Daily Horoscopes: 12/10/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 12/10/2018


Don’t buy into the idea that you must push others out of the way to get ahead. You can advance while being supportive of the entire team. Be as encouraging and helpful as you can to people at every level. Power plays aren’t necessary. Your integrity and hard work will lead to a series of promotions that propel you into the winner’s circles. Thank everyone for their help every step of the way. There is no such thing as a self-made success.


It’s been difficult to convince others to adopt your views. Rather than trying to convert people, simply lead by example. When friends, colleagues and relatives see how happy you are, they will ask how you achieved such contentment. That’s when you can share your beliefs. Studying to earn an advanced degree is an admirable goal. You’ll enjoy working with a demanding teacher who won’t settle for second rate work. Getting their approval will make your confidence soar. Put your excellent work ethic into overdrive.


Problems with an intimate relationship must be addressed. You can no longer brush off your friend’s concerns. Be willing to listen to their complaints, even if it means hearing some painful truths. Your willingness to change will strengthen your bond. Undergoing a self-improvement programme will make you a better romantic partner, worker, neighbour and citizen. Let go of a tendency to overanalyse anything; learn to go with the flow. Trust all is well. The Universe loves you and will shower you with rewards when you show faith in it.


Taking more responsibility in a partnership will boost your confidence. Although there are certain advantages to your other half doing most of the work, it can make you feel worthless. Assume more duties. The work load will lift you up, not drag you down. Entering a long-term contract will work to your advantage. Before signing this document, show it to a legal professional who is an expert in these matters. They’ll recommend a few small changes that will greatly benefit you.


Changing your attitude about work will improve your job prospects. Even if you loathe your position, bless it. Give thanks for the money it has brought. Are you unemployed? Rejoice in having time off. Your positive energy will attract the position you want. Taking control of your health will boost your energy. Even making a small change like preparing a nutritious lunch can make you feel much better. Every time you reach for something to eat, gently encourage yourself to make a choice that respects your body.


Take care not to break a child’s spirit. Although you want to implement good boundaries, you should also give them room to experiment. Protecting them from every perceived harm will inhibit their growth. Encourage them to listen to their intuition and take calculated risks. Instead of trying to control other people’s lives, seek to reclaim your own power. Launching a creative project and developing your artistic gifts will be a welcome distraction from anxiety. Working with a respected artisan will open doors for you.


A power struggle is affecting your home life. It’s time to stand up to a relative who continually puts you down. By publicly declaring you will no longer tolerate their abuse, you’ll turn the tide in your favour. Be direct, truthful and firm. If you’ve been thinking of growing your own food, give it a try. Improving the quality of your diet will make you strong, both physically and emotionally. One window box could quickly grow into a flourishing garden.


Troubling secrets will come to light. Although you won’t welcome this information, it’s good to know the truth. Take this opportunity to refine your social connections. Don’t waste valuable time with cynics, dullards, pessimists or gossip mongers. Seek joyous people whose energy is infectious. Sharing your thoughts about a work project is strongly advised. People respect your practical approach. They know you won’t cut corners to get the desired results. After recommending a few adjustments to an important assignment, you could get a promotion.


Fighting about money makes you miserable. You’ve never put much emphasis on material matters, but you are passionate about justice. Picture this struggle working out to everyone’s satisfaction. A clear image of a satisfying restitution will cause everyone involved to be treated fairly. When this problem becomes distracting, dive into work. Your diligence and determination will attract wealth. Soon, you won’t have to depend on this other source of money to thrive. Once you stop fixating on one issue, life will flow more freely.


You’re under the mistaken impression that life is a struggle. The sooner you stop trying to control your environment, the more successful you will be. Focus on being the best you can be. By being patient and persistent, you’ll attract opportunities you desire. Have confidence in your abilities. You’ve been blessed with a strong work ethic. Use it to your advantage. While others have given up, you’ll be producing results that attract attention and generate a profit. Keep your eyes on the prize.


Resist the temptation to numb your pain with food, alcohol and other vices. The sooner you face the truth of a difficult situation, the faster you will recover from it. You are much stronger than you know. Be willing to end a toxic situation. Moving out of the spotlight and into an administrative role is strongly advised. It will be such a relief to escape the scrutiny of demanding supervisors. Operating behind the scenes will boost your productivity, as well as your self-esteem.


Take care to respect the needs of others. Although you want something different from the rest of the group, that doesn’t make you superior. It just means you are unique. Let friends follow their dreams while you march to the beat of your own drum. Protecting the rights of an underdog will improve your professional reputation. A business leader who is impressed by your sense of justice will offer you an interesting position. Accept it with a grateful heart.

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