Daily Horoscopes: 17/02/2020

Daily Horoscopes: 17/02/2020


Your intuition isn’t as strong as usual. Until you stumble upon an idea that fills you with excitement, you should keep from taking big steps. Stay busy with small tasks like housekeeping, paperwork and correspondence. Attending to background tasks will clarify your desires. Indulge your love of art and music. Going to a museum or concert will lift your spirits. If you’re looking for love, you could meet someone who shares your passion at this event. You’ll have to make the first move.


Avoid taking any major financial initiatives. Many of your friends are investing in a certain fund or engaged in a forward-thinking business practice. Just because it is right for them does not mean it will be profitable for you. Keep your money in the bank. You’re very talkative. Having a spirited conversation with a group of friends will inspire an idea for an art project. Experimenting with the latest techniques will be fun. Try a new software programme to help you create designs quickly and easily.


Put off any career choices. Bigger and better professional opportunities are on the horizon. You don’t want to accept a lacklustre job, only to discover your dream position becomes available a few weeks later. Stay where you are until next month. A love of tradition will prompt you to try a time-honoured recipe or ritual. This could become a seasonal event. It’s comforting to feel connected to the past. Pausing to remember relatives and heroes will give you the courage to try new things.


Entering a legal agreement will be cause for regret. It’s best to avoid signing papers until next month, when you’ll get much more equitable terms. Play for time. Avoid phone calls and let the clock run out. Procrastination and evasion are your friends. An interest in philosophy, psychology or religion will prompt you to take an advanced course. This subject may not have anything to do with your work, which is why it’s so enjoyable. It’s rewarding to do things out of sheer love.


Try not to be disappointed when you’re turned down for a grant, loan or scholarship. The financing you need will arrive from another source if you remain positive. Spend a few minutes each day picturing yourself happily carrying out your plans. Launching a research project will be engrossing. You’ll find some facts that previously eluded you. Once you get some reliable information, it will be easy to develop a theory about why someone behaved in such a mysterious way.


It feels like your best friend or romantic partner is wilfully misunderstanding you. It’s possible they are acting dense to avoid a confrontation. At times like these, it’s important to remember you can’t control anyone else but yourself. Change your own approach. You’re curious about people and what they think. Learn as much about a foreign culture that has always fascinated you. Understanding their perspective will cause you to change some habits and assumptions that have been holding you back.


You’re tired of compensating for colleagues who aren’t very bright. Stop trying to cover their mistakes. Let them take the consequences for their errors. The sooner your employer realises they need additional training, the better your life will be. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Someone will ask you to join a volunteer project. Be ready to give a polite but firm refusal. Although you enjoy being of service, your first loyalty is to yourself. Take some time to rest and recharge your batteries.


Dealing with children and romantic partners will be frustrating. You are trying to give them guidance, while they’re focused on having fun. Stop wasting your time. Turn your attention to more rewarding pursuits, like art. Drawing, painting, sculpting and playing music cultivate happiness. When interviewing for a job, don’t be afraid to discuss your talents and achievements. You’re in this situation to promote yourself. Nobody else will do it for you. This position is too appealing to let it slip through your fingers.


This isn’t a good time to make important decisions about your family or home. Things on the domestic front are confusing. Instead of acting, you should watch, listen and learn. Be as accepting as you can of a relative whose behaviour seems strange. You’re sensitive to other people’s feelings. If you detect a relative retreating from public view, it’s probably because they’ve been hurt by a blunt remark. Give them the kindness and reassurance they need to return to the group.


It will be difficult to get ideas across to your intended audience. No matter how clearly you explain a plan, people will fail to comprehend your meaning. Instead of beating your head against a brick wall, make a strategic retreat. Learning a skill or language will take longer than expected. Stay focused on your goal. By refusing to give in to defeat, you’ll become quite good. Anything worth doing takes time, patience and sacrifice. Keep your eyes on the prize.


Your financial affairs are in limbo. Don’t make any big purchases or change your source of income. You’ll have an opportunity to make lots more money in a few weeks. For the moment, you should maintain the status quo and be conservative about spending. Devoting more time and energy to your favourite pursuits is strongly advised. You’re tired of working around the clock with no reward. Commune with nature, visit a museum or play a game.


Changing your appearance will be cause for regret. Wait another few weeks before updating your hairstyle, revamping your wardrobe or changing your image. If you make your move now, people will have difficulty accepting the new you. Be patient. People are impressed by your ability to give clever answers to probing questions. Instead of giving away your secrets, maintain an air of mystery. Someone who is charmed by your sharp intellect will show romantic interest in you.

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