Coronation Street 50th Horoscopes

On December 9th 2010 Coronation Street will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary and go down in television history as the world’s longest running drama serial.

The show, a story of the everyday lives of ordinary folk, living in a northern town called Weatherfield, was created by a young scriptwriter called Tony Warren.

It first screened live at 7pm on Friday 9th December 1960 and changed the face of British television forever. It has been captivating audiences and proving a ratings success ever since.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, the UK’s favourite Astrologer and TV Presenter Russell Grant has revealed the Horoscopes for some of the characters (based on their on screen date of birth)and also the birth of the show (based on the first transmission date):

Coronation Street Horoscope

Born on 9th December 1960 7pm horoscope with Mars in Cancer driving this venture, Coronation Street got the formula of focusing on the everyday lives, relationships and families of working class people spot on, from the very start. Performed and broadcast just like a stage play, the Moon in Leo was to bring drama and entertainment into the homes of millions of viewers for fifty years and counting. To climb the ladder of success it helps to be able to see where you’re going and thanks to the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, its many hundreds of excellent writers have always had an eye on the next target. This chart’s strong Cancerian influence constantly brings up reminders of the past with actors paying regular revisits to the Rovers Return. This creates a strong sense of continuity that over the years has made the show as real to its fans as their own lives.

Character Horoscopes

Ken – Libra

Horoscope – Ken ultimately seeks peace and anything for a quiet life but hasn’t been immune to the physical laws of attraction in his time. Secretly attracted to women with a dramatic flair, it is his long-suffering wife Deirdre he always returns to. She may not always meet up to his sophisticated sensibilities but he always knew they would grow old together.

Deirdre – Cancer

Horoscope – Deirdre has had to accept some degree of frustration as the trade-off for having a husband who she knows she can rely on. Verbal interaction between the pair is not a good indicator of the close emotions shared. Nine times out of ten they’re at odds with each other but emotionally there is a tolerable bond. Deirdre yearns for more romance in her life Ken does too but their needs are different and somehow they just never seem to connect, romantically.

David – Sagittarius

Horoscope – David Platt has a fascinating way of not doing the predictable thing. Not everyone has seen his devious side which can go undetected for long spells when things are going his way but what he does not tolerate well is when all seems to be against him. With a lot of Capricorn in his chart he is ambitious and wants to do well for himself but he is also spoiled and selfish as a result of being given his way too often.

Liz – Scorpio

Horoscope – For anyone to get Liz McDonald’s attention sending discreet signals laced with sexual promise will always gear her up to solving the secret riddle! The sexy twinkle in her eyes has held many men spellbound yet she will always have a special place in her heart for her ex-husband Jim. Extremely sociable and magnetic Liz will always draw the attention of many admirers.

Sally – Leo

Horoscope – With Jupiter in Leo, Sally Webster has always had a haughty and snobby side and ideas to live above her station. She also has Cancer strong in her chart making her a loving and fiercely protective mother and conscientious employee. Emotionally she likes to feel safe and in times of stress she does feel vulnerable. Even so, with Mars in Libra what she really wants is a thrilling romance and she has been known to seek this thrill outside her marriage.

Kevin – Virgo

Horoscope – Integrity and honesty are highly important to Virgo Kevin Webster who has always been meticulous and caring or at least tried to be! Normally he is restrained as stability is important for his emotional equilibrium but occasionally his Sagittarius Moon Sign prompts him to give in to the need for more excitement to brighten the monotony. He has real problems coming to terms with his more impetuous side.

Roy – Leo

Horoscope – He never craves the spotlight but with the Moon in Leo, Roy Cropper often seems to bring the focus upon himself. This Virgo stands up for what he believes in and is passionately loyal to his small group of friends. He finds comfort in Hayley’s practicality but it is alien for him to express his feelings, loosen-up or to be romantic.

When he does catch on to what’s being expected of him he can sporadically take everyone by surprise.

Eileen – Libra

Horoscope – Libran Eileen Grimshaw just wants to have a good time although along the journey she has had many failed romances. Sharing her life with someone compatible is her ultimate goal but she is frequently disappointed. What she dreams of is finding a full-fledged romantic but she seems to have a gift of falling for the wrong guy. Proud of her sons she has a knack of creating drama whenever she comes to their defence. Her theatrics aren’t all show; she really cares.

Fiz – Libra

Horoscope – Libran Fiz Brown’s passionate nature, energy and flame red hair can be traced to Mars in Sagittarius. One side of her is sensitive, intelligent and idealistic but she also has an explosive side especially when it comes to defending those she loves. Romantically, she has held out for a perfect lifetime partner who she imagines will be her best friend, confidante and loyal lover. Did she allow her heart to rule her head when Fiz became Mrs Stape?

Audrey – Leo

Horoscope – Stiff upper lip, carry on, put make-up on and set forth is how Leo Audrey Roberts deals with a crisis and between daughter Gail’s lousy choice of husbands and grandson David’s Machiavellian escapades she has seen many a tragedy in her day.

With Leo strong in her chart she endeavours to give an air of sophistication and class but there is no hiding her brash and brazen side especially when she gets riled. Allegiance to family is strong, with Mercury in Cancer.

Norris – Pisces

Horoscope – Nosy-parker Norris Cole is soft, sensitive Piscean inside but with Aries also strong in his chart, he tries to give off a nonchalant nothing-can-hurt-me façade. He likes to maintain good relationships with everyone although rarely achieves this when his propensity for snooping and being meddlesome gets in the way. Outwardly he exudes self-confidence, inwardly he isn’t so self-possessed. Although idealistic Norris lacks a sense of diplomacy and can attract animosity with his candour.

Steve – Cancer

Horoscope – For all Cancerian Steve McDonald’s misleadingly docile and unassuming nature he has a surprisingly strong will and quiet ambition. A part of him can be slow and deliberate due to his inborn sense of prudence but he can spoil it all in a second thanks to his Mars in Leo tendency to rush in where Angel’s fear to tread. Most Cancerians can rely on their gut-feeling but Steve always seems to get it wrong because he just hasn’t learned to listen to his intuition.

Gail – Aries

Horoscope – On occasion Arian Gail McIntyre can be decidedly clannish. Other times when emotions get the better of her, she will be surprisingly sharp and aggressive with her family. Having Mars in Aquarius, on the one hand she is stubborn and unpredictable. On the other she is surprisingly adaptable and able to make rapid adjustments to situations over which she has no control – which is just as well given her current messy predicament!

Russell commented “Coronation Street continues to entertain the nation with unique characters, fascinating story lines and also ensuring key issues are addressed in a heart felt manner. With such continued innovation, an excellent cast and a fabulous production team, here’s to another 50 years of remarkable TV – Well Done Corrie!”

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