Daily Horoscopes: 21/07/2019

Daily Horoscopes: 21/07/2019


Being strict, aloof and unreachable will work against you. It’s better to adopt a gentler attitude towards others, especially colleagues. When people feel like they won’t be punished for making small mistakes, they’ll become more productive and confident. Errors will be quickly corrected. When you operate from selfish motives, the results will be less than stellar. If you adopt a collective approach, everyone will benefit. The choice is yours. Get off your high horse and work alongside the other members of the team.


Assuming all the responsibility for a job is a mistake. You must delegate tasks to other members of the team, if only to create a sense of unity. Acting like you’re far more important than everyone else will cause resentment. It will also create stress. When you think the worst of people, that is surely what you will encounter. Try to be more charitable towards your colleagues. Make a game out of recognising their best traits. Soon, the practice will be automatic.


Stop telling yourself it’s weak to ask for help. You’ve come to people’s aid many times. Now it’s time to receive some of the bounty you have given. Friends will be happy to give you money, moral support and practical assistance. Problems with an insurance settlement will make you anxious. Take deep breaths at the first sign of trouble. Remind yourself there is a solution to this dilemma. The trick is to remain calm in the face of adversity.


You’re insecure and cautious in a relationship. Stop assuming your other half will stray at the first possible opportunity. Loyalty is a two-way street. Your best friend will stand by you if you show faith in them. Let down your defences. This isn’t a good time to sign a contract. People feel defensive and protective. It will be difficult for them to offer generous terms on any deal. Postpone negotiations until everyone feels more comfortable with one another.


Working too long and hard is taking a toll on your health. Stop insisting the whole operation will fall apart as soon as you take a break. You are surrounded by capable people who will pick up the slack while you rest. Good jobs are few and far between. If you’re seeking employment, be patient. Continue to send out applications. While you wait for a response to these queries, fill your time with activities you miss when you’re busy working.


You have difficulty taking risks. You hate gambling your security on an unsure result. Always taking the safe road is a mistake. If you’re ever going to realise your potential, you must be daring. At the very least, you must try your luck in love. Dominating a romantic partner will cause resentment. Instead of telling them how to behave, allow them to do as they please. Wonderful surprises will occur when you stop trying to control your amour’s every movement.


You feel rejected by family. Their cold, uncaring attitude makes you feel alone in the world. Let this sense of isolation prompt you to do something bold. Striking out on your own won’t be easy, but it will pave the way for some stunning successes. A family secret will come to light. Once you learn what really happened, a relative’s actions will become more understandable. You may not like them, but you will respect a decision that was once incomprehensible.


Talking to strangers makes you self-conscious. You’re afraid of giving away too much in casual conversation. If you continue to censor yourself, you’ll miss an opportunity to make influential friends. Let down your guard just a little. You’ll be handsomely rewarded. Beware of engaging in schemes. You can get what you want by taking the direct approach. The sooner you admit what you want, the faster you will reach your goal. Nobody will look down on you for asking for money and moral support.


Don’t feel guilty about having creature comforts. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life. The key is not to be selfish. Take every opportunity to help those who are struggling, whether it’s with an encouraging word or a charitable donation. Lording your beliefs over others will make you unpopular. Nobody likes being judged. Remain silent when you find someone’s ideas offensive. It takes all different sorts of people to comprise the world. There’s room for everyone.


You’re not responsive to affectionate overtures. This is hurtful to your loved ones. They long for you to acknowledge their value. Continually rebuffing their compliments, gifts and encouragement will cause your relationships to break down. Become more receptive, even if it’s difficult. It can be difficult for you to identify with someone who is cowardly. You’ve never been afraid of challenges. On the contrary, you are stimulated by them. Consider yourself to be lucky. This is a trait few people share.


The moment you decide to stop swimming upstream, the easier life will become. It helps to adopt a more charitable view of the Universe. By accepting the idea that life is on your side, you’ll stop expecting obstacles to meet you at every turn. An embarrassing secret will come to light. Instead of denying it, you should admit this mistake. Make a sincere apology and ask for forgiveness. People will admire your willingness to turn over a new leaf.


Judgmental attitudes will keep you from experiencing the love you deserve. Stop assessing whether people are right or wrong. Simply accept them as they are. In addition to appreciating others, you’ll begin loving yourself more. Expecting perfection from people is an exercise in futility. You shouldn’t feel pressured to buy friends’ loyalty. You should be loved for who you are, not for what you can purchase. Let everyone else pay their own bills while you attend to your own financial obligations.

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