Daily Horoscopes: 17/05/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 17/05/2018


It’s fun to flirt with a newcomer. Offer to show a new colleague or neighbour the ropes. You’ll get along like strawberries and cream. Beware of sending the wrong signals. Although you have no intention of losing your heart, your pupil may fall head over heels in love. Don’t be averse to becoming a couple. Even a lone wolf like you can benefit from being in a serious relationship. If you already have a partner, plan a short trip together; you could use a change of scenery.


Indulge your love of luxury. This is a wonderful time to splash out on clothes, jewellery and toiletries. Some people will call you extravagant. Don’t be bothered by criticism. You have no intention of adapting your lifestyle to win their approval. Nobody is as attractive as you when you’re having fun. If you’re single, you could attract at least two admirers. Are you in love? Your amour will give you a lavish gift. Show your appreciation for this lovely tribute.


People are drawn to your active mind. Don’t be surprised when you’re asked to several parties. There’s no reason you can’t attend them all. If there’s anything you enjoy, it’s flitting from one social scene to another. You’ll pick up admirers wherever you go. Use these new connections to further your career. Someone who has great connections in the art world will be happy to recommend you for a job. You’ll enjoy working with colleagues who are similarly interested in the arts.


You’re highly sensitive to the needs of your loved ones. Someone who has recently experienced a crushing blow needs help. Take them away for a relaxing break. Visiting some tranquil spot will allow your loved one to recover in their own time. Don’t press them for confidences. Simply be a supportive presence. They’ll talk when they’re ready. In the meantime, take this opportunity to recharge your own batteries. You’ll benefit from this break from the normal routine, too.


Your popularity is soaring. You’ll have to choose between several invitations. Pick the one that has the most interesting guest list. You’ll enjoy talking to someone who seems to know a little about everything. If you’re single, you should make a move on this charmer; you’ll make a great couple. Do you have a partner? You and your amour will turn heads wherever you go. Take pleasure in being half of a power couple. When you join forces with your other half, you can move mountains.


You’re very reliable, which makes you an attractive candidate for a high-profile position. Your future employer is looking for someone who can be relied upon to make a good impression. Showing up to work on time and properly attired is half the battle with this position. When you’re on the scene, you inspire confidence. People are willing to put their faith in a representative that projects an air of calm sufficiency. You’ll be especially successful with work involving public relations.


You’ll have a fantastic time planning a trip. After doing some research, you’ll find a wonderful place to stay that won’t drain your bank account. You’re not the type who enjoys roughing it, so it’s important to find accommodations that are clean, gracious and beautiful. If you’re looking for love, you’ll easily find it on this journey. You’ll enjoy talking to a local who knows all the best places to eat and shop. Soon, you’ll be enjoying evening strolls and leisurely breakfasts.


You’re no stranger to dramatic transformations. When you get tired of one way of life, you adopt another. This keeps boredom at bay. Lately, you’ve been carrying out the same routine. Taking a course that will open up your options will stir things up to your satisfaction. Not only will you enjoy exercising your intellect, you’ll make good friends among several peers. Hosting a study group will be lots of fun. You’ll enjoy creating a comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to group projects.


Working with a partner will be pleasant. You prefer dealing with the big picture while your other half attends to pesky details. By giving each other plenty of room, you’ll produce something great. Although you’ll be tempted to steer this relationship into romantic waters, you should resist this impulse while you’re collaborating. Once the project is over, you can abandon yourselves to pleasure. Until then, stay focused on the work at hand. You’re much more productive when you have something to look forward to.


Pour your energy into a creative project. Exercising your imagination is liberating. You’ve been blessed with artistic talent. Stop neglecting it. Although your ambition is admirable, it can get in the way of having fun. Get into the habit of spending an hour each day on your favourite medium. It doesn’t matter if you’re making clothes, building furniture, or planting a garden. If you’re keeping your hands busy, you’ll have fun. Soon, you’ll be enjoying yourself so much that you’ll start leaving the office on time.


When you fall in love, it happens fast. One minute, you’re having a lovely time with your favourite person; the next, you’re bowled over by their presence. Don’t keep your desires under wraps. It’s difficult for the object of your affection to know how you feel. If you have difficulty talking about your emotions, put them into a love letter. All your self-consciousness slips away when you’re at the keyboard. If you have a partner, show your affection with a lavish gift.


Usually, you’re the one who takes care of your loved ones. Let them attend to your needs for a change. If you’re invited to a weekend retreat, accept. You are long overdue for fresh air and stimulating conversation. It’s easy to let your guard down when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. Suddenly, the role you have always played won’t matter anymore. You’ll be able to say what’s in your heart without fearing a backlash. Instead of going along with the crowd, you will challenge the popular view and propose alternatives.

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