Free Online Horoscopes

Free Online Horoscopes

Some of us seek answers beyond 2010 horoscope predictions – perhaps a more evolved way of perceiving reality. We turn to psychic numerology, perhaps Kerala astrologers, or a free online horoscope and start to appreciate the spiritual core of our life. We realise humanity has been consulting sages, and ‘seers’ since time began In the old days there was no such thing as internet predictions of horoscopes, or a joyotish shastra reader, with their exotic Vedic insights. Few gave our parents advice or cures for their woes. Without an internet connection, Kerala astrologers were unavailable. In the old days esoteric people turned to the psychic down the road, or went on sacred pilgrimages.


Horoscopes – Discovery of Divine Purpose

But in these interesting times, many of us are beginning to discover our divine purpose. We consult psychic numerology to gain more understandings to that end. We investigate yoga, meditation and dream along to New Age music, its sublime tones pervading our lives. It has to be said it is easier to let go of angst when a crescendo of harmonic healing chords are playing in the background. In time, inspirational melody becomes as much a part of our reality as a free online horoscope. In fact those of us who dig Jyotish Shastra could discover that Kerala astrologers are privy to the mightiest chants in the world. The Kerala Sopanam is the ultimate spiritual definition. It is easy to ‘bliss out’ to evocative prayers sung to Kali, or the Javedeva’s Gita Govinda.

Music is obviously the food of love, even if our tastes clash with our friends. For example a Capricorn horoscope star sign digs Joan Baez, John Denver, Mary J Bilge, and Elvis who are unsurprisingly all Capricorn horoscope star sign musicians. Your Cappy mate believes something transcendent inspires their music. They insist it shifts blockages, and affects their electromagnetic field. But we are Aquarians who prefer synthesizing artists like the Pink Floyd, or even Keith Jarrett and Kitaro with their ‘evolutionary’ New Age musical renditions. Their types of tonalities tend to free suppressed emotions.

Are Horoscopes the new way?

When we listen to Vangelis, Enigma, Singh Kaur or Enya, awesome New Age artists, we lift ourselves into another dimension of beingness, where the best online psychics have a place in our lives. We become more tolerant, more benign of the paranormal. We see through new eyes. As Justin St Vincent states on The Scavenger Website “Music is a powerful tool for cultivating a community and a powerful drug that allows you to reach states of ecstasy without the come down!”

We are resonating beings, we vibe to mantras from cradle to grave. A national anthem. A mother singing her child a lullaby, a stroppy adolescent revving up to Heavy Metal. A lover writing poetry to classic violin, a banking conglomerate attentive to piped background music, musical fads and fashions speak volumes about who we are, and what our society believes in. We communicate through music every day, singing songs in the shower, solitarily dancing to our favourite tune as the cat looks on, gathering together in community concerts, or becoming a member of a band. Music is a cord that connects us to our highest soul evolution. A finer representative of Spirit is hard to find. The epic emotions music conjures up within our hearts cannot be analysed under a microscopic; they exist in the sub atomic worlds.

The universe was created to the sound of ‘The Word’. In his book ‘Soul Song’ Dr Zhi Gang Sha tells us that once we discover our significant soul word, or music we access the power of love and joy within, and light up our lives and those of others. He is right, we all have a personal tune, our own rhythm that expresses around us, but like that famous saying ‘if you want to know whether an apple or pear is sweet you have to taste it’ we cannot comment on anything until we have tried it. The power of a mantra, for example, can bring us peace as can the sound of a sacred song, or evocative poetry.

The fact is many of us reject what we cannot understand. Yet how can we allow the advice of best online psychics, or a free online horoscope to affect us if we are unable to integrate the wisdom of their words? We need to let go of limiting beliefs, free ourselves from the doubts and fears within, and just allow ourselves that “lightness of being” each moment of the day.

And to think this freedom was acquired through a simple identification with a stunning piece of music, our soul song, or just listening to the dulcet tones of hymns, mantras that simply take the breath away So tune into the wonders of your Joytish Shastra reading, and those Internet Predictions, and as you do so, vibrate to the tunes of love!

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