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Dave (PIN: 6788)

David is a fantastic tarot reader and has been practising his art for many years. Hes a very popular reader and has a vast array of regular callers.

More About Dave

In 1965 at the age of sixteen, I worked in a garage; in part, my duties consisted of pumping petrol in to cars and taking payment for it.  Like today there was a promotional  gimmick running, for every gallon of petrol you bought you received  a card, rub off the ink strip and you would discover  fruit symbols, get three of a kind and you won a small amount of money, equivalent to £10 or so today.  I discovered that I knew which cards where the winning cards, I just knew.  This caused, to say the least consternation within the promotional company; surely, I had insider knowledge?  In addition, I was threatened with all kinds of dire consequences if I did not come clean.  They didn’t believe me  that I just knew and gave me 200 of the cards and I in  less than  a minute  I  picked out all the winning cards. I got the third degree but the truth was I was not part of some elaborate scam, I had no insider knowledge and was not cheating. I was simply a  sixteen year old boy  who just knew. To me it was normal, of course I could tell which were the winning  cards, it was obvious to me  and I  thought it  must be obvious to everyone,  if they looked at them closely? Apparently not,   this was  my first realisation that what I saw, felt and heard was not what everyone  else was seeing, feeling or hearing.

I didn’t then dress in long robe and pointy hat, a wand on one hand and a book of spells in the other. What people who are not physic do not understand about people who are is that  we are just like everyone else, our abilities are not strange  or weird to them us ,they are perfectly normal and ordinary. The fact that I can tell someone (when I am in the correct frame of mind and they are too)  exactly and in great detail what is about to happen to them in the near future seems to me obvious and it took me a long time to realise  that it wasn’t obvious  to others.  Sometimes  they did not welcome it  seeing it as intrusion and would say things like “Get out of my head” and so like many others I kept quiet , did not advertise  my abilities and got on with my life.

In retrospect, I can see that I  have led  a life  following the esoteric  and the spiritual, the study of human behaviour  became central  to my lifestyle and education.
After many years of study I am quite convinced that everyone has physic abilities but with most of us  it is switched off. Its not just humans  who have this ability, your dog will know   your arrival is imminent long before he can hear, see or smell you. Your dog  can  pick up on the fact that  you are ill long before  your doctor can. It is no coincidence that  whilst the Tsunami of  Christmas 2004  took many lives  very few  wild animals   died, they knew it was coming  and left the area  before the waves hit.

Everyone has heard of  Sigmund Freud , the founder of  psychoanalytical  school of psychiatry According to popular belief he  defined sexual desire as the primal motivation energy for all human life. We all know this don’t we? In fact Freud  thought no such thing but he let people think it  because  he  knew our  real motivation and power lay was  in the occult . Better  people to believe   that it is sex rather  than the truth.  I take the following from  a great book  written by a great man, a  contemporary  of Freud and his colleague for some time Professor Carl Jung “The  devaluation of the psyche and other resistances to  psychological enlightenment are based on fear. These fears are found not only amongst persons who are frightened by the picture that Freud painted, they  troubled  Freud himself. He confessed to me that it was necessary to make a dogma of his sexual theory because it was the sole bulwark of reason  against a possible outburst of occultism. In  other words Freud was expressing his conviction  that the unconscious still harboured many things that might lend themselves to occult interpretations”( The Undiscovered Self  Jung . Routledge  1958).
The State does like people who claim to have  a view of life that contradicts  its view of the order of things. Of course they don’t , society is very complex and it takes  a great deal of order to keep things running. The State requires of the individual  to  give up their individualism and cooperate with the mass  for the sake of order. The State always presents a very clear idea  of what the world is  and the citizens place within in, presently the buzz phrase is “The big society”. Order is maintained by  the  maintenance of status quo .Everyone knows  what they are, what is expected of them  and the roll they have to play. In return mass man  is kept safe, his children fed and the enemy kept  from the door. They do  not like  people  who challenge  the order of things, it frightens them and will berate anyone who challenges their view of what it
is to be human.

During WW2 medium Helen  Duncan saw visions of dead seamen, on their caps were was written  the words HMS Braham, Unfortunately  for Helen  the sinking of this ship was secret and the government wanted to know how she knew. She was accused of being a spy  and sent to jail for   using the Witchcraft Act  to prosecute her.

Even today  in the 21st century  psychics are not free of criticism and  rightly so, we should be open to question   and research .I have no answers  to give critics except that I have an open mind, I have no axe to grind nor point to prove. It always seems odd to me that  when we do  receive criticism  in the media it is never from  people who have consulted a psychic  but rather from those who never had  and never will. It seems  they complain  on your behalf  yet I am pretty sure  that no one has asked to do so. Why do  media types  get so hot under collar  about  the   potential that  the human psyche  possesses ? “The common psychiatric  experience , that the devaluation of the psyche and other resistances to psychological enlightenment are based in large measure on fear and  panic ,fear of the discoveries that might be made in the realm of the unconscious” (The Undiscovered Self p 35).When astronomer Galileo in   1610 supported the theory that , the earth far from being the centre of the universe it was in fact a  satellite of the sun, he was condemned, accused of heresy  and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. The State, the elite, those that hold the power  will punish anyone who  suggests that  their positions are held quite arbitrarily  and the status quo  is in fact  held together  by an illusion. That indeed the old adage that “Everything you think you know is wrong” holds true.

Members  of the establishment with a very high degree of  communications skills will  periodically try to  make anyone with extra  sensory  qualities  seem to be either  fraudsters  feeding upon the gullible  or, at best well meaning but deranged  individuals.People like Darren Brown and Stephen Fry are   masters of the art of  mass communication  but  why do they do it? Have they been tricked and defrauded themselves or do they think that the great British public  are too stupid  and naive  to  fight their own battles and that they must step in   to defend  the poor deluded  fools even when no one has asked them too? it seems unlikely to me. I am  not at all sure what their motivation is, why  do we make them so angry? Both of them are very successful , both of them are wealthy, one openly  manipulates and tricks the public

for a living and the others sells us car insurance. Yet, like some Alice though the looking glass world  they accuse psychics of  making money in a less than honest manner. I have know many psychics and mediums , not one of them  has ever had any money, most of get by on a very meagre  income. Unlike  the two gentlemen  above  I have never sought or gained either wealth or fame.

There is much more  to us all that  than anyone can possibly  imagine. Our conscious mind, the one we use in all our waking hours is but the peak of a very large  mountain. Our conscious  selves are but   a weak reflection of who we are and often the reflection is reversed and  distorted .Separating the conscious from the unconscious  is a membrane and normally the unconscious is completely unknown to the conscious .Occasionally  people can experience an epiphany, an awakening, sometimes it  can be seen as a religious experience  but religious or not it is always enlightening. These moments are caused  by , for reason or another  the conscious mind  becoming aware the  unconscious if even for a moment.

It happened to both my  parents  both quite ordinary people, my mother  saw  her body  on the operating table  and wondered why they were bothering .My father  having slipped into coma was revived and  told me  that he had seen  his future  and was no  longer afraid of death. He passed over very shortly  after  that revelation. These  are common place  experiences, yet we deny them, a scientist  may tell you  out of body and other  paranormal experiences are  caused by  dwindling  oxygen  to the brain  or some other  scientifically  based  reason. I am always  surprised by peoples fear of the  unknown, there is nothing to be frightened of .

David is an experienced very busy  Psychic and  is also  qualified Hypnotherapist, Councillor  and Psychotherapist

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