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What makes authentic psychic readings so fascinating? Why is it that when an empath connects to our inner truth, that we fall so deeply into wonder? It is miraculous indeed when a clairvoyant picks up our boyfriend’s exact characteristics, or tells us the inner play of our relationship interaction. How can someone who has never met us know us so well? Well, empaths see into our aura for want of better words. They pick up the “sound” of it if they are clairaudient, and the colours and “visions” of it if they are clairvoyant and their aim is to stimulate our spiritual awareness and lead us forwards to a more positive lifestyle. Learning to heal the depths of their own being is part and parcel of that process. The authentic empath has a mission to empower others’ lives. Sometimes this choice can entail self sacrifice and challenge, but deep down they knew that they came to this earth to help, even as children. In other words, an authentic seer will be a person with an inner knowledge and wisdom. They will be able to point to both the negative and positive elements in our life, and guide us through them.

So real psychics take responsibility for their mission, which is to help you along your path of self awareness and understanding. Sometimes real psychics will take to shape shifting their consciousness through meditation and advanced spiritual knowledge. They could use Sanskrit words for contemplation or healing techniques to cleanse their auras so that they can channel more sacred light energy to guide you wisely. When you have a reading, the empath will not just read for you but channel healing energy, so that you feel better, in fact far more inspired and positive about your problems. Their aim is to help you in many areas, not just in material enfoldment but the future of your spiritual evolution. Take an empath who reads angelic energies, in order to connect to the higher spheres, she would have had to go through a lot of her own spiritual healing in order remain balanced. In Dr Melvin Morse’s metaphysical book ‘Parting Visions’ he reports on a Dr Frank Oski and an angelic encounter similar to an empath’s. ‘Dr Oski was touched by mystical light described by people throughout history, who had visions, including near death experiences, and sensed angelic presences as life changing.

In fact when we look to tarot card reading psychic advice, we could alight upon an evolved clairvoyant who has had similar experiences to Dr Oski. ‘As a medical student Oski was enthusiastic about the potential of modern medicine, but frustrated by children dying of congenital defects that are beyond anyone’s control. One night he went to bed pondering the fate of a dying patient. Although he was doing his best, the child was not improving. He felt powerless to help and went to sleep wondering why this child had to die. About an hour after falling asleep Oski was awakened by a bright light, one that shone in his room like a private sun. Oski could make out the form of a woman in the intense light. She had wings on her back and was approximately twenty years old. In a quiet and reassuring voice the woman explain to Oski why it was that children had to die. The angel said that life is an endless cycle of improvements and those humans are not perfect yet. Most people have this secret revealed to them when they die, but handicapped children know this and endure their problems without complaining.

Some of us seek out a constant reminder of these types of miracles. So when we look for online decoration, or want to make our computers stand out we seek beautiful psychic wallpaper. How can psychic wallpaper inspire us? Quite simple really, the images we see before us of angels, or spheres, or heavenly landscapes remind us where we came from and who we truly are, in that we are eternal. Even the more sceptical who perceive the paranormal worlds as being a tad fantastical might change their minds if they talked to Cathy whose name has been changed to protect her anonymity. She was suffering a painful and spontaneous abortion and as she was wheeled to the operating theatre she felt herself rising to another dimension, where she saw beautiful love filled beings with halos of pulsating light. One of the beings held a scroll inscribed with exquisite hieroglyphics. The angel said to her ‘this scroll is the secret of life, never forget it, and use it’ within months Cathy was pregnant again. Call it a miracle, call it what you will, there are indeed unexplained elements to existence that we cannot understand, and may not even want to.

Perhaps our dreams hold the key, for example dream meanings. Some psychics interpret our dreams in ways that we cannot. We dream we have given birth to a beautiful child, the psychic tells us that a new relationship will come into our lives, or we will fall in love. We have a terrible nightmare where we are chased by demons, the psychic tells us we are detoxing from stress and need a holiday. We dream of a star shinning on a dark night. The psychic will tells us that we are due for an arduous soul test, but that we will come through the winner – the star in both dreams and the tarot cards is a very powerful healing symbol, as is the ocean. We dream of a tidal wave, the psychic informs us that we will get carried away by a huge life change, and that we will have to stand up to it bravely. We see a calm sea and the psychic will tell us that we are in for a time of joy and harmony. But the psychic will not just tune into the dream itself, she will tune into us, because we are the dreamers.

As the psychic tunes into dreams and love forecasts she tunes into the meaning of our lives. Love forecasts are an emanation of what we believe about romance and if we believe we have come to earth to meet true love, we are not romantic fools, we are advanced spiritual beings. The more evolved realise we are on a soul journey to find our twin flame and cultivate the power of love in our hearts. In that process we discover that multidimensional energies are consistently guiding us forwards. When we fall in love we might even realise “the light” has always been watching over us, helping us come to terms with our personal mishaps. Some of us are lucky enough to see the beauty in others to understand them like angels might. To see their hurt and their pain and want to help out, rather than judge. Princess Diana impressed us because that is what she sought, she sought to help humanity. Yes, she was all too human, with her many emotional hang ups and difficulties. She still moved forwards, ready to put herself on the line realising that life becomes far more miraculous if we help each other out.

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