Daily Horoscopes: 17/09/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 17/09/2018


You crave recognition. Working hard will cause you quickly gain prominence in your desired field. The secret to your success is a willingness to set yourself apart from the crowd. Instead of following tired old formulas, you break new ground. This results in big profits. Strangely, you’re becoming less and less determined to make lots of money. That’s because you realise the things you value cost very little. To cultivate contentment, you should shed possessions, rather than acquiring more.


The more you know, the better your job prospects will be. Getting training in a specialised field will be especially profitable for you. Concentrate on being one of the few people who can do difficult jobs. You can also earn money by teaching others. A strong desire to break away from a restrictive situation should be obeyed. Whether this means leaving an oppressive job or ending a toxic romance is immaterial. The important thing is to do whatever is necessary to unload excess baggage.


You’re determined to overcome a bad habit or negative outlook. Treat your self-improvement programme like a game. Give yourself rewards for reaching goals. When you have incentives to do better, you’ll surpass even your own expectations. Embarking on a healthier lifestyle is worth the work. Spending more time on solitary pursuits will lead to some brilliant breakthroughs. Even a social butterfly like you can benefit from private time. Get into the habit of heading off to a private hideaway to write, paint or play music.


Taking care of your best friend or romantic partner is a great use of your time. You’ve always had wonderful instincts about what will make people feel better. Whether it’s preparing some comfort food, running some errands or lending a sympathetic ear, reach out. You’re ready to overhaul an old-fashioned organisation that isn’t working for most of the community. By introducing more accommodating rules, people will be more appreciative. Suddenly, a group that was floundering will flourish.


You’ll be handed a difficult job. Instead of complaining that this task falls outside of the description of your title, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Your helpful attitude will be rewarded with a plum assignment, promotion, or both. Don’t hesitate to challenge someone in authority who is out of touch with current trends. By suggesting a more contemporary approach, you’ll open the door for some much-needed changes. It’s even possible you will be asked to replace this stuffy traditionalist.


You exude charm, wit and intelligence. It’s no wonder you are a love magnet. People dream of having a partner like you. If you’re single, go out with an accomplished person who shares your values. Are you in a relationship? Let your amour pamper you. A belief system that no longer serves you should be abandoned. You don’t have to follow an organised religion to be spiritually fulfilled. Cobble together ideas that make sense to you. Use these convictions as a springboard to contentment.


Providing a secure foundation for your family is a noble goal. This doesn’t only include money; it also involves being emotionally supportive. Create an atmosphere that encourages every member of the household to discuss their concerns in a straightforward way. Be willing to expand your horizons on the sensual front. If a friend or romantic partner invites you to try something strange, follow their lead. You will get a nice surprise. The more adventurous you are when it comes to pleasure, the more satisfying life will become.


You’ve learned valuable lessons; use them to create a better life. After seeing what happens to vindictive people, you’re determined to do the opposite. Being able to forgive past transgressions is a superpower. It takes time to master this skill, but you can do it. Make it your mission to forge an alliance with someone whose talents are different from yours. Together, you will balance each other’s weaknesses, creating a formidable fighting force. A person who knows how to repair things should have your utmost respect.


An ability to turn garbage into gold serves you well. If you’re looking to make a fortune, think about ways to recycle discarded materials. Besides the cost of labour, such a business will cost very little to run. It will also earn you a fortune. After seeing how much time you spend on work, you’re willing to reform your habits. Finding more efficient ways to dispatch your duties will be gratifying. This could involve anything from implementing a software program to learning how to operate a hi-tech gadget.


Make it your mission to generate positive energy wherever you go. Thank the cleaning staff for making your workspace tidy and pleasant. Compliment your romantic partner on their many strengths. Go out of your way to help a stranger who is struggling. Be open to trying new ways of having fun. A hobby or sport that seems strange will make your spirits soar. Not only will you welcome the opportunity to blow off steam, you’ll also meet some lovely people along the way.


A bureaucratic agency can help you with a problem. Talk to an official from a government office, charitable organisation, or cultural institute. They’ll direct you to the services you need. Be sure to show your deep appreciation for their patience, insight and kindness. Don’t be afraid to embrace non-traditional ideas about home and family. Adopting an unorthodox living or educational arrangement will work well. Others will be perplexed by this choice, but the proof is in the pudding. Anyone who questions your judgment feels embarrassed about their own choices.


You understand what motivates people. Encouraging a neighbour to make your community a better place will pay off handsomely. Your compassionate approach will do the trick. Slowly but surely, they’ll make friends with other people in the area who once resented their annoying behaviour. Be aware of your beliefs. Limiting expectations will keep you from living your best life. Have faith in the Universe’s endless abundance and expect the prosperity you deserve. This upbeat attitude will greatly improve your luck.

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