Daily Horoscopes: 13/11/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 13/11/2017


You’ve got an instinctive flair for business. Investing your resources in an up and coming venture will be profitable. Instead of improving your standard of living, put this money into a savings account. This fund will allow you to travel widely and retire early. Any venture involving recycled material, renewable energy and restored antiques will be successful. Forming a business partnership with a seasoned expert is strongly advised. Their experience, combined with your initiative, is an unbeatable combination.


Adopt a more relaxed attitude about money. Instead of second guessing every purchase, give yourself permission to buy a bauble that appeals to your sensual side. It’s important for you to spoil yourself from time to time. A diligent worker like you needs rewards. When you toil away without relief, you suffer burnout. Are you in a relationship? Don’t balk when your amour gives you an expensive token of their esteem. Instead, accept this gift with an open and grateful heart.


A lucrative work assignment will put you on secure financial ground. Instead of going on a shopping spree, squirrel your pay away. Your savings account will grow faster than expected. Being able to purchase a home or car will be a tremendous source of pride. You have the ability not only to support yourself, but to enjoy an abundant lifestyle. It’s simply a matter of tempering your impulses. Whenever you’re tempted to buy something that’s not a necessity, give yourself a full day to reflect on it.


You’re a veritable love magnet. Joining hearts with someone who is just as passionate about art, music and beauty will be empowering. Instead of struggling to hide your taste, you’ll be able to cultivate it even further. Writing a book, designing a fashion line or playing music will be easy with your amour’s encouragement. Are you already in a relationship? Take a dream holiday with your partner. Revelling in the sights, sounds and scents of a glamorous city will fuel your mutual passion.


Investing wisely and carefully helps you support your family. Being able to pay for children’s lessons and get superior care for elderly relatives makes you proud. Their pleasure and comfort invariably spills into your life. Take this opportunity to open a savings account that will benefit your loved ones. Any time you are paid, put a percentage of your pay into this fund. Being resourceful benefits everyone in your inner circle. It will be easier to take risks after you’ve established a financial cushion.


Instead of satisfying your urge for the latest books, movies and music, take a trip to the library. You can easily satisfy these cravings by borrowing materials for free. When you come across something you truly enjoy, go ahead and buy a copy for yourself. Don’t make any investments until you’ve taken them for a trial spin. Are you thinking of buying a smartphone or car? Ask a friend who owns your desired model if you can play around with theirs. That way, you can make an informed choice.


Beautiful possessions give you a sense of safety and security. Shopping at an antique sale or estate auction will be especially grounding. Well-crafted furniture evokes a connection to the past. You marvel at the craftsmanship and wonder about the person who made such lovely pieces. Resist the temptation to save these treasures for special occasions. Using these things regularly will make you feel like royalty. Instead of letting others put you down, you’ll start standing up for yourself. Empower yourself by satisfying your good taste.


Money flows to you like a mighty river. Use this abundance for some creature comforts. Updating your hairstyle, revamping your wardrobe or going for a total new look will lift your spirits. You might also want to splash out on a new fragrance or expensive toiletry kit. There’s nothing vain about wanting to improve your appearance. When you look good, you feel good. It becomes easier to attract the creative and romantic opportunities you desire. Put your reservations aside and spend some of your hard-earned cash on yourself.


Donating money to charity gives you a good feeling. You’re highly aware of your good fortune. It isn’t enough to enjoy the blessings others lack. Sharing your resources deepens your appreciation for them. Although you can’t solve the world’s problems, you can make individual lives more comfortable. Choose a cause that is close to your heart. If you don’t have extra cash, you can always prepare a delicious meal for a student or take a neighbour to a doctor’s appointment.


You have a weakness for artwork, furnishings and appliances with a modern flair. Although the things you love cost more, the additional expense doesn’t bother you. That’s because you treat such purchases as investments in your happiness. Jealous rivals accuse you of being irresponsible with money. Turn a deaf ear to these criticisms. Everyone has unique priorities. You put beauty, harmony and grace above financial security. Your ability to enjoy a gracious lifestyle is one of your most attractive qualities.


Your sensible attitude cultivates career success. You’re not the type who opts for cheap material and unskilled labour to maximise the bottom line. Instead, you buy quality merchandise and hire talented people. The result is obvious. Anyone who wants to get good value for their money will patronise your business. Those seeking bargains will go elsewhere. The irony is you get many customers who regretted their decision to go with the cheaper option. Don’t be surprised if you’re given a promotion as thanks for producing remarkable results.


When it comes to money, you’re quite adventurous. Unlike more frugal friends, you’re apt to splash out on unfamiliar products that catch your fancy. At times, you regret such purchases. More often, you are happy with your choices. A willingness to incur a few losses helps you maintain a positive attitude. If someone asks you to accompany them on an exciting trip, accept. You may have to dip into savings, but the expense will be worthwhile. Prepare to undergo a fabulous transformation resulting from this journey.

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