Daily Horoscopes: 23/05/2020

Daily Horoscopes: 23/05/2020


Beware of getting involved with secret intrigues in your family or community. Talking behind someone’s back will do more harm than good, even if your intentions are good. If you think a person is in need of rehabilitation or undergo anger management, tell them in a caring manner. Some surprising news will reach your ears, forcing you to change plans. Resist your urge to throw a fit. By going with the flow, you’ll make a stressful situation quite pleasant. Be open to seeing life from another perspective.


You don’t get much fulfilment from popular culture. Whether you can’t get on board with the latest fad, social media site or best seller, give yourself a break. One of the nicest things about living in the modern age is its endless variety. Although your tastes may not be popular, they don’t have to be. Give yourself permission to read books, watch movies and play games that seem old fashioned. The happiness these activities bring will help you find an affectionate tribe.


Do you want to get a great job? Asking a well-connected relative to secure this position for you will be a mistake. Focus on developing your skills instead. Whether this means earning a degree, serving as an apprentice or being an intern is immaterial. A little humility goes a long way. By being willing to learn from someone who has a lot more experience, you’ll embark on a lifelong friendship. It’s so refreshing to talk with someone who has a radically different outlook.


In these contentious times, it’s so tempting to contemn people with different beliefs. This practice can be exhausting and deflating. Look for the positive aspects of every person you encounter, even it’s just a nice accessory, pleasant voice, or talent for baking. If you feel alienated, it can be helpful to join a volunteer organisation. Not only will you benefit from meeting new people through this work, it will also make you feel better about your place in the world.


Take this opportunity to put your valuables under lock and key. Stow shopping bags in the boot of your car. Don’t leave your mobile or laptop unattended in a public place. Upgrade your passwords. An ounce of precaution will save you a lot of trouble. Something has been sapping your energy. Spending some quality time alone will recharge your batteries. Pull down the blinds and turn off your mobile. Enjoy the sound of silence. It’s a welcome relief from endless chatter.


Practice tact and diplomacy in all situations, even when you’re standing in seemingly endless queues. The more kind and patient you are to others, the easier it will be to attract the opportunities you seek. Someone who admires your considerate behaviour will seek your company. Whether they are interested in you romantically, socially or professionally doesn’t matter. Their appreciation will be pleasing and rewarding. You’ll be asked to make a professional decision. Instead of trying to please someone else, seek to satisfy yourself.


Working too hard will result in stress, injury or both. Take it easy. No job is worth this kind of anxiety. Taking the day off will help you adjust your focus. When is the last time you devoted to art, music and love? Depriving yourself of the things that make life meaningful is a terrible mistake. Aim to correct this. Start looking for destinations to travel to in the future, this will give you some hope and a good sense of purpose.


Are you tired of coping with temper tantrums? Be kinder to yourself. Instead of going from one dreary chore to another, set time aside to make art, cuddle your partner or watch sports re-runs on TV. This will set the tone for pleasant interactions. Someone who has been relying on you for money must be confronted. It’s time to tell them that you won’t be covering their bills any longer. They’ll become self-reliant when you demonstrate faith in their ability to thrive on their own.


Trying to control relatives is an exercise in futility. The sooner you stop criticising and correcting others, the better your relationship will become. When your loved ones behave inconsiderately, go off on your own. Do something kind for yourself. Soon, the power struggle will cease. A partnership has been a source of guilt. Rather than beating yourself up for failing to make your other half happy, adjust your expectations of this bond. Your sole responsibility is to make yourself happy.


Giving sarcastic responses to questions is doing more harm than good. If you’re dealing with someone who needs to be shown several times how to perform a task, create a step by step instruction manual for them. This thoughtful gesture will be greatly appreciated. A nagging ache or pain is trying to get your attention. A simple adjustment in diet can make a tremendous difference. Stop eating foods that irritate your system. Soon, your natural vitality will return, giving you more energy for the activities you love.


The more you worry about money, the harder you must work to obtain it. If you seek wealth, relax. Think about the ways in life you are prosperous. You could be abundant in friends, time or intelligence. This affluence can spill into your bank account. A romantic partner or child is asking for more attention. Stop insisting you are too busy to attend their needs. Clear your schedule and enjoy some quality time together. Within a few lovely minutes, you’ll realise what your priorities should be.


An impulsive decision will backfire. If you’re being pressured to make a choice, retreat from public view. Spend some solitary moments connecting with your spiritual side. After turning your attention within, you will discover the best path for your purposes. Ignore a family member who is urging you to accept an unattractive job or additional role. You have enough on your plate already. If they’re disappointed with you, that’s too bad. You must do what is best for you. This includes getting more rest.

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