What brings a psychic reading?

What brings a psychic reading?

You are desperately seeking a kindred spirit. Maybe you realised, during those loveless horoscope months, when you drove yourself ballistic trying to find the right horoscope prediction software to give you just one ray of hope, that not only did you feel stricken, you felt deluded. You had your zodiac sign compatibility chart done and the prospects looked mediocre to startling awful. It even felt useless asking “what gives” from that Psychic Bristol service, or getting a psychic reading future about ‘my future boyfriend?’ “Forget the future”, you say to yourself, “I am still in my past and on my own, left out, convinced love will never find me!” So you waste your time watching as many 2012 end of the world videos as you can to convince yourself that even if you met your soul mate an asteroid would land on his nose before you got anything going.

History of Psychic Reading

Do not despair, all is not lost, Joe Vitale has come to town, and he has come with his book ‘Zero Limits’ under his arm. ‘Zero Limits’ is a Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Love, Peace and More. We will ignore your ‘pull the other one it’s got bells on’ attitude; we realise you feel down on your luck. So listen out please! Joe Vitale was once homeless and totally loveless. He is now a millionaire New Age guru and no fool. And neither is his Hawaiian Ho’oponopono discovery. Yes Ho’oponopono you heard right!

‘Zero Limits’ is about rooting out fears and inner angst, and literally plummeting into the power of our loving hearts. This Shamanic Hawaiian system works as a stress decoder, and love accelerator. It literally whizzes us through darkness towards light. The basic premise is that the universe is an infinite and sacred thought form. Therefore by magnetising the light of our own sacred thoughts we decimate “soul sickness”, and increase the power of Higher Self. In other words, we experience personal happiness by realising life is an inner experience, that we project onto “reality!”

Okay, we realise this might seem radical to you. But since you are the one looking out of your head, you are seeing the world with your eyes only. And what you see is what you get. So if you want to change what you get, i.e. a series of loser boyfriends, Joe would advise you to say the following mantra to yourself. Here it is ‘I love you’ ‘Thank you’ ‘Please Forgive Me’ ‘I am sorry’ not necessarily in that order.

Proof of Psychic Readings

‘Give us proof’ we hear you shriek. Before we do, you could start some internal spring cleaning by going back to the psychic drawing board. Get another zodiac sign compatibility chart done, talk to those psychic Bristol people again, play Fortune teller ball on the Internet till you get the best answer, and count those horoscope months to a great romance! You could do all that, and still get a grip on metaphysical realities, which do not include creative visualisation alone but profound forgiveness of yourself and others. The fact is we know very little about this universe, even if many pretend they do. Yet, when you do something as simple as say ‘I love you’, ‘thank you’, ‘please forgive me’ ‘I am sorry’, Spirit is healing you within and getting to grips with all the negativity creating devastation in your life. In other words, you open a door to a new way of being.

Let’s go back to the super Mr Joe Vitale who had the luck to meet with Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, the Hawaiian master teacher and shaman of the Ho’oponopono system tradition. That meeting created workshop after successful workshop. Len and Vitale just knocked those negative subconscious blocks folks carry around in their hearts for six. And that is not all, Dr Len had managed to heal a ward of ‘incurable’ psychotics by repeating the words ‘I love you’, ‘thank you’, ‘please forgive me’ ‘I am sorry’.

Okay, your doubts and fears may say no to this and more. Yet Dr Len’s “Zero State” is indeed your point of creation within. So if we want to see goodness in your world – eradicate all your suppressed unkindness. ‘The divine is our zero state’ Dr Len tells us, a place where we have no limits to love, to success, to happiness. To access that divine we need to clean up our inner world first. So therefore, take it from us, you would do well to stop thinking badly of others; stop gossiping, and creating trouble. Stop projecting misery all around you. Instead, create peace in your life, create peace in the world. Refine your energy, clean it out, sweep it up, and then turn your shinning smile on those who need your love. In other words, you could end up fighting off a mass of gorgeous, prospective boyfriends just by being “shiny”, which is the greatest seduction technique and youthing beauty treatment in the world.

So yes, start using useful horoscope prediction software. But use it to see the pain within, which is what really stops you from that zodiac sign compatibility encounter. Understand you can still embrace ‘my future boyfriend’, you can still understand what makes you love those scary 2012 end of the world videos. And as you keep your finger pressed on the fortune teller ball till you get the right answer, you will trust a kind, enlightened psychic reading future with joy, and say a prayer for the world, which emanates from your need to serve, to love, to be forgiven.

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