Daily Horoscopes: 14/01/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 14/01/2019


You’re worried about living up to the public’s expectations. There’s nothing to fear. Your innovative outlook will get an enthusiastic reception. Feel free to give a talk on your favourite subject. Your audience will eagerly absorb everything you discuss. After you fulfil this assignment, take a break. Enjoying some quiet time will be a welcome change from doing research, preparing remarks and rehearsing your performance. You might opt to take a few days off. Visit a tranquil retreat where you can hear yourself think.


Friends encourage you to further your education. Getting an advanced degree will give you a greater measure of freedom in your professional life. Instead of feeling forced to accept whatever job is available, you will have your choice of several positions. If you’ve always wanted to write a book, now is a good time to begin. Ideas will flow like a mighty river. Don’t worry about editing your work in the early stages. Focus on getting all our ideas on paper. You can always make cuts later.


Let down your guard with someone who has demonstrated their loyalty. Being able to trust someone allows energy to flow freely in other areas of life. Don’t be surprised when you attract a moneymaking opportunity as your relationship grows stronger. Landing a dream job in a glamorous industry is a distinct possibility. Your future employer enjoys your tremendous creativity, combined with your logical approach to problem solving. You’re not a temperamental artist; you’re an effective innovator.


Your willingness to listen allows you to form a successful partnership. After letting your other half describe their ideas, you’re able to shape and refine them into an effective game plan. Together, you can forge deals that would be impossible if you operated alone. A lovely opportunity to travel is on the horizon. You’ll enjoy visiting an ancient city by the sea. Escaping mundane chores will allow your creative juices to flow. By the time you return home, a promising project will be well underway.


You’re in demand at work. It helps to be the only person who knows how to perform important tasks. Take this opportunity to ask for a pay raise. When you’ve become indispensable to the group, you should draw a big salary. A passionate relationship gives you an attractive glow. Take this opportunity to shop for clothes. You’ll find some gorgeous pieces that are both flattering and versatile. Are you single? You’ll meet someone while visiting your favourite store. Playing hard to get will pay off handsomely.


Developing a creative project fills you with happiness. Although you enjoy being of service to others, your true purpose in life is to create things that are both useful and beautiful. When you devote most of your energy to this goal, you will thrive. Are you looking for love? You’ll find it with a dreamy artist. Under the influence of this partner, you’ll become freer and easier with your own imagination. If you already have a partner, listen to their advice about mastering a traditional craft.


You’re highly practical, creating a lifestyle that is secure and comfortable. Unfortunately, not everyone is as thoughtful as you about averting disaster. Relatives and neighbours often ask you to rescue them from problems they have brought upon themselves. You’re getting tired of this trend. Don’t feel bad about turning down demands for help. You should be able to spend your free time any way you wish. Turn off your mobile and stay away from social media when you’re relaxing.


Your playful attitude is extremely attractive. People enjoy your mischievous sense of humour, longing to see what tricks you will play next. Don’t do anything malicious; you don’t want a practical joke to damage your professional reputation. Use a light hand when pulling pranks. Have you developed an interest in a creative technique? Sign up for a course. Learning how to perform this work will make you excited about the future. Developing an attractive product line appeals to your artistic impulses.


A wonderful moneymaking idea is worth pursuing. Selling your ideas and labour to others has dampened your natural enthusiasm for life. You long to make a fortune on your own terms. Making people’s domestic lives more convenient will be profitable. The opportunity to move into your dream house is within arm’s reach. Don’t hesitate to spend a little more than expected for a property near the water. This place will be a tranquil retreat from public life. Even a social butterfly like you needs to occasionally rest their wings.


Take control of your destiny. You’ve been blessed with leadership ability. That’s why working for others is rarely satisfying for you. Running your own business or operating as a free agent makes you thrive. Summon your courage and go off on your own. A short trip for pleasure will be relaxing. Visit a place that is far from the cares of conventional life. Escaping telephones, televisions and computers will make your heart sing. There’s nothing more therapeutic than communing with nature.


A job with a bureaucratic institution will give you the financial and personal security you feel you need. Although your duties may not be terribly exciting, they won’t drain your creative energy. By the end of the day, you’ll be ready to concentrate on your favourite creative pursuits. Best of all, this position affords a comfortable lifestyle. You’ll have enough money to maintain a beautiful home, as well as travel extensively. Remember this when you become bored with work; things could be a lot worse.


You hate feeling obligated to others. This can stop you from accepting helpful offers from friends. The next time a loved one volunteers to relieve you of a dreaded chore, accept. You can use this unexpected free time to pursue a cherished dream. Starting a business, staging a performance or taking an extended break are among the possibilities. Stop using practical considerations as an excuse from doing what you want. All the assistance you need is at your disposal; accept it.

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