Daily Horoscopes: 13/01/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 13/01/2019


Friends aren’t able to give you the help you need to get a new venture off the ground. Don’t let this stop you from going ahead with your plans. Even though it will be a struggle, this could be a sign that you are meant to go into this venture on your own.


An opportunity to take a trip overseas or study abroad may sound too good to be true. Be sure to make further enquiries and find out more. Travel will be linked with your job or a group venture. This is your chance to make a fresh start.


Being unsure of people you are working with will cause you to watch your step very carefully. Until you get to know someone properly, you don’t want to put your foot in it by saying the wrong thing or upsetting them by bringing up a subject best left out of conversations.


Your words and actions will make a deep impression on the younger people around you. For that reason, be on your best behaviour. Serving as a mentor to a newcomer in your workplace will remind you of how you often feel in unfamiliar environments. If you sense someone is insecure, praise their talent.


Pretending that all is fine in a relationship when it isn’t will only pave the way for heartache. If you aren’t sure of your feelings, ask for some time to get things clear in your mind. You need to consider whether you really want to continue with this alliance.


It will be fun to find new uses for your creativity. Turning old, unwanted pieces of junk into works of beauty will be tremendously satisfying. Entering a contest or submitting your work for review is highly recommended. You’re sure to be given an award, prize or promotion.


A change of scene will give you a chance to look on some aspects of your life from a new perspective. You might realise it is time to break free from a restrictive arrangement or oppressive situation. Don’t feel guilty because you no longer want to continue with routines that aren’t working for you.


Your boss or a colleague might suggest you change your methods in order to improve your workmanship. At first you will feel defensive and angry but once you’ve had a chance to think about it you will realise they are only trying to help you. Accept their constructive criticism.


Signing up for voluntary work will give you valuable experience in a field you would like to break into. Joining a charitable organisation and helping with a fundraiser will feel immensely rewarding. In addition to this, you are acquiring new skills and meeting some important people.


A friend or neighbour is taking advantage of your good nature. It is time to put your own needs first for a change. You need to break out of a suffocating relationship and you deserve better than to be with people who are only friendly because of what you can provide for them.


When was the last time you relaxed and pampered yourself? If you’re feeling tired and irritable, it’s because you need a break. Sneak off to a private hideaway with a good book. Listen to relaxing music or go for a spa treatment. You can’t work for days on end without taking a breather.


Some people have been taking your gifts for granted. If this includes your boss, take this opportunity to ask for a raise. You are one of the most talented people in your field and you should push for the compensation you deserve. You should ask for what you are worth.

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