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The former Soviet Union was materialistic, cruel, hard and grasping, and its radical political choices damaged thousands of lives. Yet the depth of the Russian soul remains intact and undisputed, they are an intense, beautiful and mournful people. In fact, a celebrity psychic would do well in Russia. Holly de Neo Stephens, who teaches Slavic languages at Georgetown University in Washington tells us “Russians have always had a profound interest in “sorcery”, she says, “especially witchcraft and folk beliefs” One could say the “magical arts” form part and parcel of the Russian genetic code! In fact, the Russian Gypsy Fortune telling cards are so potent in their predictive capacities many British empaths use them. Additionally, Russian clairvoyants are coming into their own as they no longer “hide their light under the proverbial bushel”, Interestingly, Russians take black magic and dark forces very seriously indeed, may be because of that KGB legacy, when times were hard, and the Russian citizen was spied on. The “light and love “approach therefore is less common in Russia, especially when it comes to sorting out bad luck. Wizards are sought after, celebrated and beloved as are those with healing powers and strong, positive charisma.

Faith healing has always mesmerized your average Mr. Oblimov! A certain metaphysician, Mr. Anatoly Kashpirovsky, has a substantial following and could be considered the ultimate media psychic and healer. Stephens states in her article, “Kashpirovsky is known to have healed huge amounts of people in sports stadiums, some say due to the gift of mass hypnotism. Kashpirovsky became a television personality when he “purified” cups of tea and coffee, glasses of water, and bottles of hand lotion on an early morning show using mesmeric passes. Some said that those who utilized these rather odd potions saw spontaneous healing miracles occur!” Another Russian media psychic and healer is Yurii Ivanov, who goes for the theory that basic yoga techniques increase healing abilities. Ivanov also vouches for avant-garde perceptions when he assesses healing methods; He sustains pendulum practice was used in Stalin’s Russia when only an intrepid few read “the cards” and risked digging snow in Siberia for the rest of their lives! Imagine the “courage” to practice one’s beliefs at the risk of ending up in a gulag, certainly the kind of guts few in the west could comprehend. Thankfully, Russia is currently seeing the dawning of a spiritual New Age.

Figures like Rasputin strike a deep cord. We all know about the mad monk with staring eyes, loathed by the Russian aristocracy yet once the esteemed spiritual adviser to Tsarist Russia. Notwithstanding his dangerous reputation Rasputin’s magical inheritance would leave a mark on history. In fact, he might have lived his spirituality as passionately as an online psychic free would be sought after by a populace demanding deeper meaning. The occult is strong in the ex Soviet Union in fact, Russians even believe in energy vampirism. Stephens states “An extremely popular pamphlet, Kak izbezhat energeticheskogo vampirizma i samomu ne stat vampirom or translated “How to Avoid Energy Vampirism and How Not to Become a Vampire Yourself” has been published by the St. Petersburg School of Spiritual Development. We might consider the aforementioned “quirky” but yet it is evident Russian mystics are no less powerful than our own, and when taking into consideration the history of communism, and its persecution of anyone with spiritual faith they could be classified as courageous.. Expressive to the core, “earth shattering” in spiritual awareness Mystical Russia teaches us innovative perceptions, if this country’s divine dimensions were shared internationally nothing less than global healing could result.

Spiritual psychic readings can come in various metaphysical packages, but the basic premise is to lead us to One Divine Energy. As Russians seek to connect to the “field,” we seek spiritual teachers to help us grow. One such famed healer is Diane Stein, who talks about how we can all serve the light in her Book Essential Energy Balancing. She claims ‘In every incarnation of every soul created by the light there is suffering. Suffering is different from evil and can be a means of soul growth. It teaches compassion for others. Souls created by the light cannot do evil deeds, though they can make misjudgements and do wrong deeds until they learn better. This learning is all part of a soul’s growth, and part of the reason for karma. There have been evil souls which are not destroyed, and their incarnations are being cleansed and restored to the light, as all beings were meant to be. Evil is defined as lack of love, as deliberate wrongdoing with the conscious desire to hurt, harm or destroy other beings, animals or the planet. Believe this or not, spiritual psychic readings will integrate the truth of this strong, wise statement.

The result of the above is that we cannot take fortune tellers lightly. When an empath reads past, present and future, she is connecting to your higher self which knows your destiny. As Diane Stein states “Your Higher Self is your higher wisdom, your soul knowing or inner guidance. She remembers everything you have learned in this lifetime and is able to help you apply that learning. Your Essence Self is the combined wisdom of all your Earth incarnations. She remembers all that you have learned in every Earth lifetime and thereby expands your Higher self’s learning considerably. Your Goddess or God Self is your Oversoul who contains the wisdom of all incarnations and beings of your soul group.” When Diane talks about soul groups, she refers to the people we are attracted to in this life time and this group will usually help us to live and serve ourselves and humanity on Planet Earth. Our own lives will then become the source for our own healing and evolution as well as that of the planet and the All.” The Goddess-God Self we carry within guides us to mystical mansions. Or a sacred formula that emanates our soul purpose.

Our love life is part of our soul purpose. No matter how challenging or difficult, our love life inspires us to learn where we hurt, where we yearn and where we desire within. But love can also be sought in life around us. Perhaps we enjoy flowers, our jewels; perhaps we love shopping and adore catalogues. Perhaps we want to join Save the Earth endeavours, or hang out with our friends in coffee bars. Life does not have to be intensely spiritual all the time. We can enjoy the pure materiality of existence also. Love is all around us, as Diane Stein states when she refers to loving self expression. ‘Those involved with Women’s Spirituality Wicca and the new Age have received their Goddesses with the greatest delight and probably the most understanding. The psychologists among them have had the most to adjust, but adjust they have indeed. Women come from every social class, race and procession to join hands”. Yes the ladies indeed join hands as healers, to help this planet heal wars and injustices, so that humanity can be divine again, and understand the sacred. Pipe dream? Yes, but let us smoke the divine pipe of peace.

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