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What would free online psychics have to do with the famed hit film Avatar? CNN reported that ‘Scientists working on allowing handicapped people to move prosthetic limbs with their minds are making headway. This idea actually played a role in the movie. Protagonist Jake Sully was in a wheelchair but could walk run and jump as his avatar’. It might be difficult to conceive, but Jake Sully is similar to the gifted empath who morphs into being ‘you’ and ‘seeing’ your soul reality. She identifies not only with your destiny, but the thoughts and sensations within and around you. If you like, your reader becomes a mini Jake Sully and ‘picks up’ through your own ‘Avatar’ in other words your Higher Self, the moment you open your energy field during a reading. In fact, empaths consider your Avatar as your ‘Authentic Self’ The Quantum physicist would also perceive reality differently to our every day perceptions. New Science has a complex perspective indeed, seeing the physical world as multi-dimensional and space as alive with multiple worlds. In fact, they would agree with Shakespeare who said ‘there are more things to heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’

The super sensitive know when a friend is feeling down, or if the partner is in a bad mood. They sense their emotions. They could be so intuitive that they frequently have strange perceptions that others do not. Those who ‘feel’ into the past and future might even undergo a psychic test to see if they have ‘the gift’. One psychic test could be to anticipate what colour appears next in a row of colours. If someone always senses the right shade, they have paranormal skills and might wish to join a healing circle to develop them. The fact is, as we acknowledge our powers we learn to give healing sessions, counselling or just kind and loving support. Of course we cannot resolve the global crisis individually but we can resonate, and use supernatural powers with the purest intent. Perhaps we will want to join a vanguard of mystical individuals who vibrate at an evolved level and go beyond feeding their egos with self aggrandisement attitudes. We will avoid the weird cults and the ‘do gooders too and take on a purer metaphysical challenge by joining a healing group. In other words we want to help create a better world.

Certainly, the planet is waking up to spiritual and psychic phenomenon. Millions have seen ghosts and UFOs; even more millions have had Near Death Experiences. Are they all are totally deluded? Sceptics, like James Randi and mainstream science can screech ‘nutters’ until ‘the cows come home’, but many folk have different ideas. Salem News on line reports ‘we don’t have to believe in ghosts for the value of a home that was a location of a murder or a suicide to sink rock bottom. Real professionals call such properties ‘stigmatized’ and even haunted.’ Some Americans turn to the OPHIR the Occult and Paranormal House of Investigational Research’, to make sure that the creaks are not other worldly. A team of aware empaths will undertake a full blown investigation of the property’s history and if really unpleasant events have taken place, they will go into the building and debug it of bad energy perhaps even check out for nasty ghosts with paranormal probes. Bernard Powell the Director of OPHIR states ‘We use everything from the most modern equipment available to us to the inclusion of clairvoyants or even clergy members custom tailored to the clients spiritual preferences and their lifestyle orientation’.

Of course, many of us have natural psychic powers that we choose not to use. Alex Guinness the famed British Actor talked about his own premonition regarding the famed Hollywood Actor James Dean on Parkinson. ‘On my very first night in Hollywood I met James Dean whilst trying to get into a popular Italian restaurant. He said to me ‘will you come and join me for dinner at my table? But before we go I must show you something, I just got a new car’. And there in the courtyard was a very smart racing car. Without knowing why a very different voice spoke through me and said ‘Please do not get into that car, it is now Thursday evening but by next Thursday you will be dead if you get into that car. That following Wednesday the death of the mythical actor James Dean would shake the world’ Human psychic powers have also been tested in Russian Laboratories as a gifted empath with staggering gifts was filmed by the KGB. The footage shows Nina Kulagina focussing her will on objects of over one pound in weight, and moving them around. This recently released footage shows this and other experiments.

A tarot card reading encapsulates metaphysical energies due to the reader’s devoted spiritual practices and positive thinking. Some refer to such mystical practices as magic. In her book Tarot Spells Jania Rennee addresses how our everyday concerns can transform with magical skills. She believes that thoughts are high energy and create reality. A wise reader is aware that the magical self is the Higher Self manifesting in form Rennee believes that we can increase personal charisma and even use the tarot cards to do so. For example, we choose a King or a Queen, and then pick perhaps the Star and the Magician. As we lay the cards in front of us we see ourselves surrounded by a sea of stars. We see ourselves looking even more sparkling and radiant as we take on the archetype powers of the King or Queen and the healing powers of the Magician Card. In this process we burn silver candles or use crystals and gemstones. As we say a prayer to the Goddess, we expand in ever more charm and beauty Janine’s book helps us connect to the magic of our own paranormal powers, and shows us how to utilise spiritual healing gifts.

It is fun to test out an empath’s gifts during a live tarot reading. The more spiritually developed might even wonder whether a clairvoyant will pick up their own newly developed empathic skills. Whether a clairvoyant is working a live tarot reading through a media company or is offering her gifts during a local fair, she will maintain ‘Benign Spirit Beings’ guide her to healing formulae that balance energy fields and help recoup from physical or mental distress. Some empaths might even utilise sacred geometry to strengthen their auras or Tachyon products that are said to be antennae for the healing energies. The fact is mediums, healers and clairvoyants all have a highly evolved mission to help others, and in that process must keep their auras and inner selves as pure as possible. This helps them help you. Theirs is a life of focussed determination to overcome inner and outer challenges with conscious intent. They know that predictions are but a small part of human life, and that free will is the greatest contributor to humanity’s happiness, plus a connection to our blessed Higher Selves of course. Perhaps all we really need learn is how to ‘give’ of our love.

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