How to become Psychic

Why have spiritual beings been guiding humanity since the beginning of time? For example, Mother Teresa was inspired by her faith and love, and more of us might access those selfsame visions as the years unfold. A professional psychic will tell us that the future of this planet lies within us, and that there is no limitation to what is possible. Dire climate changes are showing us that it is time to go beyond a status quo that has failed us so we can learn to see our future in the “now”, and understand that what we create emanates from us, in the good or bad. There is a new astral energy pervading this planet, it offers amazing opportunities to grow into self awareness. This innovative energy might be the coming of a Golden Age, in other words the stress that is taxing planet earth will eventually guide us to new ways of experiencing and creating. It is a challenge, but one that could be seen as a new opportunity. So whether you are asking an empath to counsel you on a love or financial problem, you could unconsciously be making a choice for adherence to Spirit and personal growth.

Love psychics help us access those truly loving emotions and feelings. Without love our lives would be arid. We seek love in everything we do, feel and perceive. Love psychics teach that if we want our emotional lives to truly work and our relationships to flower, we need to become aware of what is ‘less than love’ within ourselves first. Not only do empaths predict our futures but they maintain what the mystics have always spoken of, which is that true peace and happiness can only be found within our spirits. Buddha spoke of not gazing at others’ faults but rather our own first. The disciples of Confucius were known as the People of the Ren (The people of Love) who sought the attainment of Chung-Shu, which was the practice of total self-knowledge. As we know ourselves, we know others. In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus also said “there is light within an enlightened person, and it shines on the whole world. If the light does not shine, it is dark”. Jesus also said “If you do not fast from the world, you will not find the kingdom.” What he meant is without gazing within, we are lost without. 

As we evolve we could ask ourselves how to become psychic? Certainly a more sensitive approach towards our lives, a heightened perception will empower our reality, and make us far more aware. Reading the future is not the only advantage. We open out to our inner worlds, we access inspiring new visions, we seek true soul mates, compassionate friends who walk the same path and perceive life as an evolving experience. When we integrate our paranormal beliefs, we discover that the happiness we seek lies within us. We access a wave of enlightenment. We realise reading someone’s future helps them understand that future can change, that they can live happily if they choose to seek their inner light . Perhaps the real questions could be: Are we messengers of light? Are we working to improve humanity’s lot? Are we encouraging, healing helping and advising others with the wisdom of our inner light? Can we open out our lives to new pathways to heal those we love? Mother Teresa said “Everyone has some good. Some hide it some neglect it, but it is there!” So yes, we can all become empathic, if we seek our inner truth and believe in ourselves.

Psychology is one of the ways we can access the unconscious motivations that condition our lives. By working with a counsellor, empath or therapist, we understand our complexes and learn to live with them. Once we enhance self knowledge we tend to veer towards a more enlightened lifestyle. A renowned, silver haired senior, who calls herself the Peace Pilgrim spends her life trekking across the US to talk love and understanding to others, may be because she understands the psychology of human nature. She knows that the good within always overcomes the bad. In fact, she has dedicated years to helping others evolve from negative perceptions. Way back in medieval Italy Saint Francis did the same thing and spoke of respecting Mother Earth, and Her creations. Nowadays St Francis would be called an ecologist, indeed he was also a poet and a mystic. When Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel, he saw grand visions for humanity Therefore, if illustrious geniuses like the aforementioned could access the miracle of life; we could also discover those same wonders exist. Thus when loss and difficulty strike we overcome our fears, and reach out for the bigger picture, steering our personal visions towards something remarkable.

Some might want to experiment with the metaphysical before they make a choice as to their own spiritual path. Therefore saying a prayer such as “We thank the spiritual masters for the messages of love that they wish to impart this day” is useful before going for an Ouija Board option. It is true spirits speak through the board; however one has to be careful of one’s belief systems before one decides to go for a Board Experience. The Board will tend to attract entities that emanate with our own auric fields, so if we are afraid, we could attract frightening spirits. It is best to ask for guidance above before using the Board and be aware that angels rarely come through it. Benevolent Spirit Guides access the Board however, and sometimes those who have passed on who wish to convey a message. It is always best to face a Board session with positivity. This will encourage joyful entities, and caring spirits to drop by. But if one does come across a rampant practical joker who likes to pretend to be Elvis Presley, for example, best to send them on their merry way by saying a quick prayer of protection.

We do not need a prayer of protection when it comes to love compatibility; we need a prayer of understanding. Love compatibility guides us to sacred union. In that process, we give without expecting return. We understand another and do not dig our heels in if things do not go our way. This is where self knowledge comes in. By learning we have faults, we harmonize with loved ones. We realise everyone has a burden, and do not place excessive expectations on others. Love fails when we want lovers to fulfil our needs. That is why consulting an empath, or seeking ongoing counselling or healing sessions will help evolve our emotional lives when a relationship goes wrong. Sometimes our love life does not work out no matter what we do. Not to worry, Great Spirit has something else in mind for us. Perhaps we will meet a twin soul in our latter, senior years, or a personal talent will emerge. In any event, we will learn to trust life as a ‘many splendoured thing’ As Helen Keller said, ‘the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart’.

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