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Larry Dossey MD a well knew American Doctor, would agree that premonition is an extraordinary human talent. He is a fully trained medical doctor and has written a book about prophecies. He told the Conscious Media Network ‘I used to believe that we must choose between science and reason on the one hand, and spirituality on the other, in how we lead our lives. Now I consider this a false choice. We can recover the sense of sacredness, not just in science but in perhaps every area of life’. Larry noted his patients, especially those who were terminally ill, would experience states of altered consciousness, like sensing the presence of angels. But he also realises folk can be looked at strangely if they talk about metaphysical matters in daily conversation. Dossey believes in the utility of live online psychics as there is such compelling evidence of the paranormal as a result of the many experiments undertaken on sensitives at Princeton University. In an interview with the Conscious Media Network Dossey asserted ‘there is a social stigma about going public or talking about your sixth sense or second sight. I don’t think we have fully moved on from that stigma.’

Some feel very fragile when they turn to a love psychic. Surely, we think, we should be able to deal with the trauma of a broken relationship or a challenging rapport by ourselves. But sometimes the heartache is so dire that we are forced to seek help from another. Perhaps our friends are tired of hearing us mutter about our woes, and a love psychic is the only person who will listen none judgementally. When love stops being as cute as a sweet kitten or a pretty couple on a postcard, it can hurt. When someone leaves us we are lost in a dark place within and can find it hard to move on. But a dedicated clairvoyant will understand how we feel. She will look into the heart of the matter, and advise us to stop blaming ourselves for the failure of a relationship. To help us get over a broken heart, we need to try to forgive she says. The empath will communicate spiritual healing from the highest possible level and could even spot a destined lover for the future, and that a broken romance had to happen before a true soul love could enter her client’s life.

Expert psychics are the right folk to predict a long distance love affair. You have just met a dream Aussie, so cute it was unbelievable. Okay, it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but chatting on the phone to them in the middle of the night, might start getting irksome. Sadly, their passionate emails start petering out after a month. The fact is you are the kind of individual who needs someone to grab in a thunderstorm, and pining is not your style. Okay you like to chat, so you survived the texting, but when ‘push comes to shove’, no matter how exotic your foreign love is, you like marmalade for breakfast and want someone real to spread it on your toast. Being romantic on holiday is all very well, your bright, burning passion easily impressed through the tan, but the thought of ‘holiday lover’ showing up all of a sudden, is worrying. Suppose they kicked up a terrible fuss, suppose they were a proverbial nut case? It is difficult to assess those loving feelings now you are home from the hols, everything seemed so perfect, so romantic, but who knows? Perhaps only a wise clairvoyant does.

Psychokinesis could be the answer to long distance love even though at the moment it is more of a hypothetical metaphysical science with experimentation still being undertaken regarding the teleportation of material objects. This American Military carried out a study on psychokinesis on both a theoretical and experimental basis, and tried to transfer objects from one area to another under laboratory conditions. Experiments have been undertaken on empaths and sensitives who claim they have the gift of moving objects just by staring at them and in some cases this has been shown as demonstrable. So no matter how speculative and ‘academic’ this prospect seems, it could happen and occasionally does? Uri Geller managed to spoon bend with the greatest of ease, and even taught others to do so. The trick is to fool the unconscious that the spoon is already bent or the glass has already moved around. Much of our reality is based on our belief systems anyway, and if we change them, reality tends to change around us. Miracles can occur, if a healer sends out a prayer. Perhaps their invocation thus moves our cells to heal, and the next thing is moving our bodies across vast distances.

The interpretation of an auric field is a complex process. There has to be a mix match with the client, a reciprocal connection if you like, or a transfer of thoughts and perceptions in a flowing manner. Sometimes the healer will morph with the reality of the client who seeks help in order to understand her, and then pick up on her mental body to spot the imbalanced energies and visualise them as resolved. Some highly gifted healers tune into profoundly healing insights with spirit guidance, and evolved readers even pick up details of a person’s life story. The visions are relayed between the client’s soul to the empath sometimes only in the form of colours or sensations, and the empath will sense these form in pictures and explain them to the client as the future or past. Hidden facts might emerge during a reading, facts a client did not know about. For example, a mother in law dyed their hair, or had married young and divorced without her new family being aware of it, as per an authentic case history. The empath will help the client resolve her personal issues and often be her loving shoulder to cry on.

Love reminds us of who we truly are, and it exists not only in our hearts but the depths of our souls. By being a shoulder to cry on, by giving to a sick child, by standing by a friend in need, by understanding the actions of those who hurt us, we become better people. We understand that the very people, who give us a hard time, are often the ones who love us the most or have the most to teach us. Any evolved empath will tell us that when we suffer emotional let downs we grow, and evolve. We become more generous of Spirit and open of mind. If you like, we reach down into the hidden emotions and learn to resolve them. In that process we forgive the past, and stop trying to manipulate others. We realise that even a word said in jest can hurt another human being. Negative energies have no more place in our lives. There can be a radical awakening, a difficult one. We might enter a mini crisis. But it will be well worth it, as we join the pure of heart. In other words, we will stop thinking badly of anyone.

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