Daily Horoscopes: 19/05/2017

Daily Horoscopes: 19/05/2017


You’ll get an unexpected opportunity to study with a respected professional. It will be exciting to expand your skill set, but don’t forget your responsibilities at home. A loved one who has been running errands on your behalf needs some tender loving care. Take time out of your busy schedule to show your appreciation. Treating them to a lovely dinner will give you a welcome opportunity to chat. Instead of monopolising the conversation, ask questions about their hopes, dreams and plans.


Someone will confide a shocking secret. Do your best to keep this information under wraps. By proving yourself to be a trustworthy ally, you’ll be given an opportunity to travel, write and study with a respected expert. A colleague will try to get you to spill the beans. Don’t be fooled by their extravagant attentions. You’ll fare much better keeping your promises than enjoying a few moments in the spotlight. When you are noticed, it will be for the work you’ve done instead of the juicy stories you’ve told.


Working with a humanitarian organisation puts you in contact with offbeat people. This makes you very happy. You’ve always been an original thinker. While most people are talking about the hottest reality shows, you’re busy building castles in the air. You’d much rather contemplate the future than waste your time on predictable trends. Ignore a child or romantic partner who is embarrassed by your friends. Your open minded attitude should be an inspiration, not an embarrassment. Keep championing your fellow dreamers.


Although you’re sentimental, you will not travel a conventional career path. Instead of staying in one industry for years, you’ll hold down a variety of jobs. This gives you an interesting array of skills that help you in virtually every area. Sometimes your relatives wonder if you’re really serious. They don’t realise that you are highly diligent. When you accept an assignment, you give it your all. In the end, you’ll have a fascinating work history that is the envy of more predictable rivals.


Traveling at the drop of the hat will be lots of fun. You’ll be able to tour a city that is filled with historic monuments. Visiting these sites will set you imagination on fire. You will be inspired to write a story, compose a song or create a design based on your experiences. Someone who has been flattering you has an ulterior motive. Don’t feel pressured to write a recommendation for a person who really doesn’t deserve one. Your reputation is on the line.


Trust your intuition regarding your family. If you sense a relative could use some words of encouragement, give them a call or send them a note. Your compassion will make a tremendous difference to this relative’s life. Someone who mistakes your generosity for naivety will ask for a loan. Be ready to turn them away. The last thing you want is to mix friendship with finance. Anyone who tries to make you feel guilty about protecting your monetary interests should be viewed with suspicion.


You’re drawn to unusual people. Forming an alliance with a wild rebel will pay off handsomely. Not only will you learn some valuable skills from your partner, but you’ll also meet many of their influential friends. Having a social network filled with superstars will cause your own stature to rise. Be wary about name dropping. It’s one thing to get a work reference from an accomplished executive. It’s another to gossip about these people. Be discreet and respectful.


You work very well alone. Not being hampered by a micromanager allows you to develop methods that save time, energy and resources. Everyone will marvel at your progress. Keep your techniques secret or you could create enemies at work. Colleagues who are jealous of your output will try to undermine your approach. The less attention you attract, the happier you will be. Are you unemployed? A surprising job offer will arrive. Keep this position under wraps until you’re sure you want to stick with it.


Taking a gamble will pay off handsomely. Whether you buy a single lottery ticket, ask someone on a date or apply for a highly desirable job, you could win the golden ticket. Resist the temptation to brag about your good fortune. A friend has experienced a series of bad breaks. By lording your luck over them, you’ll create great resentment. Be sensitive to the plight of others. You can always celebrate on your own. Go for a spa treatment, splash out on new clothes or enjoy a gourmet meal.


You take pleasure in being different from the other members in the group. While everyone else is enjoying popular fads, you’re quietly working away on a project that’s close to your heart. Resist the temptation to disparage your family when you’re at work. By keeping your personal and public lives separate, you’ll avoid stress. When things get difficult at work, you can distract yourself with thoughts of your hobby. When you’re frustrated at home, you can take pride in your stellar professional reputation.


You’re not interested in the past; you want to explore the future. If you’re going to undertake a course of study, let it be in a cutting edge field. Being encouraged to develop new methods will be a wonderful use of your intellectual power. One of your fellow pupils will pelt you with compliments. Beware of letting your guard down with this sweet talker. There’s a chance they are more interested in your notes than forming a close friendship. Form a study partnership with someone who works as hard as you.


An unusual moneymaking opportunity is coming your way. If you get a chance to venture into another field, accept. Working for a publisher, university or travel agency will uncover hidden talents. It’s exciting to know there’s a whole new career path ahead. Resist the temptation to spend your first paycheque on luxuries. Your first priority should be paying off debts. Once these obligations are fulfilled, you can go ahead and treat yourself to the beautiful baubles that have been calling your name.

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