Daily Horoscopes: 15/08/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 15/08/2019


You’ve been working closely with a group and it has paid off. Thanks to your ability to put your ego aside for the sake of harmony, the entire team has accomplished something extraordinary. Take this opportunity to celebrate your collective victory. Don’t be so quick to pursue a romantic relationship with someone who catches your interest. Although this newcomer is very attractive, you’re better suited as friends. Collaborating on creative projects will also be rewarding. When it comes to love, you need a more passionate partner.


At long last, you will receive recognition for your hard work. Getting a raise, promotion or bonus will make your confidence soar. Don’t forget to thank your nearest and dearest for helping you to this point. Your success is largely due to their support. If you’re leaving a job, you’ll feel sad. The old situation feels like a loving home. Although this has been a rewarding situation, you have outgrown it. Take a deep breath, gather your courage and take a leap into the unknown.


It’s possible you are collecting a diploma or license. This is cause for celebration. This journey was filled with surprises. Now that it is coming to an end, you’re ready to start something new. Resist the temptation to start a new job right away. Taking a long-distance trip will put you in line for an even better opportunity. Best of all, travelling gives you a chance to reconnect with your spiritual side. Take every opportunity to connect with your higher power; it has a message for you.


You’ve reached a turning point in a close relationship. Whether you decide to break up or exchange vows is up to you. The key is to listen to your intuition. It never steers you wrong. If you aren’t passionately in love, move on. There will be a delay with money from an insurance policy, inheritance or refund. Continue to follow up on the institution that’s supposed to send it. In the meantime, find another way to cover your bills.


You’re having second thoughts about a partnership. Although you have great respect for your other half, their aloof behaviour leaves you cold. It would be better for you to team up with someone who shares your lust for life. Stop settling for second best. A contract is coming to an end and you’re wondering if you should renew it. The answer is no. While this arrangement was good for you when you first signed it, you’ve outgrown it. Don’t be afraid to go solo.


You’ve reached a fitness goal and feel wonderful. Reward yourself by splashing out on a new wardrobe. You’ll find some wonderful clothes that flatter your complexion and draw attention to your best features. Go ahead and spend more money than usual. You’ve outgrown a job and are ready to quit. Don’t leave an existing position until you get a solid employment offer. It’s always easier to find work when you’re gainfully employed. Anxieties about moving into an unfamiliar situation are unfounded. You’ll do great.


Your relationship status will change. If you’re single, you’ll embark on an exciting romance with a wild rebel. You won’t agree on anything, but you’ll have lots of fun debating everything from religion to music to current events to junk food. If you’re in a relationship, you will decide to get engaged or married. There will be some disagreements about what kind of ceremony you should have. Don’t be stubborn about integrating your partner’s traditions into your special day together.


Buying or selling a piece of property will be profitable. You will have to make some last-minute concessions to seal this deal. Don’t be stubborn or arrogant. By meeting the other party in the middle, you’ll both walk away feeling satisfied. A difficult family situation is coming to an end. As a result, you’ll have more time to pursue your professional ambitions. You won’t feel selfish about going after the job you want. This will come as a tremendous relief. Spread your wings and fly.


It’s important to own your talent. When people compliment you, say thank you with a big smile. If a leader asks who is responsible for a project, raise your hand. Instead of saying an endeavour was a group effort, list exactly what you contributed. Your vision will be rewarded. Your employer or a company will send you on an overseas business trip. This will be a wonderful time to combine business with pleasure. It will be important to do your homework before leaving.


A big payment is coming your way. Your first instinct will be to put this windfall into a savings account. Think again. Taking a gamble will pay off handsomely. Invest a percentage of this money into a venture involving entertainment, children’s products or luxury goods. You’re no longer interested in making money in conventional ways. Becoming an entrepreneur is very attractive. Use your leadership ability to launch a cutting-edge business. Acquaintances will laugh at your idea, only to regret not pouring money into this venture.


You’ve reached a milestone and couldn’t be prouder of your accomplishments. Instead of basing your worth on what other people think, you have learned to love yourself unconditionally. This change in perspective has turned you into a magnet for love, luck and prosperity. The law of attraction delivers the energy that you are generating. Therefore, when you feel beautiful, wealthy and happy, your emotions become manifested in the physical world. It sounds wild, but it’s true. That’s why the most contented people are always experiencing bouts of good fortune.


You’re at peace with your past and ready to move on to a happy, healthy future. Some people will be surprised how quickly you have recovered from a setback. Instead of giving your power away to others, you have claimed it for yourself. A job that was once terribly important is no longer a priority. Release it and move on to the next adventure. Working for yourself is a distinct possibility. It will be such a relief to set your own hours.

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