Daily Horoscopes: 14/11/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 14/11/2018


You often speak before you think. People can depend on you for unvarnished opinions. Sometimes this causes trouble with sensitive types, but most often it sheds light on confusing situations. Your willingness to speak the truth paves the way for course correction. Although you work well with groups, you’re not likely to seek the crowd’s approval. When you feel strongly about an issue, you stick to your guns. As a result, you rarely regret your decisions. Continue to trust your intuition; it won’t steer you wrong.


You’re not in the mood to play around in romance. If you’re interested in someone, you want to know where you stand with them. Are you already in a partnership? Push your amour to give you a straight answer about a mysterious financial situation. Finding a career that feels more like play than work is your priority. You’ve always been very capable, quickly adapting to any work situation that comes your way. Now it’s time to make some intentional decisions about what you want, instead of what’s convenient.


Rather than making a split-second decision, you’re still gathering information. Finding reliable sources is key. Don’t base opinions on wild rumours and emotional reactions. After reviewing respected studies, you’ll be able to make a confident choice. Pick a company famous for treating customers fairly. Exploring opportunities to travel and study fills you with excitement. Take a trip to a place that has always excited your imagination. This holiday will inspire you to lead a more rewarding life.


Putting your work area in order will boost your productivity. Take time out of your busy schedule to throw away outdated papers and file everything else. You’ll discover at least one valuable item you thought was lost forever. It pays to keep things neat. You will be trusted with group resources. By listening carefully to everyone’s needs and concerns, you’ll make decisions that make sense for the entire organisation. Some people will be disappointed, but they’ll understand your rationale.


Instead of worrying about insignificant details, focus on your goal. When you envision the outcome and it makes you happy, you know you’ve made a good choice. Stop feeding your fears about money, public opinion and change. If something feels right, it is right. Teaming up with someone who is your opposite will be instructive. By listening to their feedback, you’ll become more sensitive to people whose needs are different from your own. Your newfound compassion will improve relationships in every area of life.


You understand what people need to feel comfortable. As a result, you can do very well with sales and promotions. By giving customers what they want, you’ll earn great money. Not only will you get repeat clients, but your stellar reputation will attract new business. Working with a group of highly original people will be fun. Don’t discourage colleagues from experimenting. Some of the best breakthroughs are the result of improbable theories. If you play your cards right, you’ll pick up some valuable skills.


You don’t have to take a formal course to acquire valuable information. Simply reading some primers will give you a good grasp on the subject. Head to the library and take books that take your interest or go online for the information you seek. You’ll quickly become engrossed in their pages. Taking up an unusual hobby will be lots of fun. Don’t worry if you get strange looks from your friends. You’ve been blessed with an extraordinary brain, so you shouldn’t be expected to have ordinary interests.


You’re looking for ways to make life more secure and comfortable. That means working smarter, not harder. If your current job doesn’t pay enough, ask for a raise, find a better position or transition to a more lucrative industry. Take a practical approach to money. Creating a distinctive home environment is rewarding. You have no intention of living in a sterile housing development that doesn’t allow for personal expression. If this means moving to a quirky neighbourhood or fixing up an old place with lots of character, so be it.


Instead of twiddling your thumbs, you jump into action. Moving forward with an educational, travel or artistic project will be fun. Don’t worry about looking silly in the initial stages. By giving yourself permission to be a beginner, you’ll quickly hit your stride. Obey an impulse to take an impromptu trip. You don’t need to take everything with you; just throw a few toiletries in a bag. Anything you forget can be bought at the destination. Better yet, you can learn to live without little conveniences.


Listen to your intuition about a learning opportunity. Although your subject may not involve work, it will feed your soul. Not everything you do must be practical. Give yourself permission to venture down a whimsical path; it will make you more joyous. Working independently greatly appeals to you. You’ll make lots of money when left to your own devices. If there’s anything you hate, it’s being micromanaged. Think about launching your own business or taking a series of temporary assignments.


An ability to grasp abstract concepts paves the way for an interesting personal opportunity. Although your role won’t be clearly defined, that won’t matter. You’ll enjoy learning different aspects of a venture. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be a fully-fledged expert. You’d rather be loved than admired. Instead of lording your superior knowledge over others, you’re willing to learn from everyone. As a result, you’re extremely popular. Don’t be surprised when you’re invited to several parties.


People enjoy working for you because you don’t micromanage. By staying focused on the big picture, individuals can focus on what they do best. Offer guidance and feedback when necessary. Give rewards to people who go above and beyond the call of duty. Joining a support group will be uplifting. It feels good to talk about your challenges with people who understand them. When you feel isolated, reach out. Turning inward will only make you feel even more alienated. We’re here to help each other.

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