Daily Horoscopes: 15/06/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 15/06/2018


You’re tempted to splash out on luxuries. Resist this urge, as it will create unnecessary tension. There will be plenty of opportunities to indulge yourself later. Right now, you should focus on conserving your resources. Put a portion of your pay into savings. A creative project has hit a snag. You’ll have to revise large amounts of this work to bring it up to your usual standard. Instead of cursing your luck, roll up your sleeves and get to work.


Stop letting your family have so much influence on your decisions. While it’s admirable you pay respect to your elders, you’ve been taking this tendency too far. When it comes to romance, follow your heart. Don’t worry what relatives will think of your choices. Avoid dwelling on happy memories for too long. Living in the past stops you making the most of a golden opportunity that is within reach. Put away the photo albums and reassess your surroundings. A great living situation is calling your name.


Flattering someone to win their approval will cause more trouble than it’s worth. The last thing you want is to be accused of hypocrisy. Nobody will take you seriously if you praise a powerful person’s terrible decisions. Be truthful, even if it causes discomfort. A bureaucratic matter will force you to take time off work. The sooner you clear up this problem, the better. Bring as much identification as possible to an official office. The last thing you want is to take several trips.


Don’t feel pressured into maintaining an expensive lifestyle. Living within your means will cultivate contentment. Instead of lying in bed, worrying about bills, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully. Feeling calm and refreshed will make it easy to attract the prosperity you desire. A friend’s erratic behaviour concerns you. You feel compelled to rescue your loved one from the problems they’ve created. Don’t. They’ll never change until they are forced to accept the consequences of their actions.


It’s tempting to seduce people into doing your bidding. Playing with people’s affections has limited benefits. After fooling the public a few times, you won’t be able to get your way. People will write you off as being all talk and no action. A changing of the guard will happen at work. This change will concern you. It’s unclear what direction the company will take. Instead of assuming this means disaster, think about how you can benefit from this altered course. You could be in for a promotion.


You long to take a break, but that’s not possible. Important jobs demand your attention. Rather than sleeping late, get straight to work. Fill out paperwork, return a few phone calls and submit materials before the deadline arrives. You can rest after dispatching these duties. A legal matter could be decided against you. Although you’re disappointed by the outcome, you must accept it. Now this issue has been settled, you’ll be able to make a fresh start. Treat this as a chance to change your course.


Friends aren’t being supportive. They think you’ve become a doormat to someone who has a strange fascination for you. It’s possible they’re correct. You tend to give away too much power to your other half. Put an end to this habit as soon as possible. Money from a royalty payment or legal settlement will be delayed. Don’t rely on this fund to pay your bills. Holding down a reliable job will allow you to build up your savings. The more cash you have in reserve, the more independence you will enjoy.


Using your power to get special favours will backfire. If you want something valuable, work for it the old-fashioned way. Stand in line, wait your turn and be polite to everyone you encounter. Eventually, you’ll reach your goal without having to pressure low-level employees. A partnership will fall apart at the seams. You can no longer ignore your other half’s erratic behaviour. It may be painful getting out of this arrangement, but it’s necessary. Summon your courage and make the break.


Pretending to have expert knowledge will result in embarrassment. If you’re out of your depth, admit it. Sign up for a beginner’s course or read some instructive manuals. You’ll earn respect for your willingness to learn. Try not to fall in love with your instructor. A stressful work situation is affecting your health. You have more options than you realise. Instead of trying to ignore these conditions, look for another job. After a focused search, you’ll turn up a much better position.


Your sensual side is inviting you to neglect your responsibilities in favour of fun. Resist this temptation, as people are counting on you. By fulfilling promises to a child or romantic partner, you’ll avoid a terrible scene. Put your desires aside for their benefit. An unstable romance is falling apart at the seams. Instead of ignoring someone’s troubling behaviour, face it squarely. When forced to choose between charm and sanity, always select the latter. It’s hard to build a relationship on shaky ground.


This isn’t a good time to enter into an agreement. Forming an alliance with a seductive person will make you feel muddled. Instead of being able to assert your rights, you’ll feel pressured to do their will. Hold out for a healthier agreement. Your living arrangements are stressful. If your plumbing or electrical system is faulty, you should repair it or move elsewhere. Dealing with continual breakdowns isn’t worth the stress. Take control of the situation and move forward.


What sounds like a wonderful job is a terrible deal. After doing some research, you’ll discover a company has a long history of treating its employees in a shabby manner. You deserve better. Hold out for a work opportunity with a reputable firm. Someone will give you cruel feedback. Try not to take these negative remarks personally. You’re dealing with a resentful rival who is projecting their own security onto you. Stay calm in the face of their remarks and be proud of your work.

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