Daily Horoscopes: 18/05/2020

Daily Horoscopes: 18/05/2020


Your brain is racing like a runaway train. It’s exhilarating to skip from one brilliant idea to the next. Keep a notebook with you. Scribble down concepts as they pop into your head. Alternatively, record voice memos on your mobile. Soon, several of these notions will weave together into a glorious tapestry. At that point, you can share this idea with the world. People are highly receptive to your fiery energy. It will be virtually impossible to resist your enthusiasm.


Don’t speak unless you have something important to say. It will serve you better to look, listen and learn. This is especially true if you have some administrative work to process. After watching several workers interact, you’ll know who to approach with a request. A person who seems relaxed and receptive will be of tremendous benefit to you. After they dispatch your job with a minimum of fuss, you’ll be eternally grateful. Send a letter of praise to their employer.


You soak up information like a sponge. This is an ideal time to take a challenging course. While your peers are struggling, you’ll pass every test with flying colours. Best of all, you’ll delight in the learning process. Nothing feels better than exercising your intellect. Graduating from this class will cause your social circle to expand in exciting ways. You’ll start associating with accomplished people in your desired industry. Soon, you’ll find a benefactor who can set you up with a job interview, role or internship.


Give yourself permission to daydream. When you want to improve your situation, it helps to build castles in the air. This is far more productive than trying to deal with a problem. That’s because when you focus on what exists, your unwanted reality will persist. Imagine your best life instead. Think about how it will feel to have tremendous wealth, find your perfect partner or get acclaim for your creative talent. Linger over these fantasies as much as possible; they’ll put you on the path to success.


It’s natural that a warm, generous person like you has tons of friends. Take time out of your busy schedule to speak with your favourite people. If there isn’t anything exciting on your calendar, throw an impromptu virtual get together. Socialising makes you glow with happiness, even if it is only online at present. You’ll get an opportunity to travel to a place that’s off the beaten path later in the year. At first, you’ll feel uncertain about taking this trip.


Putting your workspace into an orderly and organised state will help your productivity to soar. Assign a place for everything and then put all that you own in its proper spot. Don’t worry about any impending deadlines. Your work will be accomplished at the appropriate time. A passionate encounter awaits you this evening. Nothing stimulates your senses like a good day of work. If you don’t have a romantic partner, you’ll find one on a popular dating app.


Taking a longer distance trip than you have recently, becomes something of a leap of faith. Instead of worrying about every possible eventuality, just make your way to where you need to go, complete the task and return home. You don’t want to get shut out of this extraordinary opportunity. Someone will cover your duties while you make this journey. You’re always generous with others. Give the Universe a chance to reward you for all these good deeds. You’re overdue recognition.


Being in the limelight is more fun than you pretend. Although you pride yourself on being a private person, it is fun to show off your artistic talent. Whether you act, play music or sing, you should obey impulses to perform, even if it is just online at the moment. You’re a born star. A job that forces you to think on your feet is rewarding. It gives you great pleasure to devise innovative solutions to unique problems.


This is a good time to think about what makes you good, both physically and mentally. Spending hours staring at a computer screen each day can never satisfy an adventurer like you. Make it your mission to be outdoors a little more. Devoting more energy to creative pursuits will also cultivate well-being. It doesn’t matter if you sing, paint by numbers or re-enact moments in history. The more playful you are, the more vibrant your mind and body will become.


This is an excellent time to formulate a strategy. If you’ve been yearning for a relationship, concentrate on becoming the kind of partner you desire. Being kind and compassionate will attract someone who is similarly fabulous when the time is right. It also helps to make space for a companion. Clear out a dresser draw. Make room in your medicine cabinet for someone else’s possessions. Set a table for two instead of eating dinner in front of the television.


Undertaking an ambitious research project will be rewarding. You’re very good at finding elusive information. That’s because you have learned to trust your instincts. When your intuition tells you to look in an unlikely place for data, you obey it. This receptive attitude yields success. What you discover will be shocking to many people. Most of the world has been labouring under flawed premises. You’ve learned there is a much simpler way of attracting abundance. Present your ideas to anyone who will listen. Fellow pioneers will welcome your discovery.


The opportunity to share your wisdom with others will arrive unexpectedly. Working with eager, enthusiastic people will renew your own zest for life. Don’t be surprised when you’re inspired to finish an article, book or film that you abandoned long ago. Momentum is building. If you play your cards right, you’ll sell your work for a handsome profit. The public is yearning for a fresh perspective. You’re just the person to provide it with a new way of hoping and dreaming.

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