Daily Horoscopes: 13/04/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 13/04/2019


Stop being so hard on yourself. Although you’re highly ambitious, you haven’t yet reached a lofty career goal. Berating yourself won’t help. It’s better to give yourself gentle encouragement. Reflect on all the progress you have made and take pride in these achievements. Avoid pushing someone into an agreement that goes against their interests. You don’t want to be accused of being manipulative. Hammer out a compromise that benefits all parties in different ways. This will make it easier to negotiate future deals.


Discussing politics in mixed company will lead to misery. It’s better to stick to safe subjects, like art, music, nature and pets. When you lay the foundation for a friendly atmosphere, it becomes easy to see people’s best qualities. Why argue? Don’t confide secrets. Someone who seems trustworthy could blurt out some privileged information. If you want an outlet for your emotions, write down your thoughts. Keep your diary in a safe place where others won’t read it.


It’s hard to think clearly when you’re with an attractive, alluring amour. Take care not to give your power to this charmer. You will be held accountable for your decisions. When in doubt, you should obey your conscience, even if it means standing up to your lover. This isn’t a good time to join a socially prominent group. Although you would enjoy working as part of a team, it won’t allow you to develop a creative project. Going solo will allow you to follow your impulses, rather than satisfy a committee.


A power struggle will break out, making you anxious and frustrated. You’d rather be working with a loved one than against them. This is impossible when each of you has completely different objectives. Instead of turning your back on a goal, pursue it alone. Accepting a high-profile job will be scary but exciting. You have the necessary leadership skills to be successful. Don’t be afraid to go against conventional wisdom. An innovative approach will work to your advantage and earn lots of respect.


Work has become an obsession. It’s time to turn your attention to other parts of your life. Spending time with your loved ones will put life back in its proper perspective. You’ll soon realise your job is no substitute for affection. If your boss asks you to go on an extended business trip, tell them to send someone else. Your nearest and dearest want you to be close to home, where you can celebrate their victories and console their heartbreaks.


Jealousy will rear its ugly head. When you feel possessive towards a loved one, give them some space. They’ll appreciate your faith in them and you’ll find better things to do with your time. Pouring your energy into creative pursuits will be a welcome diversion from fear. If the object of your affection doesn’t return your feelings, look elsewhere for love. You deserve a partner who adores your wit, intelligence and attention. Someone special will appear when you least expect it.


There’s no reason to be ashamed of your mistakes. You’re only human. When you make an error, own up to it and change course. It may take a few attempts to find a better way of doing things, so don’t give up. You’re not getting the support you want from your best friend or romantic partner. They think you shouldn’t be spending so much time on creative pursuits. Turn a deaf ear to their complaints. You can make a good living without abandoning the activities you love.


Before accepting a story as factual, do some independent research. You’ll discover some information that changes your opinion about this issue. Knowing the difference between a news story and opinion piece is critical. Try to get a handle on the motives of the people spreading this information. A friend who promised you a job will go back on their word. Try not to take this disappointment personally. A powerful person will change their mind unexpectedly. The best strategy for finding work is to cast a wide net.


Putting too much emphasis on material matters makes you unhappy. Your personal worth has nothing to do with your bank balance. When your self-esteem needs a boost, pour your energy into your favourite hobbies and sports. Soon, financial problems will seem insignificant. It’s much easier to make money when you’re not consumed with fear. A job that seems more like play than work will soon be offered. Let this be a reminder of what a wonderful difference a positive attitude makes.


Your intensity can drive away potential supporters. Rather than insisting that people see things your way, give them a chance to develop their own opinions. The more accepting you are of other people’s differences, the stronger your alliances will be. Your family is pressuring you to adopt their beliefs. Be willing to cultivate your own philosophy. You’re a strong, single-minded person who prefers to make your own decisions. Following the crowd makes you uncomfortable. If that makes you an outsider, so be it.


An embarrassing secret will come to light. Rather than denying it, you should admit the truth of this information. It will be a relief to abandon all pretence. Some people will never forgive you for this deception, but most will. Harsh criticism will make you look at a relative or neighbour differently. It would be wise to put some distance between you and this judgemental person. Trying to live up to their impossible standards will only lead to misery. You have better things to do with your time.


Friends are asking you to ignore your conscience. It cannot be done. You’re obligated to speak up when you find issues, even if it means losing your job or ending a relationship. After a period of inconvenience, you’ll be able to build a more rewarding life. Don’t worry if you’re out of work for a while. You can use this opportunity to catch up on your sleep and find a more rewarding way to make money. Working for emergency services is a distinct possibility.

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