Daily Horoscopes: 14/09/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 14/09/2018


You’re trying to apply logic to an emotional situation. It simply won’t work. When your heart is urging you to do something, you must obey its call. People will question your judgement, but you’ll feel good about a decision involving work. Be realistic about financial matters. If you’re deep in debt, it’s time to reverse the process. Pay off the creditors that are charging the most interest, then make your way down the list. You’ll be back in the black before you know it.


Playing games with someone’s affections will backfire. If you’re not sure how you feel about an admirer, be honest. Leading them down the garden path will only cause anger and resentment. Do you have a partner? Resist the impulse to criticise their every move. You’re having difficulty mastering a subject. Getting some additional tutoring will help. Reach out to a patient teacher who can adjust their methods to your learning style. This will make all the difference between success and failure.


Don’t automatically assume that your family’s approach is best. Although you were raised to believe certain things, you don’t maintain these principles. You’re much more open minded than most of your relatives. Adopt beliefs that encourage exploration and study. Strict dogmas don’t suit you. If you want to work in a creative field, you must get experience. It doesn’t really matter whether that means working as an unpaid intern or taking an entry level position. A personal sacrifice will lead to bigger and better things.


Avoid getting drawn into a gossipy or scandalous conversation. Spreading nasty stories will reflect badly on you. If you can’t say anything kind, remind silent. Your discretion will be rewarded. An employer who appreciates your silence will send you on a glamorous business trip. A spiritual guru has feet of clay. Before buying into their programme, do some research into their background. You will discover some troubling things about their past behaviour that give you pause for thought. Don’t give this trickster your hard-earned money.


A stubborn attitude will undermine a relationship. Be open to your partner’s suggestions. Always insisting on doing things your way will create tremendous resentment. Let your other half take the lead for a change. This change will benefit you both. Beware of making unnecessary purchases with a credit card. These costs can add up quickly, leaving you with an unpleasant surprise at the end of the month. Whenever possible, pay cash. Keep your credit line open for emergencies.


Don’t jump to conclusions. You think you know all the answers, but there is information that has been hidden from view. Before accusing someone of being disloyal, watch and wait. The truth will come out when you least expect it, prompting a change of heart. Unrealistic expectations of romance are undermining your happiness. If you’re single, it may be because you are looking for an ideal that doesn’t exist. Put aside your expectations. Are you in a relationship? Praise your amour’s strengths and underplay their weaknesses.


You feel pessimistic and confused. It’s hard to know which direction to take when you’re faced with bad choices. Rather than pressuring yourself to make a choice, make a strategic retreat. Sneak off to a tranquil hideaway where you can hear yourself think. If a medical treatment isn’t working, get a second opinion. It may take time to pinpoint the source of a nagging ache or pain. An alternative healing therapy will work wonders for you. Be open to unorthodox techniques.


You’re an extremely passionate person who doesn’t want to lead an ordinary life. As a result, the status quo doesn’t hold much interest for you. Don’t worry what others think. Instead of trying to win the approval of your friends, take the road less travelled. Be honest with yourself about a friend or lover’s character. If they are inconsistent in their affections, you should hold out for another partner. You’re not the type who can tolerate infidelity. Look for someone as loyal as you.


All work and no play makes a dull Sagittarian. Although there is a great deal to do at your job, it’s important to pause and enjoy the company of colleagues. Ask about their health, pets and relatives. This will make a stressful situation more tolerable. Shocking secrets about a family matter will come to light. A relative who has been struggling with a health issue needs help. Be kind and compassionate towards your loved one. They’re also suffering from shame.


Don’t lord your superior knowledge and experience over others. Newcomers have a lot to teach you. They have skills which can benefit you. By being open to their input, you’ll cultivate mutual respect. This is the best kind of learning environment. It may be necessary to cancel a trip due to a technical problem. If your car is acting up, take it to a mechanic for a tune up before embarking on a long journey. The last thing you want is to break down in a remote area.


Don’t poke your nose where it doesn’t belong. If someone seems resistant to a line of questioning, change the subject. If you find inconsistencies in a person’s story, do some independent research. What you discover will radically change your opinion of this charmer. Go over financial statements with a fine-toothed comb. You will detect some mistakes that have been made in the institution’s favour. The faster you resolve these problems, the better. When it comes to money, you must be vigilant about protecting your interests.


Always deferring to your partner has made you unhappy. You have a right to call the shots from time to time. Instead of letting your loved one push you in an undesirable direction, dig in your heels. Insist on doing things your way. In the past, you tried do underplay your desires to satisfy others. This has resulted in missed opportunities and broken dreams. Being more assertive will allow you to fulfil your undoubted potential. The best way to attract affection is to love yourself.

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