Daily Horoscopes: 16/08/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 16/08/2019


A cheque you receive will be less than expected. This makes you incredibly angry. You’re tired of dealing with people who promise more than they deliver. The best way to break this pattern is to become more reliable to others. When you tell a child you will attend their games, recitals and performances, do it. Don’t back out at the last minute and then vow you will attend the next one. The same principles hold true for romantic relationships. Follow through on your assurances.


An emotional outburst will reflect badly on you. If you’re going to maintain people’s respect, you must be calm in the face of adversity. It’s understandable why you have been thrown off balance by a disappointing ruling. Keep it in perspective. Others have experienced more serious losses. Thinking about these people will allow you to keep your head held high. By exhibiting grace under fire, you’ll earn the respect of a relative who used to tease you mercilessly.


Someone will promise to deliver materials by a ridiculous deadline. Don’t believe them. By having an alternative plan in place, you’ll avoid disaster. You’ve seen what happens when you’re overly optimistic. Plans fall apart and people are disappointed. Keep your feet planted on the ground. A surprising rejection will throw you off balance. You thought you would gain easy admission to a large institution. Now you’ve been turned away, you’re starting to question your worth. Don’t. A secret rival blocked your path.


A disruptive colleague keeps trying to stall a project. It’s time to issue an ultimatum. If they continue to throw obstacles in the group’s path, they should be dismissed. Nobody likes being forced to compromise. This is one of those situations when it’s necessary. Throwing money at a problem will not solve it. You’ll have to create a new set of expectations. This will take time, effort and patience. The sooner everyone realises that the first plan was impractical, the faster an acceptable resolution will arrive.


This isn’t a good time to confront someone in a public setting. You’re dealing with a person who has an incredibly fragile ego. Humiliating them will have terrible consequences. It’s better to take them aside in a private setting and tell them what you know. Once this manipulator realises they have been discovered, they’ll change their ways. If you catch them engaging in the same kind of behaviour, then file a police report or official complaint. Everyone deserves a chance to reform.


If you’re going to get a creative project off the ground, you must take a practical approach. If you lack the knowledge and skills to get started, reach out to an expert. Prepare to pay them for their work; an offer of exposure is insulting. People are whispering about a neighbour or relative. The accusations that have been brought against them are unfair. Unfortunately, it is difficult to prove them negative. Remember this the next time you are tempted to repeat gossip.


Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Just because someone broke the rules does not mean you should file an official report. There was a very good reason for this regulation to be ignored. This one infraction won’t lead to future ones. Paying too much attention to other people’s lives is an indication of boredom. Taking up a hobby will be a healthy change. Find an outlet for your considerable artistic ability. Painting, playing music or making clothes are among the intriguing possibilities.


You’ve been assured a prominent position is yours. That’s why it comes as a shock when a rival tries to block your path. Not only will your credentials be questioned, but your accomplishments will be slighted. Don’t let the opposition see you sweat. By remaining calm in the face of this challenge, you’ll eventually be given this important job. Until then, spend time with your best friend or romantic partner. They’ll give you the reassurance you need to withstand this trying situation.


Rocking the boat will have terrible consequences. Although you like causing a commotion, other people are threatened by it. The most vulnerable people in your community need stability. Emergencies create expenses they cannot cover. Be a good team player for a change. A legal matter will be decided against you. Resist the temptation to dwell on your disappointment. The sooner you make a fresh start, the happier you will be. The true test of character is how you deal with setbacks.


Beware of becoming obsessed with the object of your affection. Losing yourself to love is dangerous. Instead of giving your power to someone else, build up your own confidence. Those with good self-esteem don’t look outside for happiness. They find it within. A risk will not pay off. Don’t waste your money on lottery tickets or slot machines. Put it towards a creative project. Working with your hands is especially rewarding. Making things of lasting beauty uplifts and inspires you.


It will be impossible to see eye to eye with a partner. You want to take a bare bones approach to a project, while they are pushing for a glamorous treatment. There’s no way you can meet in the middle. Formulate another plan. Do your best not to hurt a relative’s feelings. They worked hard to impart certain values. You’ve thrown out all these ideas and have formulated your own moral code. Sadly, your loved one has taken this rejection personally. Try to explain your position.


It won’t pay to pour much energy in a work project; it will be revised later. Roughly sketch out what must be done and show it to your boss. They’ll invariably decide that it must be reconfigured. Be as detached as possible with this assignment. Surprising news about a community project is upsetting. You want to fight this proposal tooth and nail, but there doesn’t seem much point. Instead of assuming the outcome will be disastrous, adopt a more hopeful attitude.

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