Local Psychic vs. Live Psychic Readings Online

Many prefer to ‘Go British’ when it comes to live online psychic readings. Why? Well Britain has a stellar reputation when it comes to the metaphysical. Even if cynics deride and negate the paranormal, in the United Kingdom mediumship could be a defined as a true Force of Nature. Helen Duncan although a plain and simple woman was the ultimate British empath and spiritual force. Alan Crossely wrote a book about Helen as a pure soul who did nothing else in life but surrender to her Spirit Guide. Helen was quoted as saying ‘If I saw a ghost I would run a mile,’ in fact one would find most mediums hate talking about their own gifts. However, Crossely who met Helen, considered her ‘an innocent victim of her own powers’. Mother of six, she had compassion for human suffering. Her family was poor and life was a struggle, but even as a child she shocked people with her visions of the future. Witnesses confirmed they saw ectoplasm emerging from her mouth during séances. In World War II, Helen had a vision of the battle ship HMS Barham sinking. She immediately became a marked woman, as this information was top secret.

Some might say Helen was the ultimate live psychic medium, since the top secret information on the sinking HMS Barham had been divulged in her séances. The British Secret Service proceeded to make sure the publicity surrounding Helen denounced her as a confidence trickster. It was reported that on one occasion she had been seen covering herself up with a white cloth to prove the presence of a spirit. She was arrested for this crime under the Vagrancy Act. However, things got more serious when she was imprisoned as a witch under the Witchcraft Act, and had to undergo a real show trial. The principal reason was that the British Government was afraid that sensitive war plans would be divulged in one of her séances. A nurse Rust insisted at the trial that Helen was far more than a live psychic she was a for-real gifted medium who channelled those from the other side, like when the spirit of Nurse Rust’s husband appeared during a séance and she went to kiss him. Even though at her trial many came forwards to vouch for her authenticity, Helen was sent to prison for nine months. The poor woman had been shamed.

The mood has changed, in fact if Helen had lived in this day and age, she would have probably joined a team of phone psychics working for a renowned media company or from her own studio. Thankfully, the public’s perception of the metaphysical these days is not so limited notwithstanding the sceptics. But there was so much prejudice back then, that the jury totally dismissed all evidence for Helen’s defence. Eventually however, even an angry Winston Churchill wrote to the Home Secretary to lament about the ‘obsolete tomfoolery’ of the charges against poor Helen. Allan Crossley states in an interview that ‘Helen was never rewarded for being the gifted and simple being she was. Instead she was denigrated, yet she just sat back, and let her mind blowing gift manifest. Having been privy to her sessions himself Crossley vouches for her authenticity perhaps because he saw the reminiscences shared between the grieving and their loved ones from the other side, reminiscences channelled by this great British medium and her spirit guide without a doubt. Helen had been maligned but not defeated, in other words her gift survived time. Denigrated, she pulled through stronger but still deeply scathed by her experience.

Psychism is a gift that has been consistently held to question by the sceptics. However, none possess psychism more powerfully than the Romany people. The Romany culture is based on survival instincts and a capacity to overcome all odds. Hated, derided, and sent to death camps in Nazi Germany, notwithstanding the free thinking Romany still lives like the wind, going where it blows. The Romany is in touch with the primal forces, to them life is a minute to minute event with an accessible future, may be because gypsy culture forbids the word death. Survival issues are stark to the Romany. If anyone flaunts their basic Romany rules, a high price is paid within the community, the sinner might even sent away from his family or community. Finding a pure blooded Romany to read your cards and ‘see’ into the future is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most true Romany readers will use the gypsy tarot, and various layouts taught by ancestors. They will also read your hand, but the ‘seer’ will not elaborate on the psychological background of a problem, to them your life is naturally mystical, and its mysteries must lie beyond the sacred veil.

The Romany people would not choose to be ghost researchers; they do not appreciate going to graveyards or investigating haunted houses. Yet ghosts are part of humanity’s history, whether we have seen one or not. Ghost stories have been read around camp fires since time began the equivalent of today’s horror movies. Nowadays to prove their existence, the majority of ghost hunters go to haunted sites well equipped with an array of camcorders and X-ray equipment. But have we actually stopped to think that ghosts have a message for us, and it could be life is not what it appears, maybe that there are matters the human being does not understand, nor has the scientific instruments to. Nowadays some can photograph ghosts as orbs or lights on highly sensitive photographic equipment. But few can explain, or even understand, why people see or feel entities touching them. If you perceive a sudden icy sensation, a sense of time standing still, you are probably in the presence of a ghost and could either run for the door, or enjoy their company. Whether a poltergeist, a good ghost or a scary ghost, one could be around you right now? Screaming is your choice.

Seeing a ghost could be behind running to the local psychic. The local psychic will explain to a scared-to-death client that death is a simple misconception. Ghosts are simply stuck between worlds and do not realise they have passed on. No need to worry if you see one, spray your house with salt water and say prayers to get the critter on their way to heaven. Bell, book and candle rarely fail. Serena experienced a homely ghost, a sixteenth century candle maker. She sometimes caught a glimpse of his smile and that icy feeling was followed by a warm glow in her heart. When guests come to call they always said how lovely the atmosphere was, and how warm and welcoming Serena’s home. An empath once told her that the ghost had morphed into her Spirit Guide and was helping her through life’s obstacles. The fact is Serena was never afraid of her ghost. She felt he was her invisible lodger, and she appreciated his presence. Serena would have been sad if he had left. It would have been like losing a best friend; Serena now lives in peace with her psychic gifts and spirituality and has become a healer.

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