Daily Horoscopes: 22/02/2020

Daily Horoscopes: 22/02/2020


An unexpected moneymaking opportunity fills you with excitement. Joining a company that specialises in cutting-edge products and services is a strong possibility. Alternatively, you could sell an app or invention for a tidy profit. The wealth you will cultivate can give you long-term security. Rather than increasing your standard of living and splashing out on luxuries, put the bulk of this income in an interest-bearing account. Slowly but surely, your nest egg will grow. No matter how the economy is performing, you will prosper.


Adopting a new look will cause others to look at you with awe and appreciation. You’ve always had great taste. Using it to draw attention to your best features is rewarding. Enlist the services of a talented stylist. They’ll produce the effect you want. Going on holiday with friends will be relaxing. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief as soon as you reach your destination. Instead of running errands and going over your list of things to do, you will rest and recharge your batteries.


A government service or programme will give you the funding you desire to finance a dream. Take this opportunity to fill out an application for a grant, loan or service. Your attention to detail will work in your favour. Fill out every field. The opportunity to showcase your creative work will soon arrive. Wear something that is both comfortable and attractive when making your presentation. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to make a good impression.


The opportunity to realise a lifelong dream will fall in your lap. Don’t waste any time getting started on an art project, academic programme or training routine. Pouring all your energy into this venture will be a welcome diversion from mundane problems. After achieving this goal, you’ll be ready to for a holiday. Visiting a place that has sacred meaning is strongly advised. It’s important for a sensitive person like you to strike a balance between the material and spiritual pursuits.


You’ll be asked to cover for a prominent official. Making their presentation will be lots of fun. People will admire your ability to assume such heavy responsibilities with ease. Don’t be surprised when you’re put in charge of a creative division as a reward. Your salary might not be increased, but you’ll be given wonderful perks. Having the use of a company car or getting additional annual leave will make you purr with pleasure. It’s wonderful to be appreciated by your employer.


Travelling unexpectedly gives you a thrill. Your boss could send you on a last-minute trip or you could find a wonderfully inexpensive holiday package. Throw some clothes in a suitcase and go. If you’re looking for love, you’ll find it with someone staying nearby. Do you already have a partner? Make a pact not to discuss the pressures of home. Abandon yourself to exploring your surroundings. Visiting the restaurants, shops and places of historic interest will make it seem like you’re on your second honeymoon.


A passionate encounter will be unexpected. One minute, you’ll be chatting casually with someone and the next, you will be locked in a heated embrace. Whether you know it or not, you are utterly irresistible. Someone who has admired you from afar will finally approach. Do you have a romantic partner? They’ll have wonderful news about a job offer. Go out and celebrate at your favourite restaurant, then go home for a cuddle. It’s important to enjoy exciting turning points like these.


You’ll get surprising news from your business or romantic partner. It’s possible the entire dynamic of your relationship will change. Now your other half is making more money, you will be able to work less. That’s a wonderful turn of events. Being able to devote more energy to your favourite sports and hobbies is a dream come true. You’ll be so delighted by this new schedule that your eyes will sparkle. People will start asking what has come over you to bring about such a change.


You’ll be given a new set of responsibilities at work. Don’t bother grumbling; you’ll quickly take to these duties like a duck to water. There’s a strong possibility you’ll discover some hidden talents because of this change. You’re much more practical than you realise. You’ll receive an invitation to a family reunion. Attending will be more pleasant than expected. Instead of walking in with a chip on your shoulder, you will feel relaxed and contented. Your relatives will look at you with newfound respect.


A romantic relationship has a transformative effect on you. Before meeting your amour, you were consumed by work. Now your job doesn’t seem terribly important. You’d much rather spend all day in bed with your amour. It’s a welcome change. Are you single? It’s time to post an intriguing profile on a dating site. Work with a witty Libra to put together a biography that will make everyone swipe right. It will be so much fun reviewing all the replies you receive.


More money is coming in. Take this opportunity to buy some beautiful artwork and furniture for your home. You’ll find compelling pieces that uplift and inspire you every time you walk in the door. If you don’t own a place, buy one. Launch a home search now. Be willing to explore neighbourhoods and properties that don’t appeal to you on paper. You’ll have some delightful surprises. The more adventurous you are, the easier it will be to snap up a gorgeous place at a bargain price.


All eyes are on you. People admire your creative work and may commission you for some big jobs. Earning a living from your imagination gives you an attractive glow that is hard to resist. If you’re single, accept an offbeat rebel’s invitation to dinner. Sharing a meal with someone who has such an unusual outlook will be stimulating. You’ll be delighted to discover you have completely opposite tastes. Teasing each other about favourite musicians, filmmakers and writers will make you laugh uncontrollably. You make a charming pair.

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