Daily Horoscopes: 15/09/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 15/09/2018


Trust your intuition about someone’s feelings. If you suspect someone has a crush on you, you’re probably right. This admirer would be a great partner for you, since you’re both extremely adventurous. Do you have a partner? Take your amour on an exciting trip. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a creative medium. Working with a software programme will put an inventive spin on a traditional medium. Challenging the status quo will be lots of fun. Prepare to hear some shocked gasps.


Throwing a party will be lots of fun. You enjoy creating a guest list that will bring interesting people together under one roof. Let an upbeat friend pick up supplies. This will allow you to focus on the menu and decorations. When it comes to work, you’re the only person capable of handling a demanding assignment. Take this opportunity to demand a raise and promotion. The authorities know they can’t do this job without you and agree to all your demands.


Working with a partner will be instructive. Although you are a fast and efficient worker, you have limited knowledge about a certain subject. Defer to your other half when they contradict you. Their extensive experience will guide you both to victory. Going on a spiritual pilgrimage could be in the cards. You’ll enjoy visiting a place that fills you with wonder. Instead of trying to analyse your feelings, let them wash over you. Some experiences can’t be put into words.


Taking a step-by-step approach to a complicated job is a good strategy. Ask an expert to check your progress. If they think you haven’t reached a certain standard, be willing to try again. Practice makes perfect. Your impeccable performance will be rewarded. A passionate relationship is heating up. This is a wonderful time to sneak away to a private hideaway with your amour. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special at a sporting event, contest or technological conference.


Devoting more time to creative pursuits will attract love, luck and money. You’ve been blessed with a definite artistic talent. Use this ability to make something of astonishing beauty. You will be inspired by a foreign culture’s favourite form of expression. Working with a partner will be productive. A demanding job is too much for one person to handle. Team up with a dynamic person who knows how to operate a complicated software programme. With their help, you can produce great work in record time.


Powerful feelings should be respected. If you’re tired of being the reliable person who performs the grunt work day after day, make some changes. Let others do the dirty work while you enjoy an extended break or lighter work load. Stepping up your fitness routine will pay off handsomely. You tend to put all the emphasis on your brain. Becoming more physically active will make your ideas flow even more freely. When you hit a creative block, go for a brisk walk or do some stretching exercises.


You’re eager to try something new. Taking up an unusual hobby will give you an attractive glow. You’re never more alluring than when your intellect is being stimulated. Don’t be surprised when you become a love magnet because of this pastime. Pursuing something or someone you love will be stimulating. You’re tired of hiding your feelings. It is not very important whether this means changing your lifestyle or paying court to a potential paramour. The important thing is to listen to your heart.


Indulge your love of creature comforts. This is a lovely time to shop for jewellery, fragrances and clothes. You’ll find some beautiful items that make your spirits soar. Take advantage of a last-minute sale; your money will stretch farther than expected. A home improvement project will go extremely well. Don’t hesitate to pay a talented repair professional what they are worth. You’ll be pleased with their work and it will give you years of pleasure. Best of all, you’ll be supporting a small business person.


Your spontaneous, joyous spirit is infectious. It’s the reason why you’re so popular. Invitations are pouring in. Be selective about the events you attend. Only go to gatherings that promise to be fun, intellectually stimulating and festive. You have no interest in stuffy cocktail parties. Taking a course will improve your professional and personal prospects. You soak up information like a sponge. Use your newfound knowledge to land a job or make a good impression on a fellow enthusiast.


Instead of filling your schedule with boring chores, devote your energy to daydreams. Building castles in the air will be a relaxing change of pace. If a wonderful idea for a book, movie or song occurs while staring into space, write it down. A moneymaking opportunity is worth pursuing. Although you will face some stiff competition, you’ll quickly emerge as one of the leading contenders for this job. Emphasise your leadership and organisational skills during a lengthy interview process.


Playing hard to get makes people even more intent on befriending you. If someone asks you to join their club, team or company, hold them off. The more your resist, the more your fans will persist. Being pursued by ardent admirers will boost your confidence. Use your strengthened ego to promote a daring project. Your powerful charisma will attract business investors and creative opportunities. Instead of making a traditional presentation, try an approach that is eye-catching and unusual.


Your discipline and determination results in a promotion. Your boss appreciates your ability to do whatever assignment is handed to you, regardless of your job title. Instead of complaining about the situation, you dedicate yourself to doing the best job possible. Making a sacrifice for a loved one will be rewarding. You’re glad to come to the rescue of a relative who is suffering from a health problem. Running some errands and preparing some meals are characteristic your generous nature.

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