Daily Horoscopes: 29/03/2020

Daily Horoscopes: 29/03/2020


An intense relationship makes this a memorable time. Let down your defences with someone who utterly adores you. With their help, you’ll experience a level of happiness you never dreamed possible. It helps that you are physically compatible. Arguments are quickly resolved in bed. Are you single? You will meet a mysterious stranger at a self-improvement workshop. You’ll delight in their dark sense of humour, while they’ll admire your pioneer spirit. Although you are opposites in many ways, this only adds spice to your relationship.


Let your partner attend to your needs. Normally, you’re the one who offers comfort, affection and appreciation. Now it’s time for you to receive all the wonderful gifts a good relationship can bring. Don’t be surprised if you’re given a beautiful gift of jewellery. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special at a museum, lecture or political protest. Don’t be dismissive if someone starts flirting with you. After exchanging a few playful remarks, you’ll realise you are deeply attracted to your admirer.


You have the courage of your convictions. Your brave stance attracts lots of admirers. If you’re looking for love, you’ll find it with someone who feels passionate about a social justice issue. Your hearts and minds are perfectly aligned, creating an intense bond. Head off to a private spot where you can act on your desires. Do you have a partner? Allow your significant other to lavish you with love. A relaxing massage will lead to a satisfying physical encounter.


Your charisma is at an all-time high. You’ll have no trouble attracting romance. If you’re single, you’ll meet someone special at a sporting event or contest. An impertinent admirer will ask you some probing questions. Playing hard to get will excite their interest. Don’t be surprised if you end up talking all evening with this compelling admirer. Are you already in a relationship? You and your beloved are destined to have a passionate evening together. What begins as a petty argument will end in an intense physical encounter.


You’re not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Let your beloved know how much you care. A passionate love letter or steamy phone message will pave the way to a satisfying physical encounter. You’re a sensual person who knows how to satisfy. Spending a few hours locked in each other’s arms will strengthen your bonds of affection. Are you single? You should go to a concert, play or movie that excites your imagination. Don’t be surprised when you bump into someone who exudes an air of mystery.


The fastest way to your heart is through your brain. If you’re looking for love, reach out to someone who shares an interest in your favourite subject. You’ll enjoy exchanging theories and ideas about a sport, artist or period of history. Are you already in a relationship? Don’t be surprised when your beloved gives you tickets to an event you’ve been longing to attend. Remember to show your appreciation. Covering your partner with kisses will inspire them to give you other thoughtful gifts.


An intimate relationship will prompt you to undergo a powerful transformation. There is a strong possibility you will get engaged or married. If you’re already in a committed relationship, your partner will encourage you to pursue your heart’s desire. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special at an expensive boutique, gourmet restaurant or luxury spa. Your exquisite taste will attract a fellow sensualist. After engaging in some light flirting, you will decide to go somewhere quiet where you can get better acquainted.


You’re on a fact-finding mission. Although you don’t enjoy revealing things about yourself, you love learning everything you can about the object of your affection. Getting a loved one to let down their defences over a candlelit dinner will be lots of fun. You listen attentively to their answers to probing questions, filing away information for a later time. Discovering their favourite artists, sports teams and books will give you great insight to their character. It will also help you choose gifts that make them smile with pleasure.


Going to a nightclub, movie theatre or planetarium will give you a wonderful opportunity to forget worldly concerns. Abandon yourself to a world of pure imagination today. A fellow daydreamer will catch sight of you and develop a big crush. The pull between you is magnetic. Don’t leave this event until you’ve given them your contact information. Are you already in a relationship? Take time out to visit somewhere secluded and romantic with your partner. It will feel so good to forget practical matters and get lost in each other’s arms.


You’re eager to expand your sensual repertoire. Visiting a luxury hotel with your romantic partner will put you in the mood for love. It’s easy to lose your inhibitions when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. You can pretend you are somebody else. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special at a party. Keep your eyes open for someone who is unlike anyone you have ever dated before. They are unconditionally attractive and extremely smart. Instead of engaging in conventional chitchat, you’ll talk freely about things that really matter.


You attract admiring glances wherever you go. This is a wonderful time to attend a glamorous party. Wear something special to this event. Everyone will rush forward to compliment your fashionable appearance. If you have a partner, they’re proud of you. After talking, laughing and eating at this event, you’ll rush home together for a passionate encounter. Are you single? Keep your eyes open for someone with a guarded expression. Breaking down their defences will be a thrilling challenge.


It will be easy for you to wrap someone around your little finger. It’s exciting to realise how much power you have in this relationship. Instead of making your admirer wait on you hand and foot, you’ll bask in their affection. Travelling the world together will be lots of fun. You’ll learn a lot from your companion, who is intelligent and curious. Are you already in a committed partnership? Let your beloved take you away on a grand adventure.

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