Daily Horoscopes: 21/05/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 21/05/2019


A creative block will dissolve, helping you more forward with a stalled project. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect on the first attempt. At this stage, it’s more important to generate ideas than edit them. Be willing to entertain silly notions. Signing a contract will work to your advantage. If you’re not happy with the initial terms, propose better ones. The other party will be happy to accommodate you. They know you’re a powerful innovator and want you on their team.


Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, think about what you want. Imagine how it will feel to have a new car, move to a beautiful home or land a dream job. Immerse yourself in this fantasy, body and soul. Before you know it, stubborn obstacles will vanish into thin air. Problems that once obsessed you will cease to have an impact. When you badly want something, don’t let it be a source of pain. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.


When you improve your outlook, everything else gets better, too. Don’t wait for something wonderful to happen to feel good. Instead, downplay disappointment. Spend a few moments dwelling on an exciting plan or uplifting memory. The positive energy you radiate will attract love and money. If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, now is the time to begin. Ideas will flow from you like a mighty river. Readers will appreciate your distinctive style and humour. They’ll soon clamour for more.


Instead of dwelling on current difficulties, imagine a wonderful future. The only thing constant in life is change. If you’re not happy with the way things are now, you can pave the way for a better situation. It’s a matter of focusing on happy thoughts. Think of how it will feel when you obtain the object of your desire. Picture yourself smiling while enjoying the company of an attentive romantic partner or performing the creative duties of an exciting job.


Spending time with friends always cheers you up. When left to your own devices, you tend to brood. That’s why it’s a good idea to meet regularly with people who make you laugh. It’s easier to overcome difficulties when you remember your sense of humour. Don’t be afraid to set lofty goals. You’re not the type to settle for second best. Getting an advanced degree, undergoing a health regime or beginning a creative project are all good avenues to explore.


The career you want is within reach. Don’t hesitate to try your hand at getting a new job, even if you don’t have the desired skills or experience. After interviewing for this position, your future employer will offer it to you. Your sharp mind makes a great impression. It also helps that you have a loyal fan base that will follow wherever you go. Once clients, customers or patients work with you, they don’t want to deal with anyone else. Your reputation is worth its weight in gold.


To get out of a rut, you must create a plan. Take a look at what’s happening around you. Socialise as much as possible, send out CVs and assume a greater presence on social media. People will be captivated by your charm and invite you to form alliances. A legal matter will be decided in your favour. It will be such a relief to move on to greener pastures. Book a trip to a country that has always excited your imagination. This will be a holiday that evokes a lifetime of happy memories.


You can’t change another person’s behaviour; you can only control your own. If you long for a more passionate relationship, stop suppressing your feelings. Devote more time to activities that bring you joy. This will either reignite your partner’s interest or attract a new amour. Money from an inheritance, legal settlement or royalty payment will arrive just when you need it most. Use this windfall to take a challenging course. You’ll enjoy expanding your skill set and improving your job prospects.


Don’t be jealous of your best friend or romantic partner. Although they’re receiving lots of favourable attention, that doesn’t mean you will be pushed into the shadows. Show that you are proud of their achievements. Concentrate on being a support system right now. Entering an agreement will give you more freedom, not less. You’ll be able to retain ownership of your work. Having someone else produce and market them will give you more time to develop even better ideas. It’s a win/win situation.


Better eating habits will increase your energy and eliminate nagging pain. Take time out of your busy schedule to prepare healthy snacks. You’ll be less likely to binge on sugar, fat and alcohol when you have fresh fruit and vegetables on hand. An intriguing job will be offered to you. Working for a company that requires you to think on your feet will be fun. Instead of developing ‘one size fits all’ solutions, you’ll be expected to take a unique approach to every customer.


It’s time to treat yourself with tenderness and compassion. You’ve always been driven. When you fall short of your goals, you heap yourself with criticism. Stop. Gentle encouragement will have a much better effect than ridicule. Be your own best friend. A romantic relationship is about to take flight. Someone who loves your original outlook wants to take you away. Agree to go on this trip. A change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered. Abandon yourself to love.


Don’t let your family dictate what your life should be. You’re not the conventional type. Therefore, you can’t be expected to make traditional choices. Living overseas, joining a spiritual community or moving to your own place are among the exciting possibilities for you. A relative will try to put you on the defensive. Instead of explaining why you want to do something, simply act on your plans. When your loved ones realise they can’t control you, the balance of power will shift.

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