Daily Horoscopes: 18/05/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 18/05/2019


You’re making a good living. That’s because you tackle tasks as soon as they arise, rather than putting them off until the last minute. This proactive attitude attracts bigger and better work assignments. You’ll never lack for work; you might have to get yourself an assistant. Your best friend or romantic partner misses you. Although it’s nice to be wanted, you feel like you’re too busy to spend much time together. Stop taking your nearest and dearest for granted.


Someone with your ambition can reach great heights. Work is joyful for you, because it is a way to reach your goals. When you want to improve your situation, you acquire specialised skills and expand your knowledge. Gaining expert status boosts your confidence. You’re tired of giving and getting nothing in return. Break off a one-sided relationship. After you part ways, become your own biggest admirer. Instead of beating yourself up for perceived flaws, give yourself unconditional love.


If you’re not happy with your current circumstances, don’t worry. There are plenty of interesting avenues to explore. Use your versatility to embark on a new career path. Investment banking, house sales and property management appeal to your desire to watch things gradually grow. You’re feeling the effects of burnout. Stop spending every spare moment at work. Force yourself to leave on time. Instead of going out with friends, stay home to enjoy some rest and relaxation.


Working on a long-term plan is a labour of love. You’ve always been security conscious. Knowing where you are going in your professional life allows you to take risks in your personal one. You might embark on a romance or launch a creative project. The results of a creative project are disappointing. This doesn’t mean you are untalented. It simply demonstrates you must get more practice. Continue to paint, write, draw or perform. You’ll get better with every attempt.


Fine tuning your skills will improve your career success. Don’t hesitate to learn from someone who is much different from you. This instructor will fill in the gaps to your knowledge, allowing you to turn weaknesses into strengths. Listen carefully to their practical tips. Suppressing your feelings is no longer an option. Find a healthy outlet for your frustrations. Brisk exercise will release anger and anxiety. Soon, you’ll feel so good after working out that you’ll look forward to physical activity.


A self-improvement programme will make you aware of some painful truths. Rather than berating yourself for having shortcomings, give yourself credit for wanting to overcome them. Human beings have the chance to learn and grow, but only if they’re honest with themselves. Upsetting news will take time to process. Feel free to take a few days off work to mourn a loss. After spending some quiet moments alone, you’ll recover your balance. At that point, you can resume your regular schedule.


You have an opportunity to resolve a conflict with others. Instead of treating the other party as an adversary, approach them as a potential ally. Finding a solution that works for you both won’t be difficult if you set aside your defences. You won’t be fairly compensated for a job. It may be necessary to take a client, customer or patient to court. A justice-oriented person like you can’t abide deadbeats. File a claim if you want, but don’t let this struggle affect your personal life.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If your best friend or romantic partner is wearing on your nerves, take a solitary holiday. Go somewhere that appeals to you, but not your other half. It will be fun doing what you want at your own pace. Negative publicity is incredibly upsetting. Whether someone has written a nasty review of your business on social media or you get a critical review, it is important not to internalise these negative remarks. Restore your self-confidence by reciting affirmations in the mirror.


Working on your health should be a labour of love. Even small adjustments to your diet can make a big difference. Instead of cutting out sugar altogether, enjoy one sweet treat a day, preferably after you’ve had a nutritious meal. Moderation is key. Embarrassing secrets will come to light. Don’t deny them. This is your chance to step out of the shadows and come into the light. After making a sincere apology to those you have deceived, you can build better relationships.


Creating things that are both useful and beautiful makes your spirit soar. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cook, make clothes or build furniture, now is the time to do so. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. It’s part of being a beginner. A friend’s betrayal will floor you. There was a time when you trusted this manipulator with your most cherished possessions and deepest secrets. Now you realise you’ve been too trusting. Let this be a valuable lesson.


A home improvement project will greatly enhance your enjoyment of domestic life. If you’re looking for a plumber, contractor or electrician, put out the call on social media. One name will be mentioned again and again; this is the person you want to hire. A career setback will cause panic if you’re not careful. If you get terrible news about your job, stop what you’re doing. Take a few deep breaths. Instead of treating this change as a disaster, look for the opportunities it can bring.


You’ll have to work hard to find common ground with a prominent person. Your humble attitude is at odds with their arrogance. After pushing past your initial resistance, you’ll discover a mutual affection for a writer, filmmaker or musician. At that point, you will connect. It is impossible to see eye to eye with someone from a different background. Don’t let your personal feelings get in the way of a work relationship. You can work well together as long as you treat each other with respect.

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