at all. It’s hard to let down your guard with a romantic interest. You’re not sure whether you want to be part of a couple. If you’re going to enjoy intimacy, you must take a leap of faith.


Agree to attend an unusual outing that you wouldn’t schedule yourself. Much to your surprise, you’ll have a wonderful time. Don’t be surprised when you feel compelled to take up a new hobby. It will be fun taking up an all-consuming interest. A long-term deal no longer serves your interests. You’ve had many accomplishments since first entering this agreement. It may be better to break the contract and pay a penalty than remain hostage to it. You can’t put a price on freedom.


Instead of following a predictable formula, put an inventive spin on a presentation. You’ll get an enthusiastic reception. When in doubt, cut the length of your remarks. It’s better to leave the crowd wanting more than to overstay your welcome. Avoid taxing your system with fat, sugar and alcohol. It’s important to eat a diet mainly comprised of fresh produce, lean protein and whole grains. This is especially true when you have a busy schedule. Avoid eating out; prepare healthy meals you can take to work.


You’ll get an extraordinary chance to attend a course or lecture with an expert. Sign up as soon as possible; you don’t want to miss this opportunity. You can always arrange childcare or a schedule change later. Friends will help you realise these exciting plans. There isn’t much time to enjoy your favourite people and activities. Although you long to sneak off with a romantic partner, work commands all your attention. If you’re single, it may be because your career is too demanding.


An unexpected windfall allows you to pay a big debt. It will be a relief to escape this obligation. Resist the temptation to go shopping. There are better ways to celebrate. Set aside time to develop an art project that is close to your heart. Your family isn’t very supportive of career plans. They want you to pursue a secure but boring position. You’d rather devote your life to creative pursuits. Listen to your heart. Living to please others is always a losing proposition.


Teaming up with an unusual person will be liberating. In the past, you cast your lot with people who were afraid of your passionate nature. It’s time to join forces with someone who fuels your zest for life. Express yourself without hesitation. Harsh criticism will come from a jealous rival. Don’t take these comments seriously. The proof of your worth is in your work. When everyone sees how productive and talented you are, they’ll reject all questions about your ability.


Trying an unorthodox health therapy will yield impressive results. Be open to altering your daily routine. You’ll experience almost immediate relief from a persistent problem. The proof is in the pudding. Don’t discuss this method with sceptics who will only scoff at your approach. Financial constraints won’t allow you to undergo a transformation. You’ll have to save money to enter a rehabilitation programme or training course. Stay focused on your goal and continue to squirrel away funds.


An exciting breakthrough will occur while you’re doing some routine chores. Stop what you’re doing to put the finishing touches to a creative project that fires your imagination. This unusual idea will attract favourable attention. People are yearning for something new. The old ways have become predictable. Resist the temptation to put pressure on a partner. The more you urge them to do something, the more they will resist your influence. Make your case and don’t resort to guilt trips to get your way. Accept their decision with grace and dignity.


Big changes are occurring on the family front. A youngster could be given a scholarship or a relative may relocate overseas. Although you hate the idea of your routine being disrupted, you know this change is for the best. Give your relative your unconditional support. You won’t be able to get around restrictive rules. Instead of breaking the law, operate as best as you can within its limits. If anyone criticises your efforts, explain you did the best you can.


Surprising news about a community matter could inspire you to write an article or record a podcast. This single incident could be the beginning of an ongoing trend. Your theory will excite spirited debate; it will be stimulating exchanging views with your neighbours. Your application to a prominent organisation may be rejected. Don’t take this setback personally. You can’t thrive when surrounded by stuffy people who always take the conservative approach to work. Seek more imaginative people as collaborators.

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