Daily Horoscopes: 12/09/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 12/09/2018


Money from an inheritance, legal settlement or insurance refund will arrive. Use this windfall to improve your career prospects. If you have your own business, upgrade your equipment. Are you looking for work? Invest in a smart looking suit or have your CV professionally updated. If someone asks you to make an investment, turn them down. A deal that seems too good to be true should be avoided at all costs. Have you been yearning to buy a luxury item? Wait a little longer; it will soon go on sale.


Working with a partner is advantageous. You’re good at handling practical tasks while your other half is well suited to research and marketing efforts. Together, you’ll earn a great deal of money. Use these considerable earnings to travel, study and write. Beware of clinging to your stubborn ways. The more open minded you are, the easier it will be to attract the prosperity you desire. This is a time for experimentation, not caution. Be especially adventurous with colour combinations and other decorative touches.


You’ll be offered a wonderful job with generous benefits. This position will allow you to cultivate long-term financial security. Don’t be deterred if this position pays on a commission basis. You’re a natural salesperson who will benefit from such an arrangement. If you feel alienated from your social network, you should try to reconnect. It may take several attempts to reunite with a friend, so be patient. That’s what happens when you fall out of a person’s rotation.


You attract romance like a flower draws bees. It’s exciting to be the object of desire. If you’re single, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Your admirer loves your offbeat sense of humour, while you enjoy their smouldering sensuality. Avoid peer pressure like the plague. Friends are urging you to take an unusual course, but this path is too risky for you. It’s better to stick with what you know. There will be plenty of opportunities for adventure later, when you’ve established financial security.


This is an excellent time to find a place to live. Look for a place that’s near your job. An easy commute is worth its weight in gold. If you work from home, look for a home that includes a luxurious bathroom. A changing of the guard at work will be shocking. Someone who held an important position will leave, creating confusion and chaos. Instead of being infected by this stressful energy, stay calm. This situation could lead to a promotion for you.


Taking a trip for pleasure will put you on the path to romance. If you have a partner, it will feel like you’re enjoying a second honeymoon with your amour. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special at a place famous for its stunning views. A respected expert is too eccentric for your taste. Although you admire their work, you’d rather study with someone who is patient and kind. Instead of following the herd, listen to your instincts and work with a humble teacher.


A moneymaking opportunity is worth pursuing. Working from home will not only be profitable, it will be deeply rewarding. You’ll welcome the opportunity to avoid long commutes and office politics. Any work involving restoration, research or recycling could hold some good opportunities for you. A sudden expense will put a dent in your budget. It may be necessary to replace a car or computer. Don’t panic; just treat this situation as a course correction. You’ll find a model that serves your purposes better.


Your willingness to explore unfamiliar territory will pay off. This is an excellent time to take an in-depth course on a fascinating subject. A demanding teacher will push you hard, helping you go farther than you ever dreamed possible. With time and effort, you will achieve master status. An unusual person attracts you like a magnet. After you spend a few exciting hours together, you will realise that this individual is all style and no substance. A brief encounter is preferable to a committed relationship.


Working for a charitable organisation will be rewarding. It’s so easy to get discouraged by watching the news. Instead of buying into these stories of doom and gloom, get involved with fellow philanthropists. Your view of the world will become much more positive. It’s possible a job will fall through quite suddenly. Don’t panic. You’ll find a better opportunity if you stay positive. Envision yourself working in a place that stimulates your intellect and satisfies your need for creative expression.


You’re able to spin straw into gold. Take this opportunity to pursue a heartfelt dream. If this means letting regular tasks fall by the wayside, so be it. Right now, you should be reaching for the stars, as you just might catch one. Someone you’ve recently met who says one thing and does another cannot be trusted. Instead of putting your faith in this charmer, pour your energy into a creative project instead. The rewards will be much more significant.


A wonderful job opportunity will fall in your lap. Not only will you enjoy the intellectual stimulation this position involves, but you’ll also like your colleagues. Going to work will fill you with excitement and pleasure. It will be like getting paid for having fun. Home life will be disrupted by an erratic relative. It’s time to give an ultimatum to this family member. You can’t be expected to stop everything as soon as they throw a tantrum. Set some firm boundaries.


Travelling overseas will give you a new lease on life. You’ll enjoy experiencing a culture whose priorities are much different from your own. There’s a strong possibility you’ll be inspired to move to this place. You fit right in with the locals. Mechanical difficulties will throw a spanner in your plans. If you have difficulty accessing the Internet or getting calls, stay calm. Use this opportunity to enjoy some leisurely activities. There will be plenty of time to get plugged in later.

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