Daily Horoscopes: 29/11/2018

Daily Horoscopes: 29/11/2018


You’re warm and witty, attracting admirers wherever you go. If you’re single, you won’t be for long. Prepare to strike up a romance with a wild rebel who makes your pulse pound. Do you have a partner? Give them a lavish gift they’ve been wanting. This isn’t a good time to pursue a course of higher learning. Before you take classes, you must complete small details requiring your attention. Do household repairs, answer messages and stock the pantry.


Trust your intuition about a relative or neighbour. Performing an anonymous act of kindness will make their life much better. Leave a gift in their mailbox, carry out a dreaded chore or send their CV to a job recruiter. Your thoughtful gesture will be appreciated. Money from an inheritance, insurance refund or expense report will be delayed. You’ll have to find another way to cover the bills. Selling your handiwork will be profitable. People are willing to pay good money for your creative output.


Your wit and intelligence make you a popular figure. Don’t be surprised when the invitations start pouring in. Accept only the ones that promise to be exciting. Your personal time is valuable; wasting it on stuffy professional get-togethers will be cause for regret. It will be hard to get cooperation from a business or romantic partner. You’ve never had trouble getting them to relieve you of chores in the past. The time has come to relieve them of some burdens. Going solo will be lonely but educational.


You have tremendous reserves of energy. This is a wonderful time to tackle a demanding job that you’ve been dreading. By taking regular breaks, you’ll have this work dispatched much faster than expected. Give yourself a reward when you cross the finish line. Beware of overindulging in food and drink. Nutritious meals and plenty of fresh water will strengthen your system. You can always indulge in some rich dessert another day, when you don’t have so many things to do.


You’re filled with excitement, eager to begin an adventure. Going on an overseas trip will be lots of fun. You’ll enjoy navigating an unfamiliar landscape, putting your fate in the hands of friendly locals. If you’re single, you’ll be drawn to a dynamic tour guide. This isn’t a good time to take a financial risk. If you need to do business, use a reputable company with a long track record of success. A fly-by-night operation will result in a big loss.


Let your imagination run wild. It’s fun to express your passion for music, craftsmanship or writing. You can always do mundane chores another time. Right now, it pays to listen to your creative impulses. Don’t show your work to anyone until it’s finished. Family isn’t being supportive of your dreams. They think you should take a more practical approach to life. These relatives are being selfish. They’ve become used to your assuming responsibility for their problems. The time has come to put your needs first.


Powerful charisma draws admirers like a flower attracts bees. This is a great time to post a dating profile or join a club. You’ll meet some interesting people who introduce you to some fascinating interests. Be open to learning from an upbeat pioneer. If you feel overwhelmed, slow down and focus on the present moment. Stop pressuring yourself to do a superhuman amount of work. By slowing down and taking things step by step, your panic will be replaced by peace.


You’re serious about getting ahead in your career. Whether this means working overtime, taking advanced courses or serving as an apprentice is immaterial. Do whatever you can to move up the ladder to success. Moving into a rapidly growing field will be stimulating. Beware of trying to fill an emotional void with a shopping trip. Buying expensive luxuries won’t make you feel more worthy or secure. If you want to feel safe, make a gratitude list. Focus fully on your blessings.


A thirst for knowledge prompts you to take an advanced course or go on an overseas trip. You love experiencing different cultures. Different ways of life help you appreciate blessings you often ignore. They also demonstrate healthier attitudes and more rewarding pastimes. Resist the temptation to go above and beyond the call of duty. You’re a very generous person. Giving too much time, money and attention to others makes you feel depleted. Pamper yourself instead. Take a nap, soak in a scented bath or get a massage.


You’re highly intuitive about your loved ones’ needs. If you sense your amour feels neglected, do something special on their behalf. Treat them to a meal at their favourite restaurant, give them tickets to a concert they will love, or buy them a handsome accessory. Playing the victim will undermine your confidence. If you’re going to realize your dreams, you must take control of your destiny. Plan to get what you want and don’t blame setbacks on others.


Be diplomatic when dealing with a prideful person. Making fun of their methods will turn them against you. It’s much better to form an alliance with this powerful individual. Compliment their strengths and offer to help with tasks that confound them. Friends will try to influence you to do things their way. You have different goals. Give yourself permission to go against the grain. People who truly care about you won’t criticise your plans. They might tease you about them, but they won’t denigrate your dreams.


Your idealism attracts opportunities at every turn. Whether you want love, money or creative opportunities, you’ll cultivate exactly what you want. That’s the power of positive thinking. It will be especially easy to land a lucrative job at a luxurious company. Don’t make exaggerated claims during an interview. If you lack experience in one area, emphasise your accomplishments in others. Your future employer will be happy to fill in the gaps of your knowledge. They might even pay for you to take some advanced courses.

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