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Have you wondered why some folk would never consider a reading with a live online psychic?

You might think they are just those sceptical folk, the ones that think a clairvoyant is a con artist out to get your money. But the fact is these individuals are dead scared of the paranormal. Some are such horror movie buffs that the very thought of ‘real life esoteric’ sends them into a blue funk. The fact is if they keep on looking at repeats of ‘The Shining? ‘Carrie and the Look of Satan’ ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Blair Witch’ they will continue to avoid metaphysical folk. They are addicted to fear. They have not really understood what that metaphysical phenomenon is all about, they are hooked into a common error which is that all witches are crazed, goggle eyed psychos, and all wizards are mini Harry Potters. They could also perceive empaths as weirdoes, disassociated from reality or just plain daft. In other words their metaphysical perceptions are wrong, and wrong again. The fact is empaths are wise folk on a spiritual mission. They are sensitive and helpful. Let’s face it, a good press never did anyone any harm and motivates positive attitudes.

The truth is you are looking for a reading with a clairvoyant psychic, someone to advise you on how to disengage from the financial collusion course you are on. The current global meltdown has left you on the brink of bankruptcy; you can no longer meet your obligations. Nightmare scenarios of living the rest of your life as a hobo menace your dreams. You want the clairvoyant psychic to advise on your mortgage payments and whether you will make that breakthrough up to another level. You dig the name George on line and decide to dial in that number. George, the clairvoyant, tells you that the financial meltdown affecting the ‘world and his wife’ is not to be taken seriously. The great depression is still a faraway prospect. He suggests you take the edge off your money worries by learning how to think prosperous, and open out your life to possibilities. He advises you what gemstones and crystals encourage financial luck. The Malachite detoxes the energy field from negative feelings the Amethyst can protect us when we face legal proceedings. He also suggests flower essences to clear any financial karma. He encourages you to maintain faith in your inner resources.

Phone psychic readings are a godsend because you can access a clairvoyant immediately. When the empath really tunes into our energy field we realise that Shakespeare was right when he said ‘there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than you dream of in your philosophy’. In fact one could say that Shakespeare hit the ‘proverbial nail on the head’. The average clairvoyant tunes into past lives, and reads aura colours. She will also have seen a ghost or two, a couple of UFOs and adore crop circles. She could even know something about the Bermuda Triangle, that ‘myth in our time’. The fact is Lloyds of London claim that since the seventies more than four hundred and twenty eight vessels have disappeared in that area alone. In fact, it is referred to by seamen as the ‘vile vortex’ a whirling energy hole that sucks boats, ships and planes into some other very scary dimension. Some phone readings will tell you that these ‘other dimensions merge’ with ours on earth, but as yet science does not have a logical explanation for the exceedingly horrible events happening around the Bermuda Triangle in a logical manner. Yet paranormal explanations are an empath’s forte.

If you are interested in the mysteries of the paranormal a reading will be useful. The empath will tell you many weird and wonderful facts if you ask her. For example what gives with the infamous Area Fifty One, another metaphysical phenomenon? It is situated just north of Groom Lake in the USA. Stealth aircraft are said to be built there. The US military machine has also developed some SR Seventy One spy planes, which land and take off from Area Fifty One. Be that as it may, some witnesses have claimed sightings of a succession of UFOs hovering over the area. A psychic reading might explain that there is far more to Area Fifty One than the ‘powers that be’ would have us believe. They might even inform you that Area Fifty One is a base for ET and UFO landings, with the full knowledge of the US government. But then you might have had an encounter of the third kind’ yourself you know, been kidnapped by aliens? You are lucky not to have come into contact with one of those scary ‘Men in Black’ who do not sweat, and present themselves after an important UFO sighting. Scream.

If you have had enough of conspiracy theories and want to get grounded, you could go for free daily horoscopes perhaps with a Hindu Astrologer. Vedic Astrology differs from western astrology in that it is based on a ‘sidereal zodiac’ which uses the real position of the planets as per their astronomical background. Geoffrey Pearce an expert Vedic astrologer states, ‘Given an accurate birth time, the system can show exactly when each period of fortune or misfortune will begin and end, and provide dates. Of two people with wonderful careers, good earnings and great accomplishments indicated in their charts one may find his niche early in life while the other must first navigate difficult waters before finally achieving prosperity. The system can indicate the timing of such events, as well as their extent. It uses as the starting point the Moon’s position against a complex background of calculations based on planetary periods within the one hundred and twenty year potential life span Again western astrology has no comparable system’. Certainly a few readings from Mr Pearce would be a challenging experience. Yet this system could emphasize our search for spiritual liberation and enlightenment and how we can achieve our ambitions.

Live tarot readings are the ‘cream on the metaphysical cake’. They are stimulating often exciting, and open out new vistas. Some live tarot readings are thought-provoking because the empath will use a unique set of cards. For example the Psycards. Catt Foy explains the Psycards as a deck of tarot sized cards used as an oracle for personal psychological exploration. The cards’ archetypal images are based on the theories of psychoanalyst Carl Jung who believed that mankind shared a collective consciousness, wherein universal images and ideas existed and expressed themselves in all cultures and religions. Catt tells us how most readers will seek out the most accurate depiction of ‘soul states’ in their cards, may be because archetypes such as The Chariot or the Lovers are signposts for the client, depicting universal forces helping and guiding them forwards. Readers rarely change their cards however; they usually stick with one pack, and will have a few reserve packs that are used in ‘particular situations’. Every pack has a very particular energy, and the reader will tune into the essence of them, as she nails your past present and future. She guides your way to a fulfilling future, and a loving life.

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