Daily Horoscopes: 13/07/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 13/07/2018


Putting too much emphasis on a family tradition is limiting. Be open to trying different ways of approaching problems, especially with personal relationships. Don’t be so quick to defend someone’s bad behaviour just because you like them. Be willing to confront an obnoxious person. Selfish professional ambitions will get you in trouble at work. Instead of advocating your position, promote what is best for the entire group. You will be rewarded for this inclusive attitude. Employers appreciate team players.


You may think your ideas are superior, but the group doesn’t share this view. Until you show respect for their contributions, they’ll continue to reject your proposals. When in doubt, it’s better to listen more than you speak. If you’re patient, you’ll learn something valuable. A legal decision will be made against you. Although this verdict seems unfair, it has hidden benefits. Take this opportunity to go in an entirely different direction. Eventually, you’ll see this turn of events was a blessing in disguise.


Leading a lavish lifestyle won’t make discerning people think you’re successful. They’ll just think you are wasteful. Instead of opting for expensive status symbols, use your hard-earned money to establish long-term security. Put money into an established and safe savings account, where it will grow. Problems with a partner’s money will arise. You may have to find an alternative source of income while waiting for pay day, a royalty payment or insurance refund. When it comes to finances, never keep all your eggs in one basket.


Don’t let a desire to get ahead undermine a close relationship. If you have a romantic partner, strike a better work-life balance. Spending quality time with your amour is critical to your professional success. Are you single? Stop avoiding the dating scene. Stop deflecting responsibility. The more duties you assume, the higher your confidence will soar. You’re a lot more capable than you realise. When acquiring valuable skills, give yourself lots of gentle encouragement. Continual criticism will undermine your progress.


Don’t get drawn into a secret intrigue. If someone asks you to give them a cover story, turn them down. You can’t risk being implicated in this mess. Anyone who wants to use your stellar reputation as a smokescreen can’t be trusted. It’s time to do some serious work on your health. Sitting is considered the new smoking. If you’ve settled into a sedentary lifestyle, it’s time to make a change. Even taking a brisk walk at lunch can lift your spirits and increase your energy.


Just because you disagree with a friend does not mean you should lecture them. Feel free to express your disapproval, then don’t bring up the subject again. This is a matter between your loved one and their conscience. Back off. A physical relationship is clouding your thinking. Although it’s nice to have powerful chemistry with someone sexy, this can’t be the dominating force in your life. If your amour is pressuring you to do something distasteful, dig in your heels and refuse.


Bossing people around will backfire. If you want people to do a good job, try showing faith in their abilities. As soon as you back off, you’ll notice an improvement in morale. People can’t perform well when they’re being micromanaged. A power struggle at home is reaching the breaking point. As distasteful as it seems, you must take a side. Throw your support to a scapegoat. It’s time to challenge someone whose bullying tactics have caused lots of heartache.


Resist the impulse to impose your beliefs onto others. Someone who has different values doesn’t want to be lectured. By demonstrating you can work with people from all different walks of life, you’ll command respect. Only discuss religion, politics and culture with close friends. Scheming and plotting will cause others to distrust you. If someone asks you to get involved with a secret intrigue, turn them away. Playing both sides will cause you to lose cherished friends when the truth emerges.


The only way to get money that is rightfully yours is through litigation. Be willing to hire a legal professional with a good track record. Instead of complaining about their fees, give thanks for their help. Without their expertise, you can’t move forward. Greed makes no sense. Selfish behaviour is unnecessary, since the Universe is endlessly abundant. Instead of trying to grab the biggest piece of pie, divide it equally. Your egalitarian attitude will pave the way for strong personal and professional relationships.


Forcing your will onto others will cause resentment. You’ll catch more flies with honey than you would with vinegar. If you have been trying to form an alliance, try wearing your heart on your sleeve. Acting tough can be a real turnoff. If you’ve been dwelling on dark thoughts, take a few steps back to see the big picture. Many people would be eager to trade places with you. Instead of focusing on all the things that are going wrong, give thanks for your good fortune.


If you’ve been unemployed, it’s time to change tactics. Instead of trying to land a position through traditional means. Start using your social network to find work. When it comes to landing a job, whom you know is just as important as what you know. Secret enemies are causing problems for you. Someone who pretends to be your friend is using confidential information against you. It may be best to lock down your social media accounts and be more discreet about making confidences.


Don’t let your competitive nature ruin a romance. If you have a rival, stop trying to make them look bad. Act like they don’t exist. Develop your own technique for winning your amour’s heart. Anticipating their needs will make a great impression. A friendship could be ended quickly. Someone who borrowed money won’t repay it. You’re upset that your sacrifice isn’t being taken seriously. Write off the whole situation as a loss. Be more discerning in future relationships.

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