Daily Horoscopes: 19/06/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 19/06/2019


Your temper is running high. Don’t say anything to your employer that you will later regret. Your temper is running high. It’s easy to get frustrated with their overbearing attitude. Instead of giving sarcastic responses to their questions, practice diplomacy. If you’ve been having difficulty finding a job, it’s because you must develop better communication skills. Knowing how to put people at ease is critical to your success. You must admit, your direct approach can be intimidating.


This isn’t a good time to take a short trip. Traffic, mechanical breakdowns or unexpected delays will wreak havoc with your schedule. It’s better to postpone this journey for later in the month. If you must leave, check that your mobile is fully charged. The strict rules of an influential group are weighing on you. You’re tired of trying to toe the mark with such demanding people. It might be better to leave this organisation and join a more lenient one.


A goal you’ve been trying to meet has been elusive. Rather than giving up this dream, keep moving towards it. Patience has never been your strong suit. Cultivating it will serve you well in every area of life. Slow down and enjoy the journey. An intimate relationship is showing signs of trouble. Be more attentive to your amour’s needs, both physical and emotional. Public displays of affection, thoughtful gifts and heartfelt love letters will put the spice back into your life together.


Criticising someone who is older and more experienced is a mistake. Although you are acquiring some important skills of your own, it’s smart to give credit where it is due. You don’t have to like someone to respect their achievements. This isn’t a good time to sign a contract or enter an agreement. Being tied to a powerful institution will be cause for regret. You’ll always feel like you’re being forced to give more than you get in exchange. Negotiate better terms.


It feels like you’ve been pushed past the brink of exhaustion. Instead of trying to meet an impossible deadline, ask for an extension. Even if you’re dismissed from a job, it will be better than jeopardising your health. Let this be a lesson. Give yourself enough time to complete jobs. Promising to turn things around overnight will do you and your clients a disservice. You’re a slow, deliberate worker. The results are fabulous when you’re able to go at your own pace.


Talking behind someone’s back will get you in trouble. Although sharing juicy gossip is fun while you’re doing it, these stories create long-term resentment. When you discover something scandalous or funny about a friend, keep it to yourself. You’d want the same consideration. If you’ve developed a romantic infatuation for someone you’ve known for years, stay silent. Confessing your crush will drive a permanent wedge between you. Be patient; you’ll soon meet someone else you like better.


A demanding customer, client or employee is wearing on your last nerve. It will take all your strength not to lash out at this pest. When your anger starts to mount, take some deep breaths. Give your tormentor the benefit of the doubt. By showing them compassion, you’ll feel a lot better about your own efforts. It isn’t easy being in charge. You’re expected to set the tone for everyone else. When your feelings spiral out of control, the whole group is thrown off balance.


A negative outlook will cut you off from the Universe’s bounty. If you’re recovering from a disappointment or are in a bad mood, try lifting your spirits. The simple act of listening to upbeat music can make you feel much more optimistic. A legal matter will be decided against you. Instead of dwelling on the injustice of the situation, look for its silver lining. Now that these court matters have been put behind you, there will be more time to do what you like.


Financial limitations are driving you to distraction. If you’re going to improve your income, you must get additional training. Undergoing an intense educational programme will take a long time, but you’ll be very happy with the results. Anything worth doing involves sacrifice. There will be confusion about a financial statement. Call your credit card lender or bank to understand why you’ve been charged certain fees. Be as polite as possible with representatives. If you’re nice to them, they might waive some charges at a courtesy.


Throwing around your weight will create enemies. That’s the last thing you need. Although you have the power to harm someone else, you shouldn’t exercise it. Practicing restraint will underscore your authority. The best leaders keep their cool in the face of defiance. Whenever you encounter hostile behaviour, look past it. Address the matter at hand, like whether work is being adequately performed. If you’re not satisfied with what is produced, explore how it can be improved.


Be honest about your health. If you’re suffering from an ache or pain, get an appointment with your doctor. They’ll be able to pinpoint the source of the trouble. You will be surprised that a simple adjustment in your diet can make you feel better. An embarrassing secret will come to light. Instead of denying the incident occurred, own up to it. You’ll feel much better when the truth comes out. People will respect you for taking responsibility for your mistake.


You’re unhappy with the results of a creative project. Take a few steps away from your work. Pour your energy into a time-consuming chore. Once you’re finished with this task, you’ll feel much better about your artistic career. Everyone makes mistakes. Comparing yourself to someone who has a lot more experience is a mistake. If you want to rise to their level of excellence, you must keep practicing. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to work. You won’t regret it.

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