Daily Horoscopes: 18/05/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 18/05/2017


Working with a team sparks your imagination. You love turning a good idea into a great one. If you’re facing a tight deadline, don’t get hung up on minor details. It’s better to turn in a flawed but promising piece of work on time than fail to deliver at all. Your charm is at an all time high, so it will be easy to convince your boss or customer to give you an extension. The important thing is to demonstrate you have been making progress with this project.


Slow and steady wins the race. You’re being pressured to turn things around in record time, but that won’t be possible. Give a realistic timeline for people who are waiting. Keeping everyone in the dark will make them anxious and irritable. If you have a business, you might want to post a sign explaining you can offer a quality service, which takes longer to deliver. Those who are looking for a quick turnaround can go elsewhere. Clients who want an added measure of care will be happy to work with you.


You’re more determined than ever to get your agenda met. It is possible to push hard and remain friendly. You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. An accomplished assertive individual is impressed by your approach. They may offer you a position in their organisation. Although working with this perfectionist won’t be easy, it will be instructive. Take this opportunity to expand your skillset. Gaining a deeper knowledge of a particular industry will help you rise through the ranks in record time.


Making a sacrifice for someone you love will be easy. You’re always looking for ways to show your affection. Your best friend or romantic partner will be grateful for your thoughtful gesture. Instead of sinking back into a familiar routine, spice things up. Attending a festive party together will be lots of fun. It will be a relief to escape the pressures of home and work. Wear something special to this event. All eyes will be on you.


Challenging the status quo will be fun. You’re tired of being tied down by stuffy rules and regulations. Creating a new way of doing things will cause some people to cheer. So many members of your group haven’t been happy with the services and resources available to them. By offering an alternative, you’ll plant the seeds for a successful business. At that point, all the people who have been criticising your methods will suddenly treat you with respect. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain.


You’re competing for a desirable spot in an exclusive organisation. It will be possible to get this position, as long as you network. Making friends with people in your desired field will impress people at the top of the food chain. Don’t hesitate to ask for a reference from someone who has an impressive list of accomplishments. Words of praise from them will put your application at the top of the pile. After that, you should focus on making a good impression during the interview process.


Learning more about your favourite subject will lift your spirits. It’s fun to study with an encouraging teacher who believes in you. With their support, you’ll reach levels you never thought possible. After you get a license or degree, you’ll be able to share your knowledge with students who were just like you. At first, you may tutor one or two individuals. This slow trickle will turn into a flood of clients once word spreads of your talent.


You’re focused like a laser on your goal. Breaking a bad habit or establishing a new routine will be therapeutic. You’re tired of feeling stuck in a toxic place. Tell your family about your intentions. They’ll give you their full support. When your resolve starts to weaken, lean on them for help. Your nearest and dearest won’t let you stray from your path to wellness. In the past, you were the one who gave strength to others. Now it’s time to receive some of that tender loving care.


You’re determined to get justice for someone has been treated unfairly. Advocating for the underdog will give you an energy boost. Nothing motivates you like helping others. Some people will roll their eyes and accuse you of being a cockeyed optimist. Let these remarks roll of your back. It’s better to be hopeful about the future than fall victim to cynicism. If it weren’t for people like you, things would remain the same and we’d never progress.


Take steps to improve your health. Going for a medical consultation will be helpful. Listen carefully to the advice you are given. It may be necessary to eliminate certain foods from your diet or avoid activities that are putting stress on your body. Accept this diagnosis with good grace. Making these changes will cause a nagging ache or pain to subside, giving you more energy and causing frustration to lift. Soon, you won’t miss your old vices at all.


Going after what you want is strongly advised. You have the ability to spin straw into gold now. When anyone tries blocking your progress, give them a smile and start chatting. Eventually, their reserve will melt and they’ll offer the help you require to advance. If you’ve been trying to court someone, don’t pour it on thick. Simply propose a romantic outing. If you’re turned down, be pleasant and back off. Your gracious attitude may cause a change of heart.


It’s time to get some household repairs carried out. Putting off these jobs will cause frustration. Take this opportunity to gather names of plumbers, electricians and contractors. Social media will be helpful with this task. A person with lots of glowing references will do a great job for you. It will be such a relief to have everything in good working order again. Make sure you give this professional a glowing recommendation if you are satisfied. Positive word of mouth is critical to their success.

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