Daily Horoscopes: 14/11/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 14/11/2019


Dwelling on the past robs you of personal power. Take advantage of the opportunities before you now. Just because someone laughed at your ambitions when you were younger does not mean you are doomed to a life of drudgery. Travelling the world is possible. Don’t let philosophical differences come between you and a loving relative. Although your priorities are not the same, you still have many happy memories. Cherish those special times and steer clear of controversial subjects. Your relationship is too special to abandon for politics.


A friend has been deceiving you. You’re tired of hearing their excuses. Break things off, quickly and cleanly. If you continue being in this troublemaker’s orbit, you’ll incur some serious losses. It’s not worth the risk. Reach out to someone who truly cares. Someone will ask you for a loan or donation. Don’t feel bad about turning down this request. You have other priorities. By spending your hard-earned money in a way that reflects your priorities, you’ll become more attractive to wealth.


Being unreliable or dishonest will harm your professional reputation. Do you have difficulty keeping a regular schedule? Think about becoming a free agent. Is there some unpleasant news to deliver? Do it quickly so your client can make other arrangements. Expecting a romantic partner to make you happy will cause great resentment. Your other half can enhance your enjoyment of life, but they can never be your source of contentment. That joy can only come from inside you. Take responsibility for your feelings.


Stop putting faith in someone who claims to have all the answers. When you’re not sure which direction to take, trust your intuition. If the prospect of going on a diet fills you with dread, don’t do it. Develop a healthier body image instead. Arguments with colleagues make work unpleasant. Instead of further contributing to this toxic environment, try to generate positive energy. Avoid gossip. Compliment someone who has been struggling. Ask for help when you’re not sure how to perform tasks. Morale will start to lift.


It will be difficult to get access to a loved one’s finances. Be patient with bank officials and bring as much paperwork as possible when you meet with them. Take notes on what exactly you will need to cut through all this red tape. Resist the temptation to overdo it with food and drink. The temporary high isn’t worth the inevitable sickness afterward. Give your body the nourishing fuel it needs to thrive. Indulge yourself in healthier ways, like spending time with cherished friends.


Don’t exaggerate your achievements to the object of your affection. They’ll like you much better if you’re honest and modest. Are you in a serious relationship? It’s time to come clean about a white lie that you told long ago. Your amour will understand. Just because your family had certain traditions does not mean everyone else’s are stupid. If you’re going to have a happy home life, you should blend rituals from both sides. Be respectful of your partner’s upbringing; it’s important to them.


Finding a reliable job will be challenging. This could be a sign from the Universe to put less emphasis on work. When you’re not seeking employment, fill your time with pleasurable activities. Visit a museum, take a nature walk or listen to music. Hosting a visitor may be too much work. Be honest when a friend asks to come stay with you. They might insist that they won’t create any trouble, but you know better. Propose another date, when you won’t be so busy.


A childish temper tantrum will reflect badly on you. When things go wrong, take a deep breath and stay centred. There is a solution to your dilemma. It will arrive much faster if you remain calm and alert to your surroundings. Retail therapy won’t fill an emotional void. If you feel sad, give yourself the gift of rest. Go to bed early with a good book. Stay away from screens for a full hour before retiring. They make it difficult to relax and release.


Dealing with a delusional relative is difficult. No matter how much you challenge their version of the facts, they’ll insist they are right. At this point, you have a choice between being right and kind. Pick the latter. It will be less frustrating. Beware of making too many demands on your best friend or romantic partner. You may not realise it, but they’re struggling with their own heavy responsibilities. Delegate some of your responsibilities to relatives, roommates and colleagues. You have too much on your plate.


Learning about a subject is more difficult than expected. You’re having a hard time grasping elusive concepts. Working with a tutor can be helpful. Don’t let this instructor’s untidy appearance fool you. Their thinking is quite precise. Show them the respect they deserve. You’re not sure about your feelings for someone who has a crush on you. Beware of giving this admirer false expectations. Explain where you stand and don’t feel pressured to get involved in a relationship if you want to be single.


Don’t let laziness interfere with career plans. If you hear about an exciting job becoming available, apply for it as soon as possible. Instead of going out with friends, stay home updating your CV, assembling work samples and making a list of references. This isn’t a good time to steer a friendship into romantic waters. Although you have great admiration for a worldly person, you aren’t suited as partners. Hold out for someone who is more reliable. This adventurer isn’t interested in a commitment.


Take extra care with your appearance. When you look good, you feel good. Stop postponing happiness until you’ve reached the right weight or found the perfect partner. The sooner you love yourself, the faster you will attract the love, luck and money you want. Making friends with people solely based on professional interests is a mistake. The last thing you want is to be labelled a hypocrite. If you’re going to get ahead, let it be on the sheer merit of your talent.

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