Daily Horoscopes: 14/05/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 14/05/2019


Working with someone who has a great deal of responsibility will be instructive. Although you envy their financial status, you will be surprised by how little freedom they have. It’s not easy to do what you want when lots of people depend on you. Going on a short trip will be lots of fun. You’ll enjoy escaping the pressures of home. Take this opportunity to try a restaurant that is a great favourite with locals. You’ll have an excellent meal.


Studying with someone you have always admired will be a golden opportunity. Sign up for this course as soon as you hear about it; spaces will fill quickly. It will be necessary to scale back your social life while you read, write and conduct research. Money is flowing into your bank account. Use this income to upgrade your phone or computer. Investing in a high-speed Internet package is also a good idea. Being well connected to the outside world greatly improves your professional prospects.


You will be receiving money through a court case, inheritance or shareholder agreement. Working with an expert who has lots of experience in this area will be eye opening. Learn as much as you can to become a good steward of this windfall. After a period of difficulty, you have moved into a much better place. Take this opportunity to return to a hobby that gives you lots of pleasure. This activity will give you additional momentum. It will be easy to dispatch tasks that once overwhelmed you.


You’re working with a highly capable person, but that doesn’t make you inferior. This is an equal partnership. If you’re not happy with a plan of action, propose another. Hold your ground until a fair compromise is reached. Fight to make your voice heard. Keep your plans secret from critics and rivals. When you aren’t being bombarded with negative feedback, your progress soars. This is an excellent time to send out CVs and go on job interviews. You’ll soon be offered a new position that fills you with excitement.


If you don’t agree with a health diagnosis, get a second opinion. Even if you believe this prognosis, it’s important to feel comfortable with your doctor. Feel free to leave a cold, unfeeling person for someone with a better bedside manner. This is your right. A team effort will be successful. It helps that you are working with intelligent, adaptable people who are more interested in finding a good solution than advancing their personal agendas. You will be asked to represent the team on an overseas trip or conference call.


A romantic outing fills you with happiness. It’s wonderful to be with someone who is attentive to your needs and tastes. If you’re single, you’ll meet an accomplished person at a professional gathering. Accept their dinner invitation; you’ll feel an instant connection. Advancing up the ladder to success has been exhilarating. It’s good to know people are willing to pay you well for your expertise. You’ll have a choice between two excellent jobs. Pick the one that offers the most intellectual stimulation.


A person who commands respect will make order out of chaos. Don’t be offended if they ask you to stop complaining or criticising. By setting a gentler tone, it will be easier for everyone to come together in a spirit of harmony. You’ve passed a test. Breathe a sigh of relief and bask in this victory. After a short rest, you’ll be ready to embark on an adventure. Getting an advanced degree, building a website or passing on your knowledge and know how to others are all exciting possibilities.


You have a lot in common with a highly practical person. By putting your heads together, you can salvage a business or organisation that is suffering from financial difficulty. You and your partner will be greeted as heroes by the community. Making plans with a romantic or business partner is exciting. You’re eager to transform your lives by embarking on an ambitious plan together. Be willing to venture into unfamiliar territory. Your courage will pay off, both emotionally and financially.


You’ll earn lots of money from a business partnership. Put this windfall into a savings, retirement or education fund. This nest egg will give you peace of mind, in addition to personal and professional freedom. Give yourself a gold star for making good financial decisions. A stalled negotiation will move forward. After a series of stops and starts, you’ll find common ground with the other party. This is a relief to everyone concerned. Take pride in your decision to put your emotions aside for the sake of progress.


You not only have big dreams; you have the drive and ability to realise them. Turn a deaf ear to cautious types who think you are being too bold. Without trailblazers like you, nothing would ever be accomplished. You’re a born builder. Physically, you’re feeling better and better. It’s wise to slow down when your body feels weak. Whether this means taking a nap, leaving work early or taking a few days off is unimportant. The key is to give your system what it needs to thrive.


A successful professional will offer to mentor you. Learning from this leader will be extremely helpful. Not only will you discover how to wisely manage your money, but you’ll also find out how to recognise wonderful investment opportunities. Listen carefully and take notes. A flirtatious conversation fills you with happiness. It’s wonderful to talk with someone who shares your love of wordplay. If you’re single, overcome your shyness and ask for a date. Playing hard to get will result in a missed opportunity.


A close friend will take a financial burden from your shoulders. Don’t feel ashamed about accepting their help. You’ve always been kind and generous towards them. It should make you happy to know you’ll soon have a chance to repay this debt. You’re ready to move forward with a home improvement project. After a long period of deliberation, you’ve decided it’s worth the cost of having a problem fixed. You’ll be so relieved once everything is in proper working order again.

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