Daily Horoscopes: 20/05/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 20/05/2019


You’re getting conflicting messages. Although an organisation is impressed by aspects of an application, they won’t extend you an acceptance. Instead of obsessing over what you could have done better, move on to greener pastures. Another group will be happy to have you. People have faith in you to bring justice to an unfair situation. Championing the underdog will make a powerful individual so embarrassed that they’ll reverse a discriminatory policy. You’re about to become a hero. Take pride in this accomplishment.


Stay away from a pessimist. You don’t want your good mood to be spoiled by their gloomy predictions. A creative project is worth developing, even if you encounter some disappointments along the way. Be willing to alter your work for an improved effect. Being faithful to someone who is experiencing a rough patch will be difficult. It will be tempting to abandon this relationship for one that is more stimulating. Stay true to your promise. Give your loved one as much emotional and practical support as you can.


It’s not possible to fix other people’s problems. Be sympathetic to their plight, but don’t offer suggestions. The last thing you want is to be implicated in this disaster. Some may accuse you of being uncaring, but that’s not true. You simply know your limits. Signing a contract will work to your advantage. You’ll be able to negotiate wonderful terms. Thanks to this agreement, you’ll be able to travel more freely and take some advanced courses. Expanding your horizons will be lots of fun.


There isn’t much opportunity to share your expertise. This situation is discouraging, but it’s not permanent. When doors remain closed, open windows. Find ways to contribute to the world in other ways. Volunteer to work for a charity or get involved with a humanitarian organisation Your health is improving. One of the reasons you’re feeling better is you’re avoiding tense situations and toxic people. Stop putting up with things that make you miserable. You deserve the best; continue demanding it.


There is confusion surrounding a fund that many people share. Instead of relying on this as a source of income, find other ways to earn money. When your fair share does arrive, you’ll be able to use it for a fabulous luxury you’ve always wanted. A relaxing holiday is in the cards. If you’re single, you’ll meet a fellow adventurer who makes your pulse pound. Do you have a romantic partner? This trip will feel like a second honeymoon. It’s easy to connect in beautiful surroundings.


A loved one isn’t coping well with a disappointment. After trying to cheer them up, you’ve realised you have no control over their emotions. As a result, it’s important to attend to your own feelings. Be kind to yourself. Listening to uplifting music is helpful. Before you move to another place, get your possessions in order. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year. Divide unwanted items into three piles: Sell, donate and discard. Having fewer things to pack will make the transition much easier.


You can’t find the source of a health problem. Instead of getting obsessed by what causes this physical distress, make a list of things that bring you joy. By bringing your attention to happy thoughts, it will be easier to recover your natural good health. Be careful what you say on social media. If someone makes an offensive remark, wait a full day before responding. After your temper dies down, you may decide it is best not to dignify their comment with a response. People will admire your restraint.


Neglecting your work will create great resentment. It’s understandable you want to spend as much time as possible with a romantic partner, child or friend. That doesn’t make the fact other people rely on you to deliver goods, services and information disappear. Your ability to postpone pleasure improves your financial prospects. Instead of buying an expensive item on credit, save your cash. Once you have enough to make this purchase, it may have lost its charm. Use your nest egg for something even better.


Feeling sorry for yourself won’t improve a difficult situation. It’s time to think about how you can improve your environment and standard of living. Painting a room, covering a chair or putting a vase of fresh flowers on your desk can alter your domestic energy, making it more supportive. Discipline will greatly increase your chances for success. Instead of trying to meet a lofty goal in record time, take a series of small steps towards this achievement, like writing one paragraph each day. Slow and steady wins the race.


Let a hurtful remark roll off your back. Anyone who makes nasty statements is consumed by self-hatred. Recover from the shock by making a long list of all the things you love about yourself. Slowly but surely, your self-esteem will recover. Don’t be anxious about a bureaucratic delay. Everything is unfolding in perfect time. You will discover that you have benefitted from this slowdown. Instead of trying to perceive the order of things, just go with the flow. There are higher forces at work that are extremely benevolent.


You can’t fill an emotional void with a shopping trip. Think about activities that fill you with pleasure. Most don’t involve a big outlay of money. Make it your mission to perform two of these pursuits each week. These outings will cultivate great happiness. An inconsiderate friend is undermining your progress. Rather than waiting for their help, simply do the job yourself. This may cause resentment on their part, but you’ll feel much better when things move along at a brisk pace.


Don’t fall for a sob story. Someone who knows you are a compassionate person will try to take advantage of your generosity. When this manipulator asks for money, equipment or a reference, give them a polite but firm refusal. Protect your interests. You’re tempted to walk away from a job that has become unnecessarily difficult. By standing your ground, you’ll earn the respect of a capable leader. What started as a disaster will end in a promotion for you.

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